An image of Beech Trees in Valheim.

How to Plant and Use Spawn ID for Beech Seeds in Valheim

Have you experimented with the Beech Seeds in Valheim yet?

Whether you are trying to build a massive base or simply collecting a bunch of Wood, Beech Seeds in Valheim can be very useful for you. Once you plant them, these seeds will grow into Beech trees after a few days. Instead of having to travel around the Meadows cutting down trees, you can cultivate your own forest near your base for efficiency.

By learning how to place each seed with enough space in between, you can grow an entire forest with more than enough Wood for whatever you want to build. You will also be able to plant Beech trees in biomes where they do not normally spawn except for one.

If you are looking to start your Beech forest soon, check out our quick guide on how to plant and use Spawn ID for Beech Seeds in Valheim.

Beech Trees in Valheim

An image of trees grown by Beech Seeds in Valheim.

Wood is one of the most important resources in Valheim regardless of your playstyle. Whether you are the type to upgrade your weapons and armor as quickly as possible or you prefer building a comfortable home where everyone can sleep and recover, you will end up using tons of Wood.

Normally spawning in the Meadows, Beech trees are characterized by their light gray bark, thin trunks, and wide crowns. They also vary in size, partly to keep the environment realistic. Each variant requires a different level of axe to cut down, so most beginners will have to settle for the small ones.

You can use unarmed attacks without tools to cut down small Beech trees. However, these typically only yield a couple pieces of Wood. On the other hand, you will need a Stone Axe or better to cut down large Beech trees. The larger variants yield 20 pieces of Wood, which can add up quite quickly when farming them. Each tree also drops a couple of Beech Seeds, which we will teach you to plant later.

If you want to gather up on Wood or some Beech Seeds early on, head to the Meadows biome. Bring as few items as possible so you have more inventory to carry the Wood. However, you will want to bring some food or Mead to recover Stamina as cutting trees can be quite tiring. If you already have a Cart, make sure to bring that as well.

How to Plant Beech Seeds in Valheim

An image of how to plant Beech Seeds in Valheim

When you cut down Beech trees, make sure to keep the seeds that they drop. Once you gather enough of them, you can begin planting your own forest almost anywhere you want. That way, you can have a whole forest right beside your base for quick woodcutting when you need some.

There are several steps to take for planting Beech Seeds. First, you will need to craft your own Cultivator. This tool can be crafted at a Forge using 5 Core Wood and 5 Bronze. Next, make sure to use your Cultivator on a patch of land. This step tills the soil for farming. Make sure you choose a good spot, away from large flat rocks. The Cultivator sometimes covers these rocks with some soil but you still cannot plant seeds on them.

After you have cleared the land of grass and tilled the soil, you can now plant some seeds. Simply click the right mouse button and choose Beech Sapling. Next, left-click to plant it on the exact spot that you want. When planting your Beech Saplings, make sure to leave some space between each one so they can grow into trees properly. Otherwise, they will always remain as saplings and you can never harvest them.

Now that you have planted your Beech Seeds, you will simply have to wait a few days to harvest them. Your budding Beech forest should grow into full size trees within three to four in-game days. After cutting down some Beech trees, make sure to replant some new seeds if you want your forest to be sustainable.

Using Spawn ID for Beech Seeds in Valheim

An image of using Spawn ID in the console command box.

For players that are trying to grow a massive forest, gathering loads of Beech Seeds can be a tiring task. You will have to cut down so many trees and spend quite a lot of time and Stamina. Seeing as each tree only drops two Beech Seeds, you will end up cutting down half as many trees as you want to plant. Fortunately, cheats allow you to fill your inventory with these seeds.

By using the console command box, you can spawn a bunch of Beech Seeds in Valheim without much effort. First, you need to press F5 to open up the console command box. Next, type in “devcommands” to enable cheats in your singleplayer server. It is important to remember that cheats are not allowed in multiplayer servers, so do not waste your time trying.

Now that you have enabled cheats, follow this format to spawn any item you want using their specific code.

Command: “spawn [item] [quantity] [level]”

Example: “spawn Coins 30”

In the case of Beech Seeds, the item code is “BeechSeeds”. Type that into the console command format and spawn as much of this item as you want. Beech Seeds only weigh 0.1 pounds and can have stacks of 100 per inventory slot, so you can spawn hundreds at a time without struggling to carry them.

Growing Your Forest

Growing your very own forest of Beech Seeds in Valheim is quite the daunting task from a beginner’s perspective. However, if you have learned things from this article, you should now be able to pull it off without a hitch.

Positioning your forest strategically in relation to your base is a very important step in this process. If you can, try to have your forest near your home, your workplace, and your portals. That way you can transport any Wood you have gathered very quickly and efficiently.

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