How to Activate the Second Rampart Tower Elevator in Elden Ring

Can’t figure out how you can activate the second smaller Rampart Tower elevator in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is the latest title from FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment. It follows the roots of other Soulsborne games and offers the same challenging yet rewarding gameplay. With over 12 million copies sold in less than a month, Elden Ring is a game you should not miss. 

In Elden Ring, you’ll play as the Tarnished and explore The Lands Between to complete your main goal of being the next Elden Lord. 

One of the locations you’ll come across in the game is Stormveil Castle. There are a handful of quests, gears, and vital items that you’ll discover in this area. 

There are also two lifts available in this area, leading to the Rampart Tower. The two lifts available in the castle is near the Rampart Tower Site of Grace. To the west, you’ll find the large lift that goes up the center of Rampart Tower. 

On the other hand, a smaller lift to the east can be found within a narrow brick shaft. 

Both of these lifts have levers on the same floor as the Rampart Tower Site of Grace. However, you’ll need to activate them first before their levers work. 

Today, we’ll show you how to activate the second smaller Rampart Tower elevator in Elden Ring. 

Let’s dive right in!

Activating the Smaller Rampart Tower Elevator

Starting from the Rampart Tower Site of Grace, head through the north doorway and make a left. From there, you’ll have to defeat three Warhawks on the rampart. If you have some fire ammo lying around, use them to shoot the barrels the Warhawks are holding. 

Elden Ring Warhawks

Now, continue heading north along the rampart and go down the stairs on the right-hand side.

In this area, you can collect the Golden Rune [2] from the corpse on the rooftop. Once you’ve collected it, jump from the southeast corner of the rooftop. You’ll find another corpse in this area, from which you can pillage 5 Kukri. 

Elden Ring Corpse

Next, go through the open window and drop to the floor of the room beyond. Start heading north afterward, then east, then make a right. From here, you’ll have to go along the rampart to the south. 

second rampart tower elevator in Elden Ring

However, this area is guarded by a knight and a guard. You can either fight or run past them. 

The best way to approach this is by using stealth to kill the guard and running past the knight. Make sure to lure the knight onto the wider part of the rampart before attempting to evade it completely. 

Keep in mind that you might die several times in this part, so we suggest spending all your Runes before attempting it. 

second rampart tower elevator in Elden Ring

Now, keep running through the door across the room to the far corner, up the stairs, and along the elevated passageway. Make a right at the end of the path and follow the room around to your left. 

However, don’t go through the doorway. Instead, jump over the rail to the floor below and head through two doorways to the southwest. 

You’ll find the smaller Rampart Tower lift. Simply step on the button in its center to activate it. 

second rampart tower elevator in Elden Ring

That’s it for our guide on how to activate the second Rampart Tower elevator in Elden Ring. If you have questions, drop a comment below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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