Deathloop All Possible Endings Explained

Curious about the possible endings of Deathloop? 

Most modern games today have various endings and storylines depending on how players will interact with the characters. This makes the game feel more immersive as you can explore different outcomes based on your choices. 

This is also true for Arkane Studios’ Deathloop

The hottest game for the Playstation 5 at the moment features three possible endings that are determined by the player’s final choice. Depending on the path you’ve selected, you can either have a good, bad, or secret ending to the game. 

Deathloop has become one of the most popular titles of 2021 due to its amazing storyline and thrilling gameplay. 

Today, we will tell you everything about the possible endings of Deathloop. 

Let’s get started! 

Deathloop’s Unexpected Twist (SPOILERS)

Before arriving at the game’s ending, players will have to uncover various information about Blackreef, Colt, and the Visionaries. After successfully doing this, you’ll encounter the game’s most shocking twist. 

Julianna is not Colt’s ex-lover, as he first assumed. She is actually his daughter. 

During the final confrontation between Julianna and Colt, she reveals that Colt started killing her to save her by breaking the time loop in Blackreef. Unfortunately, Colt has failed multiple times in his quest. 

After some time, Julianna got fed up with the constant threat to her life every time loop, so she decided to fight back. This explains the game’s cat-mouse mechanic between Colt and Julianna. 

Julianna pulled out a dueling pistol afterward, where the players needed to decide for the game’s ending.

1. The Bad Ending. 

To start, let’s get the bad ending out of the way so that we can discuss at peace the good and secret conclusions of the game. If you decide not to kill Julianna, both characters will lower their weapons and finally come to an understanding with each other. 

After that, the time loop will reset, and Colt will wake up once more on the cold shore of Blackreef. 

He’ll see Julianna waiting for him under the cliffs, and there will be peace between the two. They will set off together for a day in Blackreef as father and daughter.

possible endings of Deathloop

They then discuss their plans for the day, with Colt planning to shove the party rockstar Visionary Aleksis into his meat grinder and getting a drink with her daughter afterward. 

Why is this ending bad? 

Well, the game’s main goal was not accomplished, which was to break the time loop. Instead, it becomes a father and daughter thing, which was nowhere near the game’s plot in the beginning. 

2. The Secret Ending. 

Deathloop also has a secret ending that players can unlock in the most unfulfilling way. If you choose to have Colt kill his daughter in the loop and not commit suicide afterward, the time loop will reset as it usually would. 

possible endings of Deathloop

You can do this by choosing the ‘Remain in the Loop’ option once you sit on the platform where you killed Julianna. You’ll need to wait for a few moments for the prompt to appear, making this ending the most unexpected of the three. 

If you did not search for it, you probably wouldn’t know that Deathloop has a secret ending.


3. The Good Ending. 

At last, we’ve come to the best ending for the game! You can get this ending on Deathloop by opting to kill Julianna and committing suicide by jumping off the side of the platform within the Loop. 

possible endings of Deathloop

This will eliminate the last Visionary, Colt himself, and the loop will finally break. 

Following Colt’s death, he will wake up on the same beach every loop. Unlike old times, he’ll be confronted by Julianna standing over him with a gun pointed at his face. Now, the sky will turn vivid, which indicates a change in the loop. 

Julianna will decide not to kill Colt and walk away, leaving Colt in a familiar world that will never be the same.

With thousands of Deathloop players across the world, the opinion about the game’s “good” and “bad” endings is divided. 

Some think that the “good” conclusion of Deathloop is actually terrible and considers Colt’s act of breaking the loop selfish. Besides, the fiery appearance of the sky and lack of icebergs during the “good” ending might indicate a world in a state of chaos and deeply affected by global warming. 

On the other hand, some feel that the “bad” ending is actually the good one, with Colt and Julianna finally coming to peace with one another. 

This sums up our review of all the possible endings of Deathloop. If you want to share your thoughts about Deathloop’s conclusion or have other questions, feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to respond. 

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