How to Use the Sliding Mechanic in Fortnite

Want to know how you can use the sliding mechanic in Fortnite?

Epic Games has finally revealed Fortnite’s Chapter 3 in its entirety last December 7, 2021, following Chapter Two’s Finale. On the other side is the most significant update since Fortnite Chapter 2 started. 

Included in the new chapter is a new map, revamped and new mechanics, weapons, and more. 

There’s also a new Victory Royale and Victory Crown mechanic that gives players additional objectives during a match. 

Another feature that many players are going crazy about is the new sliding mechanic in the game. While no one knew what to expect, many teasers and trailers have made their rounds online, showing that this feature is indeed included in the new chapter. 

So what exactly is the sliding mechanic in Fortnite? 

In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the new feature and how you can use the sliding mechanic in Fortnite. 

Let’s get started!

What Does Sliding Mechanic Do? 

Sliding is as straightforward as it can be in Fortnite. When you use ‘slide’, it will put your character into the sliding motion allowing you to dodge bullets, go down cliffs and steep hills faster, and get past enemies to disrupt their aim. 

Besides, you can also shoot your weapon while sliding, similar to Call of Duty, allowing you to avoid attacks from enemies and do some damage simultaneously. Usually, players get penalized when sprinting by having reduced accuracy. 

sliding mechanic in Fortnite

However, while sliding, you’ll maintain the same accuracy as if you are just crouching but being able to move as fast as running. 

You can also use the slide mechanic to build on the go and edit a path to an enemy building without having to run. 

How to Use Sliding Mechanic in Fortnite

On your first few tries, you’ll find that sliding adds more complexity to the game, and it will take some time to learn all the ins and outs of this new mechanic. However, it can be a valuable asset for you once you get the hang of it as new metas develop in Chapter 3. 

Many players will surely find some exciting ways to utilize the slide mechanic in Fortnite. 

Use Slide on PC: 

sliding mechanic in Fortnite

If you’re using a PC, you can perform a slide by pressing the duck key while running. By default, this would be the CTRL key. However, you may have tweaked your key bindings to favor your playstyle, so the hotkey may vary.

Use Slide on Playstation

sliding mechanic in Fortnite

Playstation players can slide on Fortnite by holding down the right analog stick. However, the controls may vary depending on the controller layout you’re using. On the other hand, you may have changed the assigned ‘crouch’ button on your console in the past. 

Go to Fortnite’s settings and review your controller configuration to check which button is assigned for crouching. 

Use Slide on Xbox

sliding mechanic in Fortnite

For the Xbox, you should perform a slide by holding down the right analog stick on your controller. To be sure, go to Fortnite’s settings and verify which button is assigned for crouching. 

Under the ‘Controller Platform’ tab, you can choose between Xbox One, Playstation, or Generic, depending on your preference and play style. 

That’s all you need to know about the new sliding mechanic in Fortnite. If you have questions or any other concerns, please let us know in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to help you out. 

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