How to Play Resurrection in GTA Online

Want to play Resurrection in GTA Online?

GTA Online players can give themselves a second shot in Resurrection mode, which was recently brought back to the game. 

Resurrection is a special Adversary Mode that allows players to make a comeback. In this mode, four to eight players can join in on the fun, with two teams facing against each other. However, there’s a catch to what should be a standard deathmatch. 

Players who get eliminated during a round can still make it back into the game. 

Rockstar is also going to make Resurrection worth every effort. Anyone who joins in Resurrection will receive double the standard rewards. Even if you win or lose, you’ll still have something to bring home after all the fun. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Resurrection in GTA Online.

Let’s begin! 

Resurrection Mechanics

Rockstar has a very straightforward rule for this Adversary Mode. Two teams go in on the battlefield, but only one team makes it out alive. Resurrection stops when your entire team is eliminated at once. 

resurrection in GTA Online

However, a unique mechanic allows players to turn the tides. 

Basic Rules

GTA Online sets two different teams against each other. Their primary goal is to eliminate the other team, and each player only gets one life. However, they can resurrect fallen teammates by taking out an enemy. 

This addition to the game mechanic can potentially change the outcome of a match. Even though you’re the only one left, you can still save the game if you’re skilled enough. 

For every elimination you get, you earn a chance to revive one of your teammates and potentially resurrect all of them, turning the tide of the battle. 

Earn Double Rewards (January 2022)

Rockstar has doubled the rewards for this Adversary Mode, which includes reputation points and some cash. Interested players can check it out using the Interaction Menu, where they’ll find it listed under Jobs. 

Resurrection Locations

There are seven Resurrection missions in GTA Online, and each one takes place in a different location. 

Here are the locations of each Resurrection mission in Grand Theft Auto Online: 

Resurrection 1 

resurrection in GTA Online

The first-ever Resurrection mission in GTA Online takes place at the Railyard in Cypress Flats, Los Santos. 

Resurrection 2

resurrection in GTA Online

The second Resurrection mission takes place at the USS Luxington ATT-16, Pacific Ocean in GTA Online. 

Resurrection 3 

resurrection in GTA Online

The third volume of the Resurrection mission is set at the trailer park in RON Alternates Wind Farm, Blaine County. 

Resurrection 4

resurrection in GTA Online

This Resurrection mission is hosted on a farmyard in Grapeseed, Blaine County.

Resurrection 5

resurrection in GTA Online

The 5th Resurrection mission takes place at Elysian Island, Los Santos, in Grand Theft Auto Online. 

Resurrection 6

Stoner Cement Works

This Resurrection mission in GTA Online is located at the Stoner Cement Works, Harmony. 

Resurrection 7

Galilee, Alamo Sea

The final Resurrection mission in Grand Theft Auto Online takes place near the docks in Galilee, Alamo Sea. 

Besides the seven major Resurrection missions, there are also special events hosted by Rockstar in GTA Online.

Here’s all of them: 

  • Bunker Resurrection Mission
  • Missle Base Resurrection Mission
  • Diamond Casino Resurrection Mission. 

That’s everything you need to know about Resurrection in GTA Online. If you have questions or other concerns, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to help. 

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