How to Find the Playing Cards in GTA Online

Are you tracking down the playing cards in GTA Online?

The launch of GTA Online’s Diamond Casino update was a milestone event for the game. After years of teasing with the “Opening Soon” signage outside the casino doors, Diamond Casino is finally ready to receive guests. 

Inside the casino, you can do all sorts of things like horse racing, slot machines, table games, and a daily lucky spin. 

This update also introduced the new Diamond Casino heist, which rewards a huge sum. However, these are not the only things you should expect from this update. 

Players can also embark on a treasure hunt mission, which requires them to track down playing cards. In total, there are 54 playing cards in GTA Online, and they are scattered across Los Santos and Blaine County. 

While no one can explain how this happened, it’s your job to go out there and put back the deck together. 

Today, we’ll show you how to find all the playing cards in GTA Online. 

Let’s begin!

Playing Cards Hunt Rewards

Before you start the mission, here’s what you should look forward to if you manage to complete this treasure hunt in GTA Online. 

For starters, you’ll earn RP and some casino chips for every card you find, which gives you some money to play with on slot machines and table games. The chip reward starts at 100 chips for the first five cards, and then it goes up by 50 chips for each subsequent card you collect. 

playing cards in GTA Online

If you manage to collect the final card, the reward would be 2,550 chips, totaling 66,650 casino chips. 

You’ll also unlock the exclusive High Roller Outfit in GTA Online after putting back the deck together, plus a unique set of cards for your Penthouse. You’ll also earn a special collectors bag item for use in Red Dead Online

Locating the Playing Cards in GTA Online

Now that you know what’s at stake for this treasure hunt, you’ve probably decided whether to take on the mission or not. 

If you want to proceed, you can refer to the map below to start hunting the cards. 

playing cards in GTA Online

We also provided the detailed location of each of the cards in Blaine County and Los Santos. 

  1. At the Sonar’s Collections Dock on the wooden railing. 
  2. On an opening inside the Cable Car terminal. 
  3. On top of an ATM on the side of the barber shop in Paleto Bay.
  4. At the top of one of the tables located east of Procopio Truck Stop.
  5. On a desk inside Beeker’s Garage.
  6. Beside a campfire near a trail on Mount Gordo.
  7. On a desk at the back of LTD Gasoline Store in Grapeseed.
  8. At McKenzie Field inside the McKenzie Field Hanger. 
  9. On top of a window sill at Cape Catfish. 
  10. At East Joshua Road on top of a table outside the Park View Diner. 
  11. On top of a table tennis at Foreclosed North Alamo Pier.
  12. In the observation deck in Raton Canyon. 
  13. On top of a speaker at Stab City. 
  14. On a broken forklift behind a house in Sandy Shores. 
  15. Inside the Sandy Shores Fire Station in one of the red tool boxes. 
  16. On top of a washing machine next to the entrance of the You Tool Store. 
  17. In a railing at the Senora Desert Trailer Park.
  18. On the pool table inside the Yellow Jack Inn. 
  19. In the letter ‘L’ of the Rebel Radio Building in Grand Senora Desert. 
  20. Outside a house on Joshua Road on top of a workbench. 
  21. On the porch of a house in Great Chaparral. 
  22. At the backside of the Discount Store in Chaparral.
  23. Inside the booth at the west entrance of Fort Zancudo.
  24. On the north portion of Chumash Plaza. 
  25. At the back of the 24/7 store in Chumash. 
  26. Inside the office of LTD Gasoline store in Richman Glen.
  27. In the bathroom of the car park of Galileo Observatory. 
  28. Inside a tool cabinet in a shed at La Fuente Blanca
  29. On top of the counter of Ammu-Nation at Tataviam Truckstop, Tataviam Mountains. 
  30. At the back of Rob’s Liquor store in Murrieta Heights. 
  31. On the back of the LTD Gasoline Store in Mirror Park. 
  32. On top of a workbench in Auto Exotic, Hawick. 
  33. At a table inside the Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank.
  34. On one of the chairs at the Gentry Manor. 
  35. On top of a table tennis table behind a house on Didion Drive, Vinewood Hills. 
  36. Inside a garage at a house on Steele Way. 
  37. On a large chess piece behind a house on Sam Austin Drive. 
  38. At the entrance of a swimming pool on Boulevard Del Perro. 
  39. On a small stone wall in Richards Majestic. 
  40. At a store in Del Perro Pier.
  41. Inside the barber shop in Vespucci. 
  42. On gym equipment at the gym on Vespucci Beach. 
  43. On top of a bench at Puerto Del Sol Station. 
  44. In a coffee table near the changing rooms of Ponsonbys in Burton. 
  45. On a bench at the Fountain Plaza of FIB Headquarters. 
  46. On top of a table at the back of Ammu-Nation in Pillbox Hill. 
  47. Inside the Vanilla Unicorn strip club near the entrance. 
  48. Inside the Davis Fire Station. 
  49. Near the counter in a tattoo parlor in El Burro Heights. 
  50. Inside a wrecked bus in La Mesa.
  51. On top of a table at the back of Ammu-Nation in Cypress Flats. 
  52. On a table in Jetsam Terminal. 
  53. In a boot at a car park near Maze Bank Arena. 
  54. On top of a bench at Los Santos International Airport.

Once you’ve gathered all the cards, a notification will appear that you’ve completed the mission. Collect your rewards and spend some of your chips playing Blackjack and Poker. 

That ends our guide on finding the playing cards in GTA Online. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to help. 

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