How to Repair Tools in Dinkum

Want to know how you can repair your Tools in Dinkum?

The world of Dinkum is huge, and it has tons of various activities for players to do. On the island, you get to decide what you want to do on a particular day, from hunting treasures, slaying Alpha animals, farming, and fishing. 

You can also simply change the layout of your town. Besides, you can also add decorations to make it more prestable to future visitors. 

While the option is almost limitless, any task you do on the island requires different tools. Most of the tools in the game have a certain amount of uses as their charges deplete, and they will eventually break. 

If you don’t repair your tools before that, you are going to lose them forever. This will deplete your resources in no time. 

Due to this, it is crucial to know how to repair your tools in Dinkum so that you can use them longer. 

Luckily, you have come to the right place. 

Today, we will show you how to repair tools in Dinkum. 

Let’s dive right into it!

Repairing Tools in Dinkum

Crafting or buying tools every other day is quite frustrating in Dinkum, especially since resources on the island are scarce. Due to this, you’ll have to find a way to repair your tools instead of purchasing or crafting one once they break. 

repair tools in Dinkum

At the same time, it is very time-consuming to gather the materials required for each tool to craft them. 

The first step to repairing your tools in Dinkum is by visiting the scientist, Franklyn. He is one of the numerous residents in Dinkum who cycle visits every second day after you make a permanent residence for John. 

repair tools in Dinkum

He is hungry for Shiny Disks that can be acquired by breaking the barrels scattered randomly across the island. These disks can also be obtained by treasure hunting using a Metal Detector and a Shovel. 

Whenever you give him one of the disks, he will learn a new item that you can then commission him to make. 

After giving a few disks to him, you can commission him to make a repair table. He’ll need 4 Tin and Bars, 16 Nails, 5 Old Gear, and 5 Gum Wood Planks. Lastly, he’ll require a total of 60,000 Dinks to make your Repair Table for a day. 

repair tools in Dinkum

Even if Franklyn is just visiting your island and will disappear the next day, the Repair Table will still arrive in your mail. 

After commissioning Franklyn for the Repair Table, don’t forget to buy a Repair Kit. This is a box on a table at the back of his tent. Once you have these items, put all your tools that need to be repaired and use the table to bring the tools back to full charges. 

That is how you can repair tools in Dinkum. If you have other concerns, drop a comment below, and we’ll do our best to help. 

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