Player Spotlight: Arteezy – Pro Player in Dota 2

Do you want to know more about the most famous Arteezy- Pro Player in Dota 2?

Artour “Arteezy” Babaev, more popularly known as just rtz, is one of the most mechanically advanced players to grace Dota. With the amount of Twitter followers he has, his massive fan following is the biggest for any player in Dota2. Thus, learning more about Arteezy – Pro Player in Dota 2 through this Player Spotlight is integral for all players.

Being idolized by many, rtz has a highly loyal following due to his mindblowing highlights and game sense. Many of his plays are a part of Dota 2 history and have made him a living legend. Apart from this, he is incredibly popular for his farming patterns and twitch stream, which showcases his eccentric personality.

Personal History

Arteezy - Pro Player in Dota 2

Being only 25 years old as of now, Arteezy was born on the 1st of July 1996 in Taskent, Uzbekistan. His family moved to Vancouver in British Colombia when rtz was just two years old. Like many professional players in Dota 2, Arteezy also has a double nationality of both Uzbekistan and Canada.

Starting to play video games at a very young age, Arteezy first started playing the original Dota and Starcraft 2. Honing his skill in these games, he had proved that he had a knack for playing and dominating in MOBAs. Soon after reaching high ranks in these games, he switched to the more popular Dota 2.



As an innately talented individual with a prominent understanding of the game, Arteezy soon became famous. He was called a prodigy so soon in his career that professional players took note of his exceptional playstyle. This, in turn, became so prevalent that many players in the pro scene played with him as training partners.

Though he had potential offers, he postponed joining the pro scene to focus more on his education. However, in his summer break of 2013, Arteezy joined Kaipi for four months before leaving to focus on his studies. Nevertheless, he still joined Take Five, a casual team to participate and win EMS One Fall.

After this win, Arteezy once again became inactive. After roughly three months of staying inactive, he would join Speed Gaming as a stand-in to participate in MLG Columbus. The roster eventually won the tournament, and Artour emerged as an exceptional prospect with the potential to conquer Dota 2.

This win and his dominating mid-lane gameplay made him quite famous in the pro scene. Consequently, Arteezy decided to join with like-minded individuals to form a team called S A D B O Y S. Garnering immediate success, this roster went on to win 16 of their 18 professional matches.

With momentum and an increasing fan following, Arteezy and his team demolished the competition at the Electronic Sports Prime Cup. Going undefeated at this tournament acted as the catalyst for Evil Geniuses to sign them. This is where the real story of Arteezy – Pro Player in Dota 2 begins.

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses

The new EG roster made its debut at the Monster Energy Invitational in March of 2014. There, they controlled the flow of the tournament and soon came out as the winners. An impressive showing in the finals against Cloud9 and stellar performances throughout helped establish Arteezy as one of the best.

Leading up to the much-awaited TI4, Arteezy and his teammates won several tournaments. These top-3 finishes included international championships like The Summit 1, ESL Frankfurt 2014, and Starladder Series Season 9. These wins, in turn, led to Evil Geniuses receiving a direct invitation to the International 4.

Entering the tournament as one of the favorites, Evil Geniuses had a convincing performance on the group stage. As a result, they made it to the upper bracket finals effortlessly due in no small part to Arteezy’s gameplay. Winning the first two games of the upper bracket, EG had enough momentum to make it to the grand finals.

Though this momentum would not last long as soon after, EG faced defeat in the upper bracket finals. This loss set them back quite a bit and became a reason for their next defeat in the lower bracket. Resultantly, EG dropped out of TI4 and led Arteezy to introspect whether EG was the right team to be in.

Team Hopping and the Arteezy Curse

Arteezy - Pro Player in Dota 2

In January of 2015, Arteezy – Pro Player in Dota 2 quit Evil Geniuses to join the star-studded Team Secret. However, this time period is when the Arteezy Curse would emerge and become the bane of his existence. Arteezy and his misfortune of not winning a single Valve tournament or TI has loomed over all his teams.

Soon after leaving EG, Arteezy faced his first major defeat by losing to EG in the Dota 2 Asia Championships. EG went on the win that tournament, cementing themselves as a better team without Arteezy. However, this did not stop him as he went on to conquer four tournaments and enter TI5 as a favorite.

Although he played in arguably the best roster in that period, Arteezy failed once again in TI5 with disappointing performances. Another huge blow to his ego would also be the fact that the team that won TI5 was EG. This was the same team he had left just a few months ago due to a lack of coordination.

Joining team EG once again, Arteezy played a different role and acted as an entirely new player. Though he had good performances, his team ended up in third place repeatedly, acting as fodder for a new curse. With only third-place finishes at all Valve events, Arteezy once again left for team Secret along with UNiVeRsE.

Placed in a star-studded team once again, Arteezy hoped to shine as bright as he once did. This, however, could not be possible as he finished in last place at TI6. Good showings from Arteezy did not matter as his team could not win. Fed up with their bitter loss, Arteezy departed Team Secret to join EG as a hard carry once again.

As a part of Evil Geniuses- 2016 to now

Arteezy - Pro Player in Dota 2

With a major roster change again, Arteezy had hoped to win big. Failing to win any Valve tournaments since his arrival back to EG, his hope has diminished heavily. Though his tournament wins might not show it, Arteezy is still quite popular for his amazing farm-centered play style.

His playstyle also allowed him to win big tournaments like the MDL 2016 Autumn and Manila Masters in 2017. Apart from this, his 3rd place curse came through once more as he finished in third place at TI 8. Since TI8, EG has more or less failed to be at the top and only placed 5-6th at TI9.

Trivia and Statistics

Arteezy - Pro Player in Dota 2

Though his tournament standings have suffered immensely throughout the years, his ranked and solo gameplay have not. This is very prevalent when one looks at his MMR throughout the years. Staying at the top of the leaderboards is easy for him as he became the second player ever to reach 9000 MMR.

Not only this but he is the third player to ever reach 10000 MMR and has also reached 11000 MMR. Arteezy, at one point, had both the rank 1 and 2 accounts to his name in the NA region. He is also the all-time leader in professional statistics for his Bloodseekr, with the most wins.

Arguing whether Artour “Arteezy” Babaev is really cursed is another topic in itself. However, no Dota 2 player can disregard his exceptional mechanics and overpowered gameplay. Just watching his games and learning more about him is beneficial for players. This is why this article covers the vital topic of Player Spotlight: Arteezy – Pro Player in Dota 2.

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