Slardar Offlane Guide In 7.32d In Dota 2

Looking to become a top-tier player in the Offlane role? Dominate your ranked matches with the best Slardar Offlane Guide In 7.32d In Dota 2!

Did you know Slardar is also a distant relative of the beautiful and deadly Naga Siren? Despite their appearance and abilities, these two heroes are both from the Slithereen race, sea creatures that dwell in the deepest oceans of Dota 2’s world. 

In the current 7.32d patch, Slardar has emerged as a powerful hero for the Offlane position. Slardar is a tanky strength-type hero with high physical damage output, making him an excellent initiator and team fight presence.

This article will cover everything you need to know about playing Slardar effectively in the Offlane position. 

Additionally, we will discuss the hero’s strengths and weaknesses and provide in-depth guides on the best item builds, skill builds, and strategies to maximize Slardar’s potential in the Offlane.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Slardar offline guide in 7.32d in Dota 2:

  1. Take your time in the early game and play passively. You just need to secure a farm and get levels.
  2. Use your spells for initiation.
  3. Follow this item progression: Power Treads, Mask of Madness, Blink Dagger, Black King Bar, Assault Cuirass, Heart of Tarassque.
  4. Skill Build: Prioritize maxing out Bash of the Deep and Guardian Sprint.
  5. Take down Roshan whenever possible.

Slardar’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Slardar Offlane Guide In 7.32d In Dota 2

Slardar’s strengths lie in his ability to initiate team fights, deal significant physical damage, and tank through enemy abilities.

Slardar vs Bounty Hunter

With his Corrosive Haze ultimate, Slardar can reveal and debuff enemy heroes, making them more vulnerable to physical damage. Combined with his Sprint skill, this ability allows him to catch up to enemy heroes and initiate fights easily.

Corrosive Haze on earth spirit

However, Slardar cannot farm quickly and effectively in the early game, leading to a slower start than other Offlane heroes. Additionally, his abilities are primarily physical damage-based, making him vulnerable to heroes with high armor or magic resistance.

Heroes that Counter Slardar

lina, drow, sniper

While Slardar can be a formidable opponent in the Offlane, some heroes can effectively counter him. Slardar disables all melee or short range, which means heroes with high cast range or attack range can be problematic for him. 

Heroes such as Lina, Drow Ranger, and Sniper can easily kite and damage Slardar from afar, making it difficult for him to initiate fights effectively. In addition, heroes with dispelling abilities can also easily counter Slardar.


Heroes such as Omniknight, Slark, and Abaddon can remove Slardar’s Corrosive Haze debuff or dispel his stun, making it difficult for him to control the game’s pace and initiate fights.

Heroes that are Weak Against Slardar

Anti-Mage, Terrorblade, Phantom Assassin

Slardar is an excellent counter for most melee agility heroes, such as Phantom Assassin, Terrorblade, and Anti-Mage.

Crystal Maiden, Witch Doctor, Ancient Apparition

These heroes are typically weak in the early game, and Slardar’s high physical damage output and stun can easily snowball the game in his team’s favor if he wins the lane. Intelligence heroes without mobility spells can also be easy targets for Slardar. 

Heroes such as Witch Doctor, Ancient Apparition, and Crystal Maiden can be easily caught out of position, making them vulnerable to ganks and team fights.

Slardar Offlane Guide in 7.32d in Dota 2: Item Build

As a Slardar player in the Offlane, your item build is crucial to your success in the game. Here are some item recommendations to consider:

Starting Items

Starting items

Your starting items should depend on the heroes you’re up against. Against heroes with spam skills like Skywrath Mage, Crystal Maiden, and Phantom Assassin, getting a Magic Stick and a couple of Ironwood Branches is a good investment. This will help you sustain and stay in the lane.

Early Game Items

power treads, mask of madness, magic wand

In the early game, focus on getting Power Treads into a Mask of Madness. There’s no need to rush getting a Blink Dagger, as it doesn’t give scaling potential in the early game. The Mask of Madness will help you farm and dominate the lane easily.

Core Items

blink dagger, bkb

Blink Dagger and Black King Bar should be your following items. This will enable Slardar and unlock his full potential, as you can easily bash heroes with normal attacks without getting disabled.

Late Game Items

overwhelming blink, heart of tarassque, assault cuirass.

For late-game items, getting an Assault Cuirass is a good choice. It provides high armor that Slardar lacks and gives more attack speed that will amplify the bash counts. You can also get Heart of Tarrasque and upgrade your Blink into Overwhelming Blink, providing a ton of HP for Slardar.

Situational Items

silver edge, linken's sphere, nullifier

Silver Edge, Linken’s Sphere, and Nullifier are your best choices for situational items because each item has a specific purpose for your hero. Build what you need the most, depending on the situation.

Skill Build

guardian sprint, bash of the deep

It’s up to you whether to take Slithereen Crush or Bash of the Deep at level 1. If your team can potentially get first blood, then take Slithereen Crush. After that, it’s best to max out Bash of the Deep first, as it will synergize well with Mask of Madness timing. 

Only put one point in Slithereen Crush and max out Bash of the Deep and Guardian Sprint, as this will help you chase down enemy heroes. Remember to take Corrosive Haze at levels 6, 12, and 18 for maximum impact in team fights.

Gameplay and Strategy

The key to becoming an effective Slardar player is understanding how to utilize him at different game stages. 

Your objectives vary depending on the game’s timeline. This Slardar Offlane Guide in 7.32d in Dota 2 will give you the crucial points to remember and what you should aim for throughout the game. 

Early Game

slardar bash

During the early game as Slardar, it’s essential to be cautious when facing a ranged carry. Try to avoid taking unnecessary hits to preserve your health. Since your armor is relatively low in the early game, focus on securing the last hits while playing it safe.

slardar last hitting

Your main objective should be to prevent the enemy carry from getting killed early on. Instead, aim to reach level 6 as quickly as possible, significantly boosting kill potential.

While fully committing to a kill may not be wise, you can still harass the enemy carry by landing the third stack of your Bash. This will allow you to secure the last hits while overlooking their health.

Mid-Game & Late-Game

slardar bashing qop

After the laning phase, your main goal as Slardar is to pressure the lane and get into team fights. You should cast Corrosive Haze as much as possible on any enemy since it has a low cooldown.

This will provide a vision for your teammates and help with positioning in team fights. It’s also important to use your ultimate heroes with invisibility to gain an advantage. 

Remember to aim for enemy heroes without mobility or escapes from physical damage, as taking them down will give your team a significant advantage.

slardar fighting roshan

In the late game, always try to take Roshan whenever possible, as the negative armor amplifies the damage that your team can deal. You can take down Roshan quickly and get the Aegis of Immortality to gain an advantage. 

You should continue to aim for heroes without mobility or escapes, as a quick kill can provide a significant advantage in a 4v5 scenario.


Razor has been the most successful Offlane hero since the patch. Its high win rate percentage in this patch is that the changes to Bloodstone synergize well with Razor’s Aghanim’s Shard effect.
ATF, a member of team OG, has become one of the most famous professional players known for his aggressive playstyle when playing the Offlane role. He is mainly known for his skill with signature heroes such as Timbersaw, Huskar, and Razor. His dynamic gameplay and strategic movements have earned him a strong reputation among fans and peers.
For new Dota players, Bristleback is an excellent hero choice. His playstyle is relatively straightforward, and his active spells are easy to understand and use effectively.

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