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How to Get Revives in Pokémon Go

Do you often use Revives in Pokémon Go?

Revive is the only item in Pokémon Go that can heal a Pokémon from zero HP. They’re also one of the rarest items in the game. Even with the low drop rate, you will still have a decent and steady stock of Revives if you log in daily and do your usual grind. You will need a lot of it if you get into trainer battles often.

If you’re itching to stock your inventory with as many Revives as you can, here’s a short but comprehensive guide to help you get started.

Pokémon Go

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Since its release, Pokémon Go has quickly become one of the most popular mobile games of all time. Its immersive gameplay is based on real-life locations and movement. You will need to walk around in the real world to get around the in-game map. Other than that, the game also has a variety of features that you will discover as you play.

However, the process of battling, leveling, and powering up Pokémon may be confusing to any beginner. Since its release in 2016, it has consistently added new features, including the Pokémon Go PvP Battle system


An image of Revives in Pokémon Go.

After a Pokémon is defeated and faints in battle, you can use a Revive. It restores your Pokémon’s health to a certain level depending on the type of Revive you have. There are two types of Revives in the game: Revive, and Max Revive. The Max Revive restores the full HP of a fainted Pokémon, while the Revive only restores half of the HP of a fainted Pokémon.

Revives are essential during a fight and can make a huge difference between winning and losing battles. In the original Pokémon series, Revives were one of the easiest ways to bring Pokémon back, especially if there were no Pokémon Centers nearby. In Pokémon Go, however, you cannot stash up some Revives from PokeMart. You can only buy them using real money at the store.

Ways to Get Revive in Pokémon Go

Leveling up Your Trainer

Leveling up your trainer to earn Revives in Pokémon Go.

Leveling up can be challenging, but it rewards you with more Revives. Each level unlocked will give you new rewards, and they tend to be supplies that you need in your journey as a Pokémon trainer. There is a big chance that you can secure Revives while leveling up, so grinding is a great way to stock up on it.

If you play every day, leveling up will come along at a decent pace. You don’t even need to focus on it, just play the way you do regularly.

Completing Research Tasks

An image of Research Tasks to earn Revives in Pokémon Go.

Research tasks are one of the most time-consuming methods to get more Revives, but they are worth it. You are rewarded generously for completing research regularly. If you have been casually playing the game, then you will know that research tasks can pile up. Doing them will get your hands full of Max Revives and normal Revives in no time.

Since you can see the rewards of each task, you can choose to go for the ones that will give you Revives. It may take time rather than skill, but completing research tasks is definitely a great way to consistently earn Revives.

Opening Gifts

An image of gifts you can open to get Revives in Pokémon Go.

This feature was introduced to encourage players to exchange gifts with their friends. You can easily ask your friends to send you gifts or even common items and give them some in return. Help each out so everyone can stock up on Revives for trainer battles.

This is a great way to encourage players to make friends in-game. You can make real-life friends while also getting rewarded with useful items for your Pokémon Go journey.

Spinning Photo Discs of PokéStops and Gyms

An image of spinning Photo Discs in PokéStops and Gyms.

PokéStops and Gyms are the easiest way to get rewards in Pokémon Go. Every Photo Disc spin will give you supplies, including the possibility of Revives. However, Revives and Max Revives are not common rewards, so this is not the most reliable strategy. You’ll most likely get some Pokéballs instead, which are also pretty useful.

Defeat Raid Bosses

An image of fighting a Raid Boss.

Raiding is a challenging yet rewarding adventure in Pokémon Go. You might fully exhaust your whole team after a Raid, but defeating raid bosses will secure you some Revives. This is a high-risk-high-reward method because you may just end up using those Revives for your fainted Pokémon.

Stay Updated on Seasonal Events

An image of the Pokémon Go Fest 2020.

Seasonal events keep Pokémon Go’s gameplay fresh and interesting to old and new trainers. Each event has its own unique quests that also give some very interesting rewards. You can check out the events and see if any of them have Revives that are up for grabs.

Even a few Revives can make a huge difference in your adventures, so go for that quest if you can.

Other Tips and Tricks

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If you find yourself out of Revives, you can “Power Up” your Pokémon. It will gain a small amount of HP from the Power Up, which means it will basically be revived without having to use the item.

In conclusion, while Raid Battles are challenging and you can gain the most benefits from them, try to avoid them when grinding for Revives. Only do them if you are very confident in the strength of your Pokémon.

Gifts are the easiest way to stock up on some Revives. It’s free and you can send them every day, so remember to do it often. You and your friends will both benefit greatly from it. It’s also a good way to improve your friendship with people you may have met in-game. For your real-life friends, you can keep in touch with them by sending each other gifts.

As we mentioned, Revives are the only way to bring back your fainted Pokémon to battle. Make sure to grind for Revives as much as you can so you are always ready.

You can also earn tons of EXP for leveling up your friendship with another player. There are many ways to level up your friendship, but sending gifts is a free and easy way to do it.

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