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Guide to Romance and Affection in Medieval Dynasty

How successful have you been in romance and affection in Medieval Dynasty?

Medieval Dynasty is a very versatile game that players can spend dozens of hours and still not experience everything. Many players opt to build their village as fast as possible. Others prefer to explore the wilderness, trying to find and hunt every wild animal in the game. For the hopeless romantics out there, the game also has a romance aspect.

You can try to woo unmarried women through a bunch of different actions. If you want to find a wife and start a family, you need to put in the work. Understanding their personality types and how to deal with them is very important. Gifts are also crucial for romance and affection, so we will cover that as well.

If you are looking to find a wife, check out our quick guide to romance and affection in Medieval Dynasty.

Romance and Affection in Medieval Dynasty

Romance is an important aspect of Medieval Dynasty if you want to raise a family. This is the only way to ensure a lasting legacy, especially due to the game’s aging mechanic. If you get distracted by other aspects of the game, you may wake up one day and realize you have already grown old.

Starting a family and building a community early on is a great way to speed up the progress of your village. The first step, of course, is finding an eligible woman to become your wife. In this guide, we will teach you the most important steps to romance and affection in Medieval Dynasty.

Meeting Women

An image of meeting women, a part of romance and affection in Medieval Dynasty.

Just like in real life, the first step to romance is finding someone to meet and get to know. In Medieval Dynasty, you will encounter women in any village or community. The larger the village and its population, the more women will be there. However, many women in the game are already married, especially the older ones.

You will learn this by talking to them and selecting the romance option. You will typically get a response stating they are married and where you can find eligible women. To find an eligible woman, you can head over to the village campfire. This is typically where young and single women hang out. Once you find one you like, talk to them to see if they are available for flirting.

Age is also a huge factor for romance in Medieval Dynasty. You will not be able to woo a woman if there is more than a 10-year age gap between you two. This is why it is best to find a partner while your character is still relatively young. The older you get, the more chances that women near your age are already married and uninterested.

Affection Levels

An image of affection levels, a part of romance and affection in Medieval Dynasty.

Affection level is the main mechanic for romance in the game. The range for affection is 0 to 100. You will need to max it out to 100 in order to marry a woman. To begin this process, talk to an eligible woman and select the romance option.

Once the romance option is available, be sure to select the right conversational choices. If she does not appreciate what you say, your affection levels will fall quickly. On the other hand, saying the right thing will raise those levels and your chances of getting married.

Personality Matters

An image of a female NPC, a part of romance and affection in Medieval Dynasty.

There are three different personality types for NPC women in Medieval Dynasty. This may complicate your chances but also gives you an insight into finding a good match. In addition to this, women will also have varying interests that affect how they interact with you. They can enjoy activities like hunting, cooking, fishing, weaving, and animal husbandry.

The three personality types are Snob, Peasant, and Naturalist. The more you play the game, you will learn how each personality type holds a conversation and what they want to hear. Additionally, you should also avoid flirting with too many women. If you do this, women will not become as receptive as they normally would.

Conversations are quite complicated in Medieval Dynasty. Each conversation has a luck factor because of the many different intangible factors. For example, conversations may be based on the current season and what the other person is currently doing. If they are working, your affection levels will increase when you compliment their work.

When it comes to dates, asking them out to lunch by the river is always a good choice. On the other hand, asking this during the winter will reduce their affection levels drastically. 

Another factor is frequency. Talking to the same woman too many times will lead to her being uninterested. You will then have to wait until the next day to talk to her again. The same mechanic applies when you lose too many affection points in a single day.

Give Gifts

An image of an exotic goods vendor.

Finally, giving gifts is a great way to raise affection levels. While conversations are free, gifts can become quite expensive. That means you will need to build a small fortune before you decide to shower a woman with gifts.

There are exotic goods vendors in the cities of Jezerica, Hornica, and Gostovia. Their wares may vary, but most are usually expensive items that you can gift a woman or even your wife. Also, it won’t matter what you choose since every item in the shop will definitely increase affection levels.

If you already have extra money, this is the quickest way to increase affection levels for your love interest.


An image of marriage, a part of romance and affection in Medieval Dynasty.

As mentioned earlier, once you hit a 100 affection level, you can get married. Declare your love and ask your partner to marry you. As soon as you do this, your new wife will immediately move into your house, regardless of where she previously lived.

Your new wife can help you with errands such as paying your taxes and debts herself. She will take the money from you and bring it to the debtor or Castellan herself. In addition to that, your wife can also take on a job in your village. The longer they do the same job, the better they become at it.

Make sure you keep your wife happy throughout your marriage. You still need to maintain affection levels by talking and giving gifts. If the affection levels fall way too low, she will end up leaving you and moving away.


An image of an heir.

Once you get a wife, you can begin raising children as well. You can talk to your wife and choose the option of having a child together. Your wife will become pregnant for three seasons and then give birth. She will be unable to work for the village for the next two years to raise the child. Her job status will say “Mother” during this process.

Your firstborn child will become your heir and inherit leadership of the village after your death. This is important because once your current character dies, you will start playing as your child or heir.

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