How to Play Akshan in League of Legends

Do you want to know how to play Akshan in League of Legends?

With the debut of League of Legends patch 11.15 last July 2021, we have finally seen Akshan. The Rouge Sentinel has been teased by Epic Games for a while, and many fans were excited to use him in the Rift. 

Raising an eyebrow in the face of danger, Akshan battles evil with dazzling charisma, righteous vengeance, and a conspicuous lack of shirts. 

Akshan excels in the art of stealth combat, being able to evade enemies and catch them off guard. Having a keen sense of justice and a legendary weapon, he rights the wrongs of Runeterra’s scoundrels while living up to his own moral code. 

Being a new champion, there has been a lot of debate about how Akshan should be played. 

Some prefer him as an AD Carry, while others see his potential in the jungle. For less conventional players, they love seeing the Rouge Sentinel in the mid-lane. 

Today, we’ll show you how to play Akshan in League of Legends. 

Let’s begin!


Akshan has a very interesting approach to the marksman class and traditional AD Carry role. Instead of being lined with skill shots, his skill set leans toward a ranged assassin playstyle. He also comes with an incredible amount of utility. 

Dirty Fighting (Passive)

Dirty Fighting

Every three hits from Akshan’s basic attacks and abilities deal bonus damage and give him a Shield if the target is a champion. When he attacks, he also fires an additional Attack for reduced damage. 

If he cancels the extra Attack, he instead gains movement speed. 

Avengerang (Q)

play Akshan in League of Legends

ACTIVE – Akshan hurls a boomerang in a line in the target direction, dealing physical damage to enemies hit along its way and reveals them for a second. This also gives a brief sight of the area in its path and extends its range when it hits an enemy. 

If the boomerang hits an enemy champion, Akshan receives a 40% bonus movement speed that decays over one second. 

Once the boomerang has passed its original range and has not struck an enemy champion in the last 500 units it traveled, it returns to Akshan. Enemies initially hit by the boomerang can’t be hit as it goes back. 

Going Rogue (W)

play Akshan in League of Legends

PASSIVE – Akshan marks an enemy that kills allied champions as Scoundrels for 60 seconds. If he scores a takedown against Scoundrels within 3 seconds of damaging them, he gains 100 Gold and revives allied champions that have been slain by the Scoundrel after a second. 

When he claims a Scoundrel’s bounty, he removes the marks of other enemies. Scoundrels refresh their mark duration on subsequent kills and will have their mark removed when they die. 

ACTIVE – Akshan enters camouflage, which lasts indefinitely while he is near terrain or inside a bush. During Going Rogue, Akshan can see trails leading towards Scoundrels and gains 12% mana regeneration equal to his missing mana as he moves towards them.

He also gains bonus movement speed while hunting Scoundrels. 

Heroic Swing (E)

play Akshan in League of Legends

ACTIVE – Akshan can activate Heroic Swing three times before the ability goes on cooldown and can use the third cast after 0.5 seconds of the second cast. He can input an attack or movement command to use the second and final casts. 

1st Cast – Akshan prepares to swing for up to 2.125 seconds, firing a hook in the target direction that attaches to the first instance of terrain hit. Heroic Swing’s second cast can be used while the hook is in place. 

If the hook fails to attach or Akshan blinks, becomes immobilized, grounded, or polymorphed within the duration, the preparation will end prematurely, canceling the ability. 

2nd Cast – Akshan swings around the terrain in the initial direction of your cursor, stopping upon colliding with terrain, enemy champion, or after 3 seconds. While swinging, he also fires at the nearest visible enemy and deals physical damage. 

This also applies on-hit effects at 25% effectiveness per shot. 

3rd Cast – Akshan jumps into a target location and fires one last shot to a nearby visible enemy. However, the final cast can’t go through terrains. 

Comeuppance (R)

play Akshan in League of Legends

ACTIVE – Akshan channels for 2.5 seconds, locking onto an enemy champion, revealing them on the map. He also gradually stores bullets into his weapon over the duration. 

RECAST – Akshan fires all stored bullets at the target, and each grants sight of the area along its path and deals physical damage to the first enemy hit. This includes structures and is increased by 0% to 300% depending on the target’s missing health. 

Akshan Gameplay

Akshan’s early game is not different from most ADCs since your primary focus is to take down as many minions to get ahead of your opponents. During this phase, you’re going to rely on Akshan’s Dirty Fighting (Passive) and Avengerang (Q). 

For the entire early game, you must aim to get your 3-hit passive to maximize damage output and win trades. 

Luckily, this shouldn’t be that hard since Avengerang (Q) builds your passive and has a range extension whenever it hits an enemy champion or minion. 

play Akshan in League of Legends

Once you get an item or two, you should be able to deal some damage during the initial team fights. As the game transitions to the mid-late game, Akshan’s kit and ultimate will be great tools to dominate the game. 

If an enemy champion kills your ally, they should be your primary target. 

Your Going Rogue (W) ability can revive teammates if you manage to take down the enemy champion responsible for eliminating them. This ability also grants you camouflage and provides a trail for the enemy’s direction. 

Overall, Akshan has the potential to be one of the most crucial champions during team fights. Even if your team loses the team fight, you can prevent the enemy team from securing an objective or extending their lead if you manage to takedown key champions like their carry or tank. 





  • +10% Attack Speed
  • +9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
  • +8 Magic Resist

Item Build

That wraps up our guide on how to play Akshan in League of Legends. If you have questions, leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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