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Where to Get Rubies in Valheim

Have you gathered some Rubies in Valheim yet?

There are a good number of gemstones, crystals, ores, and metals in the game. Each one will serve a different purpose and will have different values based on how rare and useful they are. Some are used for crafting or building while others are best sold to Haldor for some Coins. As you progress in the game, you will discover more of these resources.

Rubies in Valheim can either be sold to Haldor or used for crafting a special item as well. You can find this rare valuable in only a few places in the game, so you should collect as much as you can whenever you come across it. Each Ruby only weighs 0.1 pounds, so you should be able to carry a lot of it.

If you want to start crafting Treasure Chests, check out our guide on where to get Rubies in Valheim.


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Valheim is a new sandbox adventure game that was created by Swedish developer Iron Gate Studio. It was published by Coffee Stain Studios for Linux and Microsoft Windows in February 2021. Famous for having been developed by a very small, five-person team, Valheim has been critically acclaimed since its release.

Set in the world of Norse mythology, you will play as a regular Viking in Valheim. You are tasked to explore the world of Valheim and defeat the five main bosses one by one. If you complete the quests, you may just prove yourself fit for the halls of Valhalla. Do not worry, as an immortal Raven will give you hints from time to time if you need it.

Played in third-person perspective, Valheim is an open-world environment with countless possibilities. You can opt to finish the main storyline as quickly as you can, which takes about 70 hours. Others may prefer to build a cozy home or massive stronghold where you and your squad will always be safe inside.

Valheim was nominated in The Game Awards 2021 for the Best Multiplayer Game and Best Debut Indie Game. PC Gamer also  named it the Game of the Year for 2021. Famous video game publication IGN gave it a very high score of 9 out of 10 thanks to its graphics, music, and storytelling ability.

Gems in the Game

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There are many different items and resources in Valheim that can be considered valuable. Coins are the main form of currency in the game. You can sell many of your rare items, weapons, or armor to Haldor for a lot of Coins. If you play the game right, you should amass many of these valuables after just a few hours in Valheim.

For now, the main valuables available in the game are Coins, Rubies, and Silver Necklaces. Developers have hinted that they will be exploring this aspect of the game in the future, so make sure to keep your stacks of Rubies and Silver Necklaces for now.

Rubies in Valheim

An image of Rubies in Valheim.

Rubies are one of the three current available valuables in Valheim. Other than being valuable enough to sell to Haldor for 20 Coins, it can also be used to craft the Treasure Chest. This popular decorative item is popular among many Valheim players, especially the ones that prefer sprucing up their homes creatively.

The Treasure Chest are pretty structures that are currently only used as decorative items. As of now, you cannot access them or store anything unlike the other types of chests in Valheim. You can craft it using 99 Coins, 5 Rubies, 2 Silver Necklaces, 8 Fine Wood, and 2 Silver. Once you have all those resources, you can place a Treasure Chest anywhere as long as there is a nearby Workbench.

Where to Get Rubies

An image of how to get Rubies in Valheim.

There are several locations where you can get Rubies in Valheim. First, you can find them in the Stone Grave or Viking Graveyard in the Meadows biome. The Stone Grave is basically a large makeshift grave that resembles the real life Stonehenge. There are many of these scattered around the Meadows, so you should find a bunch of Rubies easily. Once you find a Stone Grave, dig through it to find chests that may contain valuables.

Viking Graveyards are similar to Stone Graves, except they are shaped like a Viking longship. Just like the former, you can dig around the area of a Viking Graveyard to find chests that may contain valuables, Bone Fragments, and Amber. It may sometimes be difficult to recognize the Viking longship shape as trees and other rocks can spawn right inside its silhouette.

Next, you can also find Rubies in Valheim in Burial Chambers. Burial Chambers are dungeons that you can only find in the Black Forest biome. They can be tricky, as Burial Chambers are made up of several rooms with a maze-like pattern where you can get lost in. The most important resources found here are Surtling Cores, but you may also find some Amber, COins, Feathers, Flinthead Arrows, and Rubies.

Finally, you can find Rubies in Sunken Crypts. These locations are only found in the Swamps, so be careful when looking for them. You will have to have beaten The Elder and obtained the Swamp Key to open the Sunken Crypts’ iron gate. Just like Burial Chambers, the Sunken Crypts can feel like a maze. Once you loot it, you may have Amber, Coins, Entrails, Poison Arrows, Yellow Mushrooms, and Rubies.

What to Do With Rubies

An image of Treasure Chests.

Once you collect enough Rubies in Valheim, you should immediately head back before you get attacked and killed by some of the dangerous creatures in these locations. Remember that you only need 5 Rubies for each Treasure Chest, so only take what you need.

If you have looted a lot of Rubies, do not worry. Chances are, Valheim developers will introduce a new feature where you can make use of these valuables in the near future. Make sure you return home safely and store all your Rubies in some well-placed chests. You can even sell them for a bunch of Coins if you need more money for other purchases.

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