How to Make a Slime Farm in Minecraft

Do you want to know how to make a Slime farm in Minecraft for all your Slime needs?

Minecraft is famous for the freedom it gives players to make builds to collect resources faster. One such farm is a Slime Farm which the player can build to collect Slimeballs. Slimes are hard to find, and this farm makes it easier to collect Slimeballs. For this reason, this article tells how to make a Slime Farm in Minecraft.


How to Make a Slime Farm in Minecraft

Slime as a mob is similar to the Magma Cube. Specifically, Slime is a cube-shaped green-colored mob that moves by jumping around on the terrain. It is a hostile mob that damages players if it jumps on them. Moreover, there are three forms of Slime in Minecraft, Big, Medium, and Small Slimes.

Big Slimes have sixteen health points or eight hearts, which gives them a lot of durabilities. Like the Magma Cube, when the player kills a Big Slime, it splits into two to four Medium Slimes. These have four health points or two hearts which are easier to kill. Next, Medium Slimes divide into Small Slimes with one health point or half a heart.

Slimes also have different damage, which ranges from six health points or three hearts to zero hearts. For example, a Big Slime can kill the player easily if he’s not careful, while Small Slimes don’t deal any damage. Overall, Slimes are hostile mobs that can easily dodge but can become a challenge in groups. 

Slimes were the only source of Slimeballs in Minecraft, but now players can find them through Pandas. In particular, Baby Pandas in Minecraft can drop a Slimeball when they sneeze. Besides this, Slimes are the only other reliable source for gathering Slimeballs. When the player kills a Slime, they can drop zero to two Slimeballs, depending on the size.

For this reason, this guide tells how to make a Slime Farm in Minecraft, which is the best way of gathering Slimeballs. Besides this, they are also a good source of experience as they divide and drop experience points in abundance. Overall, making a Slime Farm is beneficial for the player’s adventure, and below is the best way to build it.

How to Build a Slime Farm

How to Make a Slime Farm in Minecraft

A Slime Farm needs a lot of different resources, so make sure to collect all these before planning to make it. Listed below are all the unique items and blocks that are important for this build.

Resources for the Slime Farm

  • 256 Slabs
  • 4 Iron Blocks
  • 31 Hoppers
  • 9 Chests
  • 31 Campfires
  • 5 Fences
  • 6 Jack o’Lantern
  • At least 64 Torches
  • Plenty of Building Blocks (Cobblestone, Dirt, etc.)

The player has to collect a lot of blocks to make Slabs out of them like Cobblestone or Planks. Fortunately, players have to mine a large area underground for this build so they can collect Cobblestone this way. Afterward, they can simply make Slabs by putting three Cobblestones in a horizontal line on the Crafting Table.

Next, players have to collect an abundance of Iron Ingots for this build because of Hoppers and Iron Blocks. For instance, one Hopper requires five Iron Ingots, making a total of one fifty-five Ingot for Hoppers. Next, one Iron Block needs nine Iron Ingots, making thirty-six in total. Overall, the player needs a lot of Iron Ingots for this build.

Aside from this, wood is also important as Campfires, Chests, Fences, and Torches all require some form of wood. In addition, the player needs to collect at least six Pumpkins to make Jack o’Lanterns out of them. In conclusion, making a Slime Farm requires plenty of resources, time, and patience.

After collecting all these resources, the player can start building the actual farm. However, finding a Slime Chunk is necessary for this build. For this reason, below is the way of finding Slime Chunks in Minecraft on any seed.

What is a Slime Chunk and Where to Find it

How to Make a Slime Farm in Minecraft

A Slime Chunk is an area where Slimes can spawn as they are rare entities. Basically, the world of Minecraft is split into sixteen by sixteen squares or chunks throughout the map. Interestingly, only one out of ten is a Slime Chunk, and players have to use a site to find this in their world.

There’s no way in-game of knowing where the Slime Chunk is, so players use the site Chunk Base. First, use the command <code>/seed</code> to find out what seed the player is currently playing. Next, put this seed on the site and locate the nearest Slime Chunk. Lastly, press F3 and G together to enable Chunk Borders, which allow players to see world borders.

Now, locate the Slime Chunk in-game by using the information from the site and Chunk Borders in the game. After locating the Slime Chunk, start digging below as Slimes spawn under Y level forty. Next, the player has to clear out the whole chunk below Y level forty, so make sure to carry Pickaxes or TNT. 

Building the Slime Farm

How to Make a Slime Farm in Minecraft

The first step was clearing out the area below Y level forty, and now the player has to start building. In addition, make sure to spawn proof the area so that no other mobs spawn, so place multiple torches around the area. Similarly, make sure that there are no other caves or tunnels near the Slime Chunk.

Now that the area is spawn-proof, level off the floor and start placing Slabs above the base of the Chunk. In particular, players need to place these two and a half blocks above the base of the Chunk. To make it easier, place two blocks as a mark to compare the position of the Slabs.

Also, the player can wall the Slime Chunk with blocks to keep Slimes within and keep the Chunk visible. Start placing the Jack o’Lanterns randomly beside the Slabs as they are a good light source, and Slimes can spawn on them. Next, the player should dig a three-by-three area that is two blocks deep in one of the four walls.

This will be the spawning room for the Iron Golem. Try to mine close to the middle, and then place four Iron Blocks in the shape of a T. After this, place a Jack o’Lantern on the top middle block to spawn the Iron Golem. However, make sure to block off this room with Fences, so he doesn’t wander off.

The player should now clear off a nine-by-four area around the Iron Golem. Then the player should start placing the Campfires in this area. Last, it’s time to build the collection system, and below is the way to do that.

Making the Collection System

How to Make a Slime Farm in Minecraft

The player has to head below the Slabs, where he can see the Campfires. Start digging out an area under the Campfires,which should be two blocks tall. Clear the area around the Campfire to level everything. Now, face the Iron Golem wall and place nine building blocks in front of the nearest Campfires.

Place the Chests on these building blocks, and now the Chests will be in front of each Campfire. Move towards the back of the Campfires, and start attaching Hoppers in a line behind each Chest. Place the Hoppers in a row until there is a Hopper under each Campfire. The build is now complete, and players can collect Slimeballs from the Chests.

Slimes are one of the rarest mobs in Minecraft. Hopefully, this article on how to make a Slime Farm in Minecraft helps you collect the rare resources these mobs drop. 

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