An image of the Hunting Lodge where you can make Salted Meat in Medieval Dynasty.

How to Make Salted Meat in Medieval Dynasty

How often do you make some Salted Meat in Medieval Dynasty?

Food is one of the most important aspects of Medieval Dynasty. Just like in other survival adventure games, hunger can be quite annoying to deal with sometimes. The Middle Ages were known to have scarcity of food for the lower classes, so being a peasant, you will also have to work for some food in the game.

Salted Meat is a long-lasting food item that is easy to make as well. It is one of our favorite food choices in Medieval Dynasty because of how efficient and convenient it is to work with. Being able to store it through the seasons, especially winter, makes your Medieval Dynasty experience a lot easier.

If you want to make sure you have enough food for your entire village, check out our quick guide on how to make Salted Meat in Medieval Dynasty.

Food in Medieval Dynasty

An image of a cauldron with stew.

Food is one of the main commodities you have to provide for yourself in Medieval Dynasty. More importantly, however, you will also need a bunch of it to feed your village once you start recruiting. Apart from being able to provide water, shelter, and firewood, you also need to make sure your family and community members get to eat adequately and regularly.

There are dozens of different food items you can either gather or make yourself. Each food item differs in terms of nutritional level, so knowing the best ones to satisfy your hunger is important. In addition to that, you should also have a basic understanding of how long food items last before they turn bad and inedible. By doing this, you will know what food should be stored in large quantities, especially through the winter season.

If you do not provide enough food for your villagers, they will start to become dissatisfied and will eventually leave the village for a better life. The same thing happens to your wife and kid when they get too hungry. If you want to keep your village happy, make sure they always eat well.

How to Make Salted Meat in Medieval Dynasty

As we previously mentioned, Salted Meat is one of the best food items you can store in your village. It is quite easy to make once you are a couple of seasons into the game. It also lasts a much longer time compared to regular fresh meat.

The only real downside to this food item is that it reduces your water level by a bit. However, if you are already leading a village, chances are, you have more than enough water to go around to make up for that. Just take a sip after eating some Salted Meat, and you are good to go.

In terms of nutrition, each piece of Salted Meat fills up your food meter by 7 points, which is quite good. It also only weighs 0.25 kg, so you can carry dozens of them at a time. There is no better food item to bring when going on an adventure. That being said, here is how to make some Salted Meat in Medieval Dynasty.

Build a Hunting Lodge II

An image of the Hunting Lodge II where you can make Salted Meat in Medieval Dynasty.

You only need one of two buildings to be able to make some Salted Meat. You need either a Hunting Lodge II or a Fishing Hut II. Depending on your current Skills, one may be easier to unlock than the other. That being said, we will cover both to make sure you know which to build.

The Hunting Lodge II is the tier 2 building for Hunters. This is unlocked by getting 1000 Survival tech points and also comes with its own storage. It can store up to 100 kg worth of goods. You can assign up to five villagers (four Hunters, one Apprentice) to work in this building.

To construct the Hunting Lodge II, you need 1 Foundation, 1 Framing, 5 Wooden Walls, 2 Wooden Walls With Windows, 1 Wooden Wall With Door, 2 Wooden Roofs (Gable End), and 4 Wooden Roofs. This will require a total of 49 Logs, 24 Planks, and 8 Stones to finish constructing.

This building is taxed at 3 to 60 Coins annually, depending on your Development Stage.

Build a Fishing Hut II

An image of a Fishing Hut II.

For the Fishing Hut II, you will need 5000 Survival tech points. This is a lot more than the 1000 required for the Hunting Lodge II, so beginners may have to settle for that instead. The Fishing Hut II also comes with a 50 kg storage and three worker slots. You can assign two Fishers and one Apprentice to this building.

To build it, you need to make 1 Foundation, 1 Framing, 4 Wooden Walls, 3 Wooden Walls With Windows, 2 Wattle Walls (Gable End), and 6 Wooden Roofs. This comes to a total of 48 Logs and 40 Planks. If you are unable to gather the 8 Stones needed for the Hunting Lodge II, you should build a Fishing Hut II instead.

This building is taxed at 2 to 40 Coins annually, depending on your Development Stage.

Making Some Salted Meat

An image of Salted Meat in Medieval Dynasty.

Now that you have built either a Fishing Hut II or Hunting Lodge II, it is time to make some Salted Meat. First, you will need the most basic ingredients: Meat and Salt. Meat can be acquired by slaughtering either wild or farm animals. You can then skin the dead animal with a knife to get some Meat and Leather out of them. Animals taken from traps also immediately yield Meat.

To get some Salt, you need to visit the caves and break some salt nodes using a Pickaxe. This can also be automated by assigning some villagers to a mine.

Once you have Meat and Salt, head over to the Hunting Lodge II or Fishing Hut II. Go to the salting barrel and place both your Meat and Salt there at a 1:1 ratio. Mix those ingredients together, and you will get some Salted Meat.

There are several ways to consume Salted Meat. You can eat them as it is, roast them on campfires to make Roasted Meat, or include them as ingredients in Soup, Stew, Mushroom Soup, or Potage.

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