An image of the Pearl map guide in Valorant.

Pearl Map Guide in Valorant

Have you learned all the tricks on our new Pearl map guide yet?

Did you know? Pearl is the first Valorant map set in Omega Earth, which is one of two Earths in the Valorant universe. Pearl is located in Portugal on Omega Earth, except in this universe, Lisbon has been flooded due to the climate crisis. To help preserve a part of the city, the Valorant Legion used Radianite to encase it in a polycarbonate dome.

Pearl is one of the newest and most popular maps in Valorant. Compared to other maps that heavily favor one side, Pearl is quite balanced for both attacking and defending teams. In fact, Pearl replaced Split, a very defense-sided map, in the competitive map pool for that purpose specifically.

If you want to learn how to play this map to perfection, check out our Pearl map guide in Valorant.


How to play on Pearl:

  1. Take control of mid and main
  2. Smoke off two defensive angles
  3. Flash and clear closer angles on site
  4. Play post-plant from two different angles
  5. Swing the spike defuser together


Pearl was the eighth map added to Valorant and is currently one of the nine playable maps in the game. It is the first map to be located in the Omega Earth, one of two Earths in the Valorant universe. 

Pearl was designed to be a more traditional map, doing away with gimmicks such as in Breeze or Fracture. There are no dynamic elements or interactive mechanisms in the map of Pearl.

An image of the Pearl map guide in Valorant.

According to the Lore, after the climate crisis on Omega Earth, the Valorant Legion had to use some Radianite they procured to protect and encase parts of Lisbon, Portugal, in a polycarbonate dome to protect it from the massive flooding. 

An screenshot of the Shattered Cinematic.

We learned in the Shattered cinematic that the Radianite being used actually serves as a life-support system for the entire city as well as its reality stabilization.

The main Geodome of Omega Lisbon has five major islands, with Pearl being the middle main island. From B Site, you can see the remnants of Lisbon. 

Aside from the dangers of the flooding, Omega Lisbon also has a slowly destabilizing reality, as seen on the arches around A main. K-IND is currently working on these structures as part of their “Reality Restoration Project.”

An image of the reality-bended arches in Pearl.

Pearl has two main pathways towards each site, one in the main and another coming from the midsite. This map has a much wider and straightforward B Main path than any other map, making it perfect for taking gunfights.

An image of B Main as part of the Pearl map guide in Valorant.

On the other hand, A Main has a much more narrow entryway, making it easier to defend in theory. However, A Main and Art are so close together that attackers can often do split attacks to take control of the site from both directions.

An image of A Site on Pearl.

Pearl Map Guide

pearl map

Learning how to play a brand-new map is a great way to get ahead of the competition in Valorant. If you are the first to master the map, you can get a few free wins in Competitive mode before everyone else can catch up.

Here are the most effective ways to play in Pearl.

Attacking A Site

Like we previously mentioned, there are two entryways towards A Site. First is A Main, which has an elbow pathway that ends in a narrow entryway that leads straight to the site. 

The main angles to look out for when entering the site this way are the empty space on the right, a small line of sight from Flowers, and the area between Secret and Dugout.

An image of A Main as part of the Pearl map guide in Valorant.

The best way to reduce the angles to look out for is by smoking out most of them. In pistol rounds, smoke off Secret and Flower so you can focus on taking close-range fights together.

Have your initiator then flash or stun the angle on the right to clear it. Next, flash back the site and Art to clear those as well before planting the Spike.

An image of pushing into A Site on Pearl.

If you are coming from mid site, you can enter A Site through Art. The advantage of this entryway is that if you have control of A Main, you will only need to worry about your left side, namely Flower and Art. 

This is a good path for mobile duelists to take as you can clear mid and Art while getting onto site fairly quickly. It also takes much less utility to clear since Art is a small alleyway.

A gif of taking control of Art in Pearl.

Most teams opt to plant on default, behind the cover of the big box in the middle of A Site. This plant spot is open to A Main and is also spammable by high penetration guns from Art. 

For post-plant scenarios, having half your team back in A Main and half in Art is best. Players with the long-range guns can stay in A Main, while those with close-range guns can take the shorter angles in Art.

An image of playing post-plant on A Site as part of the Pearl map guide in Valorant.

Attacking B Site

Attacking B Site is easier during pistol rounds but can get more difficult during gun rounds. B Main is very wide and open, which means you are open as you run across the pathway. You can opt to smoke off certain angles from long, but that may be detrimental once you get to the actual site.

An image of attacking angles on B Long.

Once you get near B Site, you will want to smoke off Heaven, Hell, and B Link to ensure you can plant safely. During pistol rounds, you can plant in the default spot while taking control of back site to protect the Spike. 

In gun rounds, you can plant behind the box near back site so you can defend it from B Main.

Defending on Pearl

Defending on Pearl will need a lot of utility in both pre and post-plant scenarios. If you are defending A Site, you will need smokes to stop the opponents from just rushing through A Main. You may also need your Sentinel player to hold Art, preventing flanks from coming in unexpectedly.

An image of a defensive angle on A Site as part of the Pearl map guide in Valorant.

When defending B Site, you need to decide whether to defend B long or stay back and just hold the actual site. If you want to hold B long, you can take the long-range gunfights or smoke off the two sides of the large pillar. This way, the enemy cannot push through without spending their own utility.

An image of defending B Long.

When holding site, you can have players positioned in Heaven, B Link, and back site. You can coordinate to swing together to ensure the opponents cannot kill all of you at once. Having a Viper, Killjoy, or Brimstone is also great for delaying the plant or denying the B long plant spot using their molly abilities.

Now that you have learned the best ways to play the map using our Pearl map guide, you can start winning some Competitive matches, whether in a solo queue or as a whole party.


The best agents you can use in Pearl are Harbor, Sage, Killjoy, Fade, and Viper. The best duelists are Jett and Raze due to their mobility.
Pearl is a relatively balanced map due to its traditional map, so neither side is that much better than the other.
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