Where to Find Pot Boy in Elden Ring

Want to know where you can find Pot Boy in Elden Ring?

Pot Boy became one of the highlights of Elden Ring before it was even released after being showcased in a trailer. This friendly NPC in the game needs you to give him a good slap up the backside to get free from the ground. 

However, many Elden Ring players wonder where they will meet and encounter Pot Boy in the Lands Between. 

Fortunately, Pot Boy can be found quite early in the game if you are specifically looking for him. He is hidden away in one of the corners of Limgrave. Pot Boy is also one of many NPCs in the game, and he has a multi-stage quest for you to complete. 

These quests in Elden Ring will require you to travel down to the Caelid Wilds, which is a dangerous and tricky area for early players. 

In this guide, we will show you where to find Pot Boy in Elden Ring. 

Pot Boy Location

In Elden Ring, Pot Boy can be found in the northern portion of Stormhill, in the far west. It is next to the Saintsbridge Site of Grace. Jump on the hill south of the Site of Lost Grace, and you will find Pot Boy there. 

pot boy in elden ring

Speaking to him will initiate his questline, which will take you eastwards. You can either opt to continue his quest right away or come back later.

While talking to Pot Boy, he will tell you that his real name is Iron Fist Alexander. 

Pot Boy Questline

Pot Boy’s questline will start with him asking for your help to get out of the ground. Once you’ve pushed him out, he will stand up and congratulate you. You will also receive the Triumphant Delight Gesture and a piece of Exalted Flesh. 

He will then hint to you about his next destination. He will tell you of Redmane Castle, where a combat festival is happening. 

Alexander’s next location would be in Gael Tunnel, which can be found from the rear entrance that borders Limgrave and Caelid. You will also find Pot Boy on the other side of the tunnel by venturing into the boss room and accessing the one-way door. 

pot boy in elden ring

Once you speak to him, he will mention the festival in Caelid again. You can skip this part if you have triggered the Radahn Festival from Blaidd’s questline. 

During this feat, you can find Alexander in the plaza of Redmane Castle with the other participants. Pot Boy is one of the cooperators that can be summoned during the fight against Starscourge Radahn. 

After slaying Radahn, you can find Pot Boy just south of Starscourge Radahn Site of Grace in Wailing Dunes, scavenging the remains of the fallen soldiers. 

From there, Pot Bot’s next location will be in Liurnia of the Lakes, south of the Carian Study Hall. He will call out to the player if they come close, and he will be stuck in the ground again. Smacking him like before won’t work this time, and he will instruct you to get something to make him slippery. 

pot boy in elden ring

Apply an Oil Pot on Pot Boy and give him a good smack to get him unstuck from the ground. He will reward you with an Exalted Flesh for your efforts. 

For the next port, you can find Pot Boy in Elden Ring in a pool of lava on the west portion of Mt. Gelmir, behind a Magma Wyrm. Players can safely speak to him by walking on one of the spires jutting out of the lava pool. 

He will give you the Jar as a token of friendship and seek to go to the forge of the giants in the east. 

He would appear as an NPC cooperator against the Fire Giant. 

That ends our guide on where to find Pot Boy in Elden Ring. For your questions and other concerns, please voice them out in the comment section, and we’ll be glad to help. 

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