How to Solve Relay Stone Mt. Yougou Puzzle in Genshin Impact

Are you stuck in the Relay Stone puzzle in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is an action RPG that was released in 2020. Approaching its 1st year, Genshin Impact’s developer miHoYo, released the game’s version 2.0, which added tons of new features to the game. 

One of the most apparent additions to Genshin Impact is the Inazuma region. This new area in Teyvat brought new items, quests, resources, and puzzles to the game. 

Among the new puzzles is the relay stone puzzle in Mt. Yougou. 

Solving this puzzle is quite tricky and would require your utmost patience if you want to obtain the Luxurious chest.  

If you haven’t reached Inazuma yet, you can visit our dedicated guide for unlocking Narukami Island.

Today, we will show you how to solve the relay stone puzzle in Genshin Impact.

Let’s dive right in!

Parts of Relay Stone Puzzle

relay stone puzzle in Genshin Impact
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Before solving the puzzle, you must first learn its components and how it works. The relay stone puzzle in Mt. Yougou has three parts, the Discharge Stone, Cumulation Stone, and Relay Stones. 

Each stone has the following characteristics: 

  • Discharge Stone – shoots a harmless current
  • Cumulation Stone – absorbs electrical energy from the discharge stone
  • Relay Stones – conducts the current released by the discharge stone

Solving the Relay Stone Puzzle in Mt. Yougou

relay stone puzzle in Genshin Impact
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To solve the relay puzzle, you must complete the entire circuit. The electric current from the Discharge Stone must reach the Cumulation Stone by utilizing the relay stones. You can find multiple relay stones in the area, which can be picked up and reposition anywhere. 

The hard part about this is that you’ll have to position the relay stones in a way that the current will continue to flow from the Discharge Stone up to the Cumulation Stone. 

Step 1: Connecting the Discharge Stone with Static Relay Stone. 

Pick up any Relay Stone in the area and place it mid-air between the Discharge Stone and Static Relay Stone. You should see a SEELIE between the two stones, which gives you a hint where to place the relay stone. 

Step 2: Relay the Static Current to the Cumulation Stone.

For the last step, you must use yourself as a Relay Stone (conductor). You can act as a conductor of the electro-discharge if you’re affected by Electro. You can also use Beidou if you already own her. 

Now, glide towards the Cumulation Stone and stay mid-air where the SEELIE is located to connect the two stones. 

Once the connection is established, and you’ve completed the circuit, an Exquisite Chest should spawn near the static relay stone. 

You Might Ask (FAQs)

What do you get from an Exquisite Chest? 

The Exquisite Chest in Genshin Impact gives you 2-5 Primogems, 20-30 Adventure Rank EXP, 756-1367 Mora, and 3-4 Sigils. 

How to unlock Beidou in Genshin Impact? 

You can unlock Beidou in Genshin Impact by completing the second half of the Thunder Sojourn event. You’ll also need 1000 Thunder Pellets and 1000 Thunder Crystals to obtain this 4-Star Electro character in Genshin Impact. 

Is Beidou worth building Genshin impact?

If you are looking for a decent Sub DPS for your team, Beidou can fulfill that part conveniently. Aside from being free, Beidou can also deal a lot of damage and enhance the damage of your main DPS. She can also inflict massive damage from her elemental attacks. 

This wraps up our guide on how to solve the relay stone puzzle in Genshin Impact. We hope this helped you complete the stone puzzle in Mt. Yougou and collect the generous reward from the Exquisite Chest. 

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