How to Play Senna in League of Legends

Want to know how you can play Senna in League of Legends?

League of Legends is an online multiplayer game developed by Riot in 2009. With the release of Arcane, League’s original series from Netflix, many people were intrigued to try out League of Legends. 

However, many get overwhelmed by the game’s mechanics and learning curve, which takes time to familiarize themselves. 

If you’re new to the game, Senna can be a great champion to start with.

Senna was originally designed as a support marksman in the game. But she has since then been picked for purely the support role. Senna has also been used for the ‘fasting Senna’ strategy, in which the support does the farming, and Senna picks up the souls for her passive. 

During the current season, Senna is still a versatile champion that can be played in various ways. 

Today, we’ll show you how to play Senna the right way in League of Legends.

Let’s get started!


Senna has one of the highest base ranges in the game besides Caitlyn. She can also scale her range infinitely as she collects Souls and builds items. Senna’s long-range poke can be a huge asset during the early game and late stages for clashes. 

Basic Attack

Senna blasts the target with her relic cannon, inflicting 100% AD physical damage, becoming non-projectile, and applying on-hit and on-attack effects to enemies. Her basic attacks can also critically strike but only deal (160.125% + 32.025%) AD physical damage. 

However, she only has an attack ratio of 0.3, meaning she only gains +0.3 attack speed per 100% bonus attack speed. 

In addition, Senna’s base attack’s windup is reduced from 31.25% to 21.875% (depending on level) but is only reduced by 60% of the expected value given attack speed bonuses. 

Absolution (Passive)

Absolution Passive

INNATE (WEAKENED SOUL) – Senna’s basic attacks on-hit and damaging abilities on enemy champions apply Mist for 4 seconds, changed to 0.75 seconds if Senna starts hitting basic attacks on them. 

If Senna applies Mist to the same target twice, she gathers it, dealing 1% to 16% of the target’s health as bonus physical damage, and renders the target immune to Mist applications for a few seconds. 

This damage also applies life steal at 100% effectiveness. 

Enemy units that die near Senna have a chance to generate a Mist Wraith from their corpse, increased to 2 Mist Wraiths for epic monsters. These Mist Wraiths last for 8 seconds, and Senna can hit them with Piercing Darkness, Dawning Shadow, or basic attacks to kill them instantly, which grants her 8 Gold and collects their Mist. 

Piercing Darkness (Q)

play Senna in League of Legends

ACTIVE – Senna fires a spectral laser in the direction of the target unit, healing herself and allied champions in a line and dealing physical damage to enemies in a thinner line. Enemies hit by Piercing Darkness are slowed by 20% (+10% per 100 bonus AD) (+6% per 100 AP) for 2 seconds. 

The damage also applies life steal at 100% effectiveness. 

Last Embrace (W)

play Senna in League of Legends

ACTIVE – Senna throws a globule of Black Mist in a target direction that deals physical damage to the first enemy hit and sticks onto them for a second. After the duration or when the target dies, the Black Mist spreads out of the target, rooting enemies near them for a few seconds. 

Curse of the Black Mist (E)

play Senna in League of Legends

ACTIVE – Senna surrounds herself with an aura of Mist that provides camouflage for a duration. If Senna breaks the camouflage, she gains it back after 1.75 seconds of not doing actions that break stealth. 

Allied champions who enter the mist gain Wraith Form for a duration equal to the remaining period of the Mist. 

WRAITH FORM – Provides camouflage. Enemies will have obscured vision of wraiths moving outside of the Mist. It can be regained by breaking the camouflage after 1.75 seconds of not performing actions that break stealth. 

Wraith Form ends immediately when Senna dies. 

Dawning Shadow (R)

play Senna in League of Legends

ACTIVE – Senna reveals herself before launching two waves of spectral light in the target direction, giving a brief sight of the area along its path. The center wave also deals physical damage to enemies hit. 

The broad wave, on the other hand, shields Senna and allied champions for 3 seconds and collects any Mist Wraiths in the way. 

Senna Gameplay

During the early game, reach level 2 first and try to look for a favorable trade. Gaining an early health lead is crucial to secure kills faster down the line. Your main goal in the laning phase is to look for potential kills and abuse the enemy as often as you can. 

Try to play aggressively as much as possible to take advantage of your abilities and gain the lead. 

After destroying the bottom lane tower, head to the mid lane and try to take the enemy’s tower as well. This will open up the map for your team and give you a gold lead and massive advantage. 

play Senna in League of Legends

During the late stage, don’t forget to ward major objectives and place vision in high traffic areas. You should maintain these areas warded to have an idea of how your enemy moves around the map. 

This should help your team avoid ganks and awkward team fights. 

At this stage of the game, you should always be with your team and refrain from moving around the map alone. Getting killed in the late game means your allies will have to fight a 4v5 clash. 

When playing Senna, you have to remember that she is very immobile and can be killed instantly if all in’d by the enemy team. This can shut you down in the early game and force you to play defensively. 





  • +8 ability haste
  • +9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
  • +6 Armor

Item Build

That’s everything you need to know about how to play Senna in League of Legends. If you have questions or any other concerns, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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