How to Defeat the Primal Beast in Dota 2

Do you want to know how to counter the Primal Beast?

The newest addition to Dota 2’s roster, Primal Beast is already a dominating presence in ranked gameplay. An incredible arsenal of large amounts of magic damage, along with being incredibly tanky, leads to effortless wins. However, his versatile gameplay makes it extremely important to know How to Defeat the Primal Beast in Dota 2.

Apart from this, he also possesses burst damage making him an expert at taking down enemies fast and effectively. Above-average armor and the highest strength gain in the game are responsible for his ability to the frontline. Moreover, nukes and lockdown with his spells aid his talent to cause disruptions in team fights.

Even with all these strengths, Primal Beast falls off due to a little mana pool and low agility gain. He also suffers from having no spells that pierce spell immunity, making it even harder to bring down valuable cores. Apart from this, most of his abilities have a few drawbacks and require good movement resulting in a skill cap.

Primal Beast

How to Defeat the Primal Beast in Dota 2

The key to winning games with or against Primal Beast is how one handles his abilities. This is due to him relying on his moves to output damage and initiate fights.

We move on to Onslaught which is Primal Beast’s first ability. Dealing damage while stunning any enemies in his path, he sprints ahead in the direction he charges in. With a max distance of 2000 and a respectable stun duration, this ability is a nuisance for weak supports. 

His second ability; Trample, Primal Beasts goes on a rage, stomping once after every 140 units moved. This ability also benefits from his attack damage as a 40% bonus adds on to a base damage of 65. However, a drawback observed is that he cannot attack during the duration of this ability.

Uproar allows Primal Beast to gain passive attack damage as he gets damaged while gathering charges for other benefits. These benefits include a bonus of 45 attack damage and four armor bonus per stack. As for the stacks, they gather passively for every 35 damage he receives, moreover, he can have 5 maximum stacks.

Grabbing an enemy targeting and smashing them into the ground, Pulverize stuns both the enemy and the area beside them. Dealing 270 damage every one second and stunning enemies repeatedly makes it critical in eliminating enemies. A short cooldown of twenty-four seconds lets him apply constant pressure.

Defeating Primal Beast

Taking advantage of his many flaws and implementing the correct blows to his weaknesses are the crux of countering him. Stopping his movements and limiting his magic damage output are effective ways to end his domination. Below is all the information one needs on How to Defeat the Primal Beast in Dota 2.

Heroes That Can Defeat Primal Beast

Although, Faceless Void is a terrifying opponent he can still be defeated by certain heroes who directly counter him. Below is the list of Heroes that can Defeat Primal Beast.

Faceless Void

How to Defeat the Primal Beast in Dota 2

Using Time Dilation allows Faceless Void to both slow down Primal Beast and stop him from abusing his short cooldowns. Not only this, but this also results in a slowed-down Primal Beast, who can be extremely easy to bring down. Consequently, it reduces any chances of escaping from the grasp of the Faceless Void.

Besides this, another spell to stop Primal Beast entirely is Chronosphere. A well-timed Chronosphere can stop all movement while ensuring that any allies are safe from him. With the appropriate farm, Void uses Chronosphere to kill Primal Beast or keep him away from the team fight.

Furthermore, if Primal Beast does succeed in stunning or initiating on Faceless Void, he can escape with Time Walk. Using Time Walk correctly will force all the spells of Primal Beast and make it effortless to re-engage fights constantly.


How to Defeat the Primal Beast in Dota 2

With an inbuilt source of spell immunity, Lifestealer acts as a natural counter to the arsenal of Primal Beast. Rage renders all his active spells useless as they lack the ability to pierce spell immunity. In addition to this, bonus movement speed also allows Lifestealer to chase enemies down, making him a vicious carry easily.

One of Primal Beast’s strengths becomes a crucial weakness with Lifestealer dealing enhanced damage based on the enemy’s health. Being tanky and front lining becomes useless in front of Feast that helps Lifestealer sustain and deal excess damage. Supplied with gold and XP, Lifestealer becomes invulnerable to anything that Primal Beast can output.

Death Prophet

How to Defeat the Primal Beast in Dota 2

Potent counters to Primal Beast’s strengths, Death Prophet has the full package to execute him successfully. Firstly, she possesses a potent silence of 6 seconds, resultantly she can shut down his team’s fighting potential. This also has a wide cast range making it easy to silence him as he arrives.

Like Lifestealer, Death Prophet can also abuse Primal Beast’s overwhelmingly large health pool by using Spirit Siphon. By draining 5.5% of an enemy target’s HP, she heals herself immensely while also shoving enemies to the sidelines. This spell also does not trigger Uproar early on, making it an impressive tool to harass him in the lane.

Though Primal Beast has notable armor, it cannot withstand the vast amount of damage that Exorcism deals. Using Exorcism allows Death Prophet to control a wide area in team fights, thus limiting where Primal Beast can play. Similarly, It reduces how aggressive he can be in his initiations, making it unchallenging to dominate games.

Items that Counter Primal Beast

Any items that can limit his movement or help to slow down his progress and damage are what works best. One of these key items is the Rod of Atos, which roots enemies, making it impossible to execute his spells. Rooting him in place puts Primal Beast at a severe disadvantage as he cannot use Onslaught or Trample.


Black King Bar

Another item without which it can be unfeasible to win games is the Black King Bar. The BKB is the single most effective item against any magic damage dealer like Primal Beast. Ignoring magic damage and not caring about any disables is what makes spell immunity such a tempting pickup. This item and its attributes are a game-changer and a massive power spike.

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity

Eul’s Sceptre of Divinity has also proven to be a guaranteed win condition against Primal Beast. This is because by using this item, Primal Beast is unable to perform any actions for almost 3 seconds. Apart from this, Eul’s can also cancel Onslaught and Pulverize, simultaneously also wasting time from the already time-limited Trample.

Force Staff

Force staff can also be a very useful item in helping allies escape if caught by Primal Beast’s many stuns. Not only running away from excessive magic damage but catching up to him as he escapes is crucial to winning. Besides this, it also works as a way to disrupt his game by messing with his abilities.

Spirit Vessel

Finally, one of the most successful items against him, also backed by data is Spirit Vessel. Spirit Vessel allows allies to reduce their ability to tank or regen against damage. This coupled with the damage per second applied with this item makes it incredible in bringing down a tank.

As seen in various games and in ranked gameplay, Primal Beast is not a force one reckons with, and he is here to stay. While for players against him, there are many things that they need to consider to win games. Therefore, this article covers everything you need to know about How to Defeat the Primal Beast in Dota 2.

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