An image of the most broken and overpowered characters in MultiVersus.

Most Broken and Overpowered Characters in MultiVersus

What are your go-to overpowered characters in MultiVersus?

Being the newest and biggest platform fighting game today, MultiVersus is still packed with broken and overpowered characters. There are extremely powerful characters that are much more likely to win over their peers, and many of them have yet to be fixed and balanced.

For new players, especially those with no experience in platform fighting games, starting with a broken character lets you enjoy the game more during the learning process. It is simply more fun to start out in a game winning and beating your friends. As you get better, you can begin specializing in your favorite characters.

If you want to beat all your friends in in-house games, check out our quick guide on the most broken and overpowered characters in MultiVersus.

Overpowered Characters in MultiVersus

Like most fighting games, balancing the strengths and weaknesses of characters is a top priority for developers. However, with changing trends and metas, a complete balance is almost always impossible to achieve. There will always be some broken and overpowered characters that players will use to have an advantage against their opponents.

Here are the current most broken and overpowered characters in MultiVersus.


An image of Superman, one of the most broken and overpowered characters in MultiVersus.

Just like in the comics, Superman is one of the most powerful beings in the MultiVersus universe. Also known as Clark Kent or his Kryptonian name Kal-El, this superhero is one of the founding members of the famous Justice League. Taking his powers from the Earth’s Yellow Sun, Superman is known for incredible feats of strength, speed, and unwavering bravery.

In MultiVersus, Superman is a Tank, which are Fighters that can take a lot of damage and allow their teammates to pull off some combinations. He has several attacks like the Super Punch, Kryptonian Kombo, and Overhead Strike. His air attacks include the Flying Swing, Falling Haymaker, and Bullet Barrage.

Superman’s special attacks include his famous Ice Breath and Heat Vision, as well as Meteor Liftoff and Locomotive Charge. He also has air special attacks like the Ten-Ton Tackle and Go Long!. His passive skill is To The Skies!, which lets him dodge upward or diagonally upward from the ground. This makes it harder for opponents to connect on melee or ranged attacks.

In terms of Perks, Superman also has some of the best in the game. Triple Jump lets him jump one extra time after he hits an enemy while in the air. His defensive Perk, Kryptonian Skin, allows him to take a 4% reduction in damage taken. When he’s equipped with a partner, the bonus increases to 6% for his team. His final Perk, Clear the Air, lets him break or even reflect enemy projectiles after dodging them.


An image of Batman, one of the most broken and overpowered characters in MultiVersus.

Another comic superhero that is often regarded as Superman’s equal in terms of popularity, Batman is easily one of the most overpowered characters in MultiVersus in the current meta. Although he is technically a Bruiser, Batman’s abilities also make him quite the effective Assassin if you play him right.

Also known as the Dark Knight or the Caped Crusader, Bruce Wayne is a billionaire that moonlights as a superhero to protect his hometown of Gotham City. His ground attacks include throwing the Batarang, the Bat-Combo, Clear The Air, and the Bat-Slide. While in the air, he can pull off the Bat-Strike, Bat-Kick, Aerial Batarang, and Flying Uppercut.

Batman’s special attacks include the Bat-Bomb, Bat-Grapple, Rising Bat, and Smoke Bomb on the ground. The first three can also be done in the air, with the addition of Crashing Justice. All these abilities make Batman one of the most mobile and versatile Fighters in the game.

His offensive Perk, Slippery When Feint, gives him a 10% increase in dodge distance when dodging an attack hit. The bonus is doubled when the Perk is equipped by both partners. Another late-stage offensive Perk, Up, Up, and A-Slay gives a 5% bonus damage for your team when you knock enemies upward. When Stacked as a Perk, the bonus becomes 10%.

Harley Quinn

An image of Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn is another iconic character from the DC Universe. Known as one of the villains that Batman has to encounter multiple times, she is also a sidekick and love interest of The Joker. This psychiatrist used to work in Arkham Asylum before The Joker manipulated her into the psychopathic villain that she becomes.

In MultiVersus, Harley Quinn is an Assassin that focuses on dealing a lot of damage through her slick playstyle. Her ground attacks include Whack!, Clown Combo, Heads Up!, and Slider. As one of the best aerial Fighters in the game, she can do Aerial Pummeler, Flying Kicks, Confetti Grenade!, and Boxing Ringer.

Harley Quinn also has some strong special attacks that you can take advantage of. Stuffie Bat, Prank Shot, Batter Up!, and Jerk-In-The-Box are all strong special attacks on the ground or in the air.

This villain also has several Signature Perks that give her an almost unfair advantage over the other Fighters. Glove Control lets you control the direction in which her boxing glove is fired when using Boxing Ringer. Smooth Moves transforms ground and air special attacks into dodges as well, making her basically invincible when pulling off her moves.

Jake the Dog

An image of Jake The Dog.

A fan favorite in pop culture, Jake the Dog is one of the main characters in the cult classic cartoon show Adventure Time. Known only as Jake in MultiVersus, this dog is known for his friendship with his partner, Finn the Human. Classified as a Bruiser, he is most effective when attacking at close range.

Jake’s ground attacks include Eat Spikes!, Funky Junk, You Axe’d For It!, and Splits! His aerial attacks like Belly Bump, Funky Junk, Where’s My Halfpipe?, and Mace in Yo Face are just as strong.

For his special attacks, Jake can do Rubber Stomach, Dude!, Giddy Up!, Stretchin’ Out, and That’s Heavy, Dude. These same special attacks can be done in the air as well. Jake is also known for his very effective Signature Perks.

Sticky lets Jake temporarily stun opponents that make contact with him when he is stretching. This is easily one of the best Perks for Bruisers in the game. Stay Limber, Dude gives so much mobility by letting Jake bounce back into the air after touching the ground during his House ability.

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