An image of Pigs in Medieval Dynasty.

Where to Find Pigs in Medieval Dynasty

Have you started raising Pigs in Medieval Dynasty yet?

Pigs are one of the best ways to earn money in Medieval Dynasty. It may cost quite a lot in the beginning but will definitely pay off generously later on. Pigs are a little bit expensive, especially for beginners. They also take a while to grow into full adult size, so patience is important.

However, if you have the means to raise Pigs in your village, you should do so as soon as possible. The upside to animal husbandry is simply too significant to pass up, especially if you have villagers to assign to that industry. After a few seasons, your Pig farm can be completely self-sustaining in terms of reproduction.

If you want to be an expert livestock farmer, check out our quick guide on where to find Pigs in Medieval Dynasty.


An image of farming.

There are six main skills that you can master in Medieval Dynasty, and Farming is one of them. As you do relevant activities in each skill, you will earn some Skill Points to spend on their technology tree. The more you upgrade in the technology tree, the easier your life will be in the game. You can unlock stat or trait bonuses as well as some new items or buildings to make.

Farming is one of the best skills to master early on. It lets you produce your own food and earn some decent money from selling your produce. You can also grow your village very quickly because of the amount of food it provides, even with small farms. Farming is divided into four different tiers of more specific skills, most of which can be upgraded to level 3.

Some of the best skills to upgrade for farming are Farming Knowledge, Careful Farmer, Farming Master, Village Whistleblower, Carrot and Stick, and Night Rider. Farming Knowledge gives you more skill points from doing farming-related activities. Careful Farmer reduces the rate at which your tools lose their durability. Farming Master lets you work longer by reducing the amount of stamina you spend when using tools.

Village Whistleblower gives you the ability to whistle to call on your horse. Carrot and Stick lets your horse carry up to 30 kg more items. Finally, Night Rider increases the speed at which your horse rides, making travel much quicker.

Pigs in Medieval Dynasty

An image of Pigs in Medieval Dynasty.

Pigs in Medieval Dynasty are farm animals that have many uses. They are harmless and fairly low maintenance animals that you can use to earn a lot of money or fill up your food storage for the winter.

Pigs require a Pigsty to live in and you need to feed them Animal Feed regularly. They do not produce anything other than manure but can be slaughtered for meat and leather. Each adult Pig yields around 5 Leather and 22 Meat. You can also try selling them for anywhere from 750 to 1200 Coins each. However, many players prefer to keep their Pigs and have them reproduce instead.

Each Pig will mature within a year (or four seasons) and may live up to almost 20 years. This is more than enough time to make back what you spent on them. For reproducing, each female Pig has a 15% chance of getting pregnant multiplied by however many male pigs you also have in your Pigsty. They can give birth to up to two piglets per season as long as there are available slots.

Your Pigs will produce one piece of manure for each in-game hour multiplied by your animal breeder’s Farming skill level. If you have animal breeders assigned, their job is to feed your pigs and collect their manure for 10 hours each day.

Where to Find Pigs

Before you can become an animal breeding mogul, you have to learn where to find Pigs in Medieval Dynasty and what you need to buy them. If you have talked to enough villagers, you will know that you can ask all of them where to find animals, but you will likely get the exact same answer.

To speed up the process for you, here is the best way to find Pigs in Medieval Dynasty.

Pigsty in Rolnica

An image of the Pigsty in Rolnica where you can buy Pigs in Medieval Dynasty.

While a Pigsty is a Farming and animal husbandry building that you can construct in your village, you are not the only person with access to one. There is a local Pigsty in Rolnica where you can purchase your first Pig for 1800 to 2250 Coins depending on your Skills.

The first step you need to take is to build a Pigsty in your own farm first. The Pigsty is unlocked once you accumulate 100 Farming Tech points. You will then need to craft 1 piece of Foundation, 1 Framing, 9 Wattle Walls, and 3 Thatch Roofs. You will also need a total of 8 Stone, 18 Logs, 12 Straw, and 54 Sticks for all these parts.

After you have built your Pigsty, you can begin assigning villagers to work there as Animal Breeders and Apprentices. Your Pigsty will also be able to store 50 kg worth of animal feed. It is important to remember that each Pigsty can only hold five Pigs at once, so you may have to build additional ones later on.

Finally, you can go to the city of Rolnica to purchase your first Pig. Just go over to the local Pigsty and talk to the owner. You will be able to buy a Piglet that should grow into an adult Pig after a full year. Pigs will produce manure regularly, which you can turn into fertilizer for your farm. 

If you prefer to get meat, you can always slaughter your Pigs. Just remember that Pigs live for almost 20 years, so you can wait to slaughter them as they get older.

Unnamed Town

There have also been claims that you can purchase Pigs in the unnamed town between the cities of Rolnica and Branica. You just need to head over there and look for the Pigsty, where you have your choice of Pigs to buy.

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