An image of the best Skills and talents in Medieval Dynasty.

Best Skills and Talents in Medieval Dynasty

What are your most trained Skills and Talents in Medieval Dynasty?

Just like any other open-world role-playing games, there are lots of different Skills and trades that you can try to master in Medieval Dynasty. This adds a lot of new dynamics to the game, which you can spend dozens of hours on.  Each individual Skill and Talent can turn you from a simple peasant to a master of your craft. You can even make a bunch of money through this process.

In this article, we will cover what we have deemed to be the best Skills and Talents to master in the game. Regardless of your playstyle, you will find a great fit in this list. You can choose one that gives you a lot of money, grows your village quickly, or even one that comes with a hint of danger to keep you on your toes.

If you are looking to become a master of your craft, check out our list of the best Skills and Talents in Medieval Dynasty.

Skills and Talents in Medieval Dynasty

An image of the best Skills and talents in Medieval Dynasty.

In Medieval Dynasty, there are currently six different Skills that you can earn experience on. Under each of these Skills are a plethora of related jobs and activities that you will be doing. As you do more and more of each job or activity, you will earn Skill Points that will help that Skill level up in the long run.

There is a technology tree for each Skill in Medieval Dynasty. You will spend your hard-earned Skill Points to progress through each skill tree. There are also up to four different Tiers for each Skill. For example, Hunting has a skill tree of ten different skills that are divided into four Tiers. There are three levels for each skill, but you can only spend a total of 15 Skill Points on Hunting.

Here are our favorite Skills and Talents in Medieval Dynasty that we think you should try out.

Creative Accounting

An image of Creative Accounting, one of the best Skills and talents in Medieval Dynasty.

One of the most ruthless and oppressive policies of the Middle Ages was taxation. It was often the cause of revolts and coups, especially when monarchs would impose excessive taxes on a struggling peasant population. In the game of Medieval Dynasty, taxes are still just as inevitable as death.

You will be required to pay a certain amount of taxes every year. If you miss out on this payment, you will get into debt and quickly crumble into poverty as the crown flexes its might on you. This is where Creative Accounting comes in to help lighten that load.

Creative Accounting is part of Tier 4 of the Diplomacy skill tree. It has three different levels as well. For level 1, you will be taxed 10% less each year. At level 2, this discount is increased to 20%. When you finally reach level 3, you will be paying 30% less taxes every year.

Iron Liver

An image of a berry.

Iron Liver is one of the best skills you can level up early in the game. This skill gives you more resistance to poison. It may not seem especially helpful, but it may just save your life more times than you realize.

When you are just starting out in the game, you will not have any access to meat other than murdering other farmers’ livestock. This quickly drops your Dynasty Reputation, so we do not recommend doing that except during emergencies. Instead, you may have to resort to gathering berries in the wilderness. This comes with a certain risk, as many berries are inherently poisonous.

Once you have an Iron Liver, you can safely eat these poisonous berries and other food without much risk. At level 1, Iron Liver increases poison resistance by 25%. This bonus is doubled at level 2 to 50%. At level 3, you will now be 75% resistant to poisoning.

Steady Hand

An image of Steady Hand, one of the best Skills and talents in Medieval Dynasty.

For Hunters, Steady Hand is almost a necessity. This Tier 1 skill will give you a much steadier aim when using ranged weapons like bows and spears. At level 1, you have an increased steadiness of 10%. At level 2, this triples to 30%. Finally, level 3 Steady Hand gives you a 50% increase, making it much easier to hit the smallest targets.

Steady Hand is very important if you plan to be a master Hunter in the long-term. Together with other great Hunting skills like Strong Arm, Lock and Load, Careful Hunter, and Predator, you can be a very effective and productive Hunter. This lets you hunt the largest prey like bears and moose, which yield quite a lot of meat and other materials.


An image of a house.

Athlete is another skill from the Survival skill tree. It may take quite a while to achieve as it is in Tier 4, but this skill is definitely worth it. Whether you are a fighter, hunter, builder, or miner, having this skill is essential to increased productivity.

In level 1 of Athlete, you consume stamina at a 10% lower rate when moving or sprinting. At level 2, this bonus is raised to 20%. Finally, level 3 Athletes will burn stamina at a 30% slower rate, which means you can get to far places much faster.

This skill may end up saving your life someday. You can now escape from botched hunting sessions against dangerous predators like Bears. This skill may also come in handy when running away from agents of the crown or Bandits that you drew the attention of.


An image of hunting.

This is arguably the best skill in the game, regardless of your playstyle. Survivalist just makes your entire existence much easier. By slowing down the rate at which you need sustenance, you can spend more time doing other more important activities.

At level 1, you will lose food and water at a 10% slower rate. In level 2, this bonus is doubled at a 20% slower rate. Once you unlock level 3, you will not lose food and water at a 30% slower rate.

This means you will have to eat food or drink water up to 1-in-3 times less. This can result in players not having to carry as much food and water all the time. You can also buy or gather less food, leaving you with more money to spend on other things.

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