An image of Fuling Villages in Valheim.

How to Raid Fuling Villages in Valheim

Have you raided your fair share of Fuling Villages in Valheim?

Fulings are some of the most dangerous creatures in the game. They are even more deceptive because they spawn in the Plains biome, which is known to be one of the safest areas in Valheim. These Yagluth worshippers often spawn in pairs or groups, which is dangerous enough as it is. To make it even more difficult, there are also Fuling Villages where loads of them live and will attack you quite strategically.

These locations are home to all types of Fulings, including Fuling Shamans and Fuling Berserkers. Also located in the Plains biome, Fuling Villages are the only place where you can find Barley and Flax. Whether you are raiding a Fuling Village to simply test out your combat skills or to gather some rare resources, you will need to be very prepared in terms of weaponry, armor, food, and strategy.

If you are looking to go on one of these raids, check out our detailed guide on how to raid Fuling Villages in Valheim.

Fuling Villages in Valheim

An image of Fuling Villages in Valheim.

Fuling Villages in Valheim are a point of interest location in the Plains biome. Players will usually not encounter them until late in the game. These places contain a few structures with typically a bunch of different Fulings. They can be some of the most dangerous places in the Viking world, especially for beginners. Fulings are quite strong, so you should avoid their Villages at all costs until you are ready to engage in combat.

Located in the Plains biome, there are three different Fulings in these villages. Regular Fulings have a good balance between Health and damage dealing. Fuling Shamans have different abilities and deal a lot of damage, but have lower health. Fuling Berserkers, on the other hand, are the strongest type of Fuling. They have a massive 800 Health and deal up to 130 damage with their three different attacks.

Most players raid Fuling Villages to obtain Barley, Flax, and Black Metal Scrap. As previously mentioned, you can only find Barley and Flax in this location, so you do not have any other options. Black Metal Scrap is also dropped by Fulings, so you can technically just run around the Plains biome. However, Fuling Villages have the densest Fuling population, which makes it a great place to farm some Black Metal Scraps.

There are several steps you need to take before beginning a raid on Fuling Villages in Valheim. These include gathering a squad if you can, making some healthy food, and stocking up on some arrows. You must prepare your weapons, armor, and ammunition beforehand. Arrows will prove to be very important and we will show you why in just a bit.

How to Raid Fuling Villages in Valheim

Am image of how to raid Fuling Villages in Valheim.

While Fulings sometimes spawn anywhere in the Plains biome, their villages are where you can find them in bunches. If you are looking to obtain some Black Metal, Fuling Totems, Barley, or Flax, this is the place to go. However, it is not as easy as simply walking into the village and pillaging it. Fulings will fight back aggressively and may easily trample you if you are not careful. There are several steps to raiding and we will cover each one.

First, it is important to have progressed enough in the game in terms of weapons and armor. Fulings are quite strong, so low level weapons will lead to catastrophe when fighting them. The standard loadout should include good armor, a strong melee weapon, and at least a decent ranged weapon like the Draugr Fang Bow. Also, make sure to bring some food and potions to help recover Health and Stamina later on.

Next, formulate a good battle strategy. The best way to approach a raid is by starting with ranged weapons. Use a good bow to thin the herd before going on the all-out attack. By killing off as many Fulings as you can from a distance, you will not be overwhelmed once you approach the Fuling Villages in Valheim. There will also be Deathsquitos around, which can be quite annoying, so take them out beforehand as well.

Finally, knowing your opponents is crucial. Of the three types of Fulings, the regular ones should be the easiest to deal with. If you see any Fuling Shamans, take them out first before they can deal a lot of damage and debuffs. Fuling Berserkers are extremely dangerous, so try not to fight them before you wipe out everything else.

Raid Loot and Rewards

An image of the reward totem for raiding.

There are typically two main reasons that players will look to raid Fuling Villages in Valheim. First, they are looking for resources that can only be found in these locations or by killing Fulings. Second, they want to obtain enough Fuling Totems to summon the game’s final boss Yagluth. Fulings are Yagluth worshippers and it will take killing many of them to be able to summon him.

Regular Fulings will drop at least one Black Metal Scrap, a few Coins, and potentially a Fuling Trophy. Fuling Shamans will also drop a Black Metal Scrap and much more Coins. In addition to that, they also drop Bukeperries and potentially a Fuling Shaman Trophy. Bukeperries are great for resetting food buffs as they make you sick and puke. These special berries can only be obtained from Fuling Shamans and Greydwarf Shamans.

Finally, Fuling Berserkers provide the most important drops if you need to summon Yagluth. They drop several Black Metal Scrap, a few Coins, and potentially a Fuling Berserker Trophy. Their most important loot are the Fuling Totems which drop from a Fuling Berserker 10% of the time. Because you need five Fuling Totems to summon Yagluth, you may have to kill many of these strong goblins.

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