How to Get Powdered Snow in Minecraft

Do you want to know how to get Powdered Snow in Minecraft in the new Caves and Cliffs update?

Every new update of Minecraft adds new resources and craftable items that help the player in his adventure. Similarly, the new Caves and Cliffs update gave players new resources, mobs, blocks, and more to use and craft in their adventures. One such item is Powdered Snow, and this article tells how to get Powdered Snow in Minecraft.

Powdered Snow

How to Get Powdered Snow in Minecraft

Powdered Snow is a new variant of Snow in Minecraft and is the most dangerous variant in this category. Specifically, its trap potential can potentially kill the player if he is not careful. For example, all mobs, including the player, can sink into a Powdered Snow Block if they move over.

In addition, after seven seconds of being in contact with the block, the mob or player will start taking freezing damage. The damage dealt is half a heart every two seconds, which can be fatal if someone is in contact for long. Besides this, the freezing effect also gives visual cues to the player that it now is affecting them.

In particular, over this span of seven seconds, a frosted overlay will show on the screen, which gets more apparent over time. This effect will start at the edges of the screen, which slowly grows, indicating danger to the player, so he moves away. Overall, the freezing effect is dangerous for anyone, but fortunately, players can counter this.

Leather armor is something that the players can use to negate this effect and stay safe. Surprisingly, even one piece of Leather armor can save them. Moreover, wearing Leather boots allows the player to walk over Powdered Snow without falling. While Leather armor doesn’t give much protection, it is still valid when facing Powdered Snow.

Powdered Snow is a dangerous new addition to the game, and the player should be careful when around it. Interestingly, players can collect this new block and use it for their pranks. For this reason, listed below are multiple ways how to get Powdered Snow in Minecraft.

Powdered Snow From Biomes


The Caves and Cliffs update also brought new biomes with its release. While there are many new biomes in this update, Powdered Snow spawns only in Snowy Slopes and Groves. These are new snowy mountainous areas that the player can explore, but they should be careful as this can be dangerous. 

Groves are new snowy-themed biomes that are present at the bottom of mountain levels, with a lot of Spruce trees. Furthermore, mobs like Wolves, Foxes, Polar Bears, and Rabbits spawn here. In addition, all types of Snow variants are present here, including the new Powdered Snow blocks with Dirt blocks under them.

Next is the Snow Slopes biomes, one of the new biomes in the Caves and Cliffs update. This biome spawns between the Grove biome and the Peak levels of mountains. While these biomes are relatively simple, Goats spawn here, which are new mobs. Different ores spawn here like Iron, Emeral, and Coal ore, along with Powdered Snow.

Now to collect Powdered Snow, the player simply needs to collect it using a Bucket. The player can craft a Bucket with three pieces of Iron Ingots, which they can use to scoop up the Powdered Snow. This gives the player a Powder Snow Bucket, which they can use to place a Powdered Snow block on the ground.

Unfortunately, Buckets are the only way to collect naturally spawning Powdered Snow. For instance, players cannot use tools like the Pickaxe to mine it, even if it has Silk Touch. Overall, the player should carry multiple Buckets if they want a lot of Powdered Snow.

Powdered Snow From Cauldrons

How to Get Powdered Snow in Minecraft

Another way of collecting Powdered Snow is using a Cauldron and a Bucket scoop it from the Cauldron. Essentially, the Cauldron is a collecting vessel that the player can use to collect Water, Lava, and even Snow. To do this, just place a Cauldron in a biome where it’s currently snowing. Eventually, the Cauldron will collect Powdered Snow.

Now, the player can collect it using a Bucket that gives a Powder Snow Bucket. However, this method is slow and requires time and patience. Moreover, only some biomes have snow like Snowy Plains, Ice Spikes, Snowy Taiga, Snowy Slopes, and other similar biomes. The player must first find a snow biome for this method to work.

Players can craft Cauldrons with seven pieces of Iron Ingots. First, place three Iron Ingots in the bottom layer of the crafting grid. Next, place two Iron Ingots vertically at the opposite ends of the grid. This will craft the Cauldron, which the player can use to collect Powdered Snow or other tasks such as collecting water.

Placing and Using Powdered Snow

How to Get Powdered Snow in Minecraft

Now that you know how to get Powdered Snow in Minecraft, it is finally time to use it. Minecraft is a game full of possibilities, which extends to Powdered Snow’s usage. For example, the player can use it for pranks on a multiplayer server, traps for mobs, or just decoration. 

To place the Powdered Snow, the player should carry a Powder Snow Bucket and right-click it on the ground. This will place a block of Powdered Snow. While it is a block, the player can still move through it. However, it slows down the player. In addition, it gives the above-mentioned Freezing effect to anyone who passes through the block.

Freezing Effect

How to Get Powdered Snow in Minecraft

The Freezing Effect is a negative effect that damages and slows anyone who has the effect. It similarly affects everyone, but some mobs act differently when they have it. For instance, a Skeleton changes into a Stray rather than taking damage when they get the Freezing Effect. 

Likewise, some mobs don’t take damage at all from this effect, like the Wither, Polar Bears, Strays, and Snow Golems. On the other hand, any mobs that relate to fire take additional damage from this effect which seems obvious. For instance, the Blaze, Magma Cube, and Strider take more damage from this effect than the rest of the mobs.

While all mobs receive damage of half a heart every two seconds, these mobs get two and a half hearts of damage. Overall, this effect is lethal for most mobs, and the only way to stay safe is wearing Leather armor.

Types of Snow

How to Get Powdered Snow in Minecraft

With the addition of Powdered Snow, there are now more than three variations of Snow in Minecraft. Specifically, the top layer of Snow, Snow Blocks, Snowballs, and Powdered Snow exist in Minecraft. All of these have different functions and uses. For example, the player can use Snowballs to throw at enemies, which knock them back.

In addition, they can use four Snowballs to create Snow Blocks, which can make a Snow Golem. The player can make it by placing two Snow Blocks vertically, with a Carved Pumpkin on the top. This makes the Snow Golem, which attacks any hostile mobs with Snowballs and leaves a trail of Snow behind them.

These variations spawn in different Snow biomes in Minecraft like Snow Beach, Jagged Peaks, Frozen Peaks, and more. Overall, Snow is an exciting part of Minecraft, and players can use their creativity to utilize it in productive ways.

The Caves and Cliffs update adds some of the most exciting items in Minecraft, like the Powdered Snow. Hopefully, now you know how to get Powdered Snow in Minecraft and use it as you wish.

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