An image of the Stone Oven in Valheim.

How to Get and Use the Oven in Valheim

What have you made with the Oven in Valheim so far?

 In Valheim, being able to make food is just as important as upgrading your weapons, armor, or building the strongest stronghold possible. One of the best items you can craft for cooking is the oven. Use it to cook different meats, meals, and even stews and soups that provide you with health bonuses.

To get the oven in Valheim, you need a few important materials that you can only get by grinding in specific areas for a while. The Stone Oven is on the same level as the Hot Tub in terms of luxury and function for most Valheim players.

If you want to make the best recipes in the game, check out our detailed guide on how to get and use the Stone Oven in Valheim.

Stone Oven in Valheim

An image of the Stone Oven in Valheim.

The Stone Oven is arguably the best cooking instrument in Valheim. This handy item can be unlocked on the Artisan Table, then later built so you can make the best kinds of food in the game. First released during the Hearth and Home update for the game, the Stone Oven has quickly become one of the most used and most popular things in Valheim. Together with this oven, dishes and cooking in general were also rebalanced.

You can cook things like Bread and Lox Meat Pie in the Stone Oven. Each recipe only takes about 50 seconds of cooking time, so you can easily stock up for a long adventure. In addition, the Stone Oven is also quite the durable item. It is resistant to Frost and Pierce attributes, while being completely immune to Poison and Spirit. The only thing it is weak against is Chop and it is neutral to others like Pickaxe, Slash, Fire, and Lightning.

How to Make the Stone Oven

An image of the Artisan Table.

There are several steps to take to get and use the Stone Oven in Valheim. First, you need to have already built an Artisan Table. This base structure is used to build other structures like Windmills, Spinning Wheels, and the always-handy Blast Furnace. Make sure you have defeated the fourth boss, Moder, and acquired Dragon Tears. You can then make the Artisan Table through the Workbench.

Once you have an Artisan Table, you can begin gathering the necessary resources for the Stone Oven. You will need to get 15 pieces of Iron. You can get this by simply putting some Iron Scraps into an active smelter and waiting for several seconds. The easiest thing to get are Stones, which you will need 20 of. Simply pick these up off the ground or mine them from rocks using your Pickaxe.

The hardest resource to find are the 4 Surtling Cores. These rare items can only be found in chests, dungeons called Burial Chambers, or by killing Surtlings. Unfortunately, you can only find Surtlings in the Ashlands or near Fire geysers, so you may have to travel a bit to look for them. Make sure to get a few Surtling Cores as well just in case you will need extra.

Next, you must be 40 meters or less away from the Artisan Table to build your Stone Oven. Once you have smelted Iron, you should already have the Stone Oven unlocked in your Artisan Table. Look for it there and place it wherever you want within the distance range.

Cooking With the Stone Oven in Valheim

An image of the Lox Meat Pie from the Stone Oven in Valheim.

This beautiful oven is as efficient and effective as it is pretty. All you need to fuel it is Wood, which is probably the easiest resource to find in all of Valheim. You can place up to 10 pieces of Wood at a time, to make sure it stays on for as long as possible. Both Bread and the Lox Meat Pie are great sources of nourishment, and you can even bake two items at a time in the Stone Oven.

Make sure that your Cauldron is at least level 4 before you can begin baking these tasty treats. To cook Bread, you will need some Bread Dough first. Use Barley Flour to create Bread Dough in your level 4 Cauldron. Each recipe uses 10 pieces of Barley Flour and creates 2 parts of Bread Dough. Once you have that, simply place the Bread Dough inside the Stone Oven and wait 50 seconds for your delicious, filling Bread.

Next, you will want to try baking the Lox Meat Pie. Again, you will need your level 4 Cauldron for this. Make an Unbaked Lox Pie in that structure by using 4 Barley Flour, 2 Cloudberries, and 2 Lox Meat. Each recipe only makes one pie, so try to gather as many resources as you can. Place the Uncooked Lox Meat Pie in the Stone Oven and wait another 50 seconds to have it cooked to perfection.

These two recipes give some of the best healing and stats in Valheim, so you will want to make a lot of them. The Bread heals players for 25 Health and 75 Stamina, and has a long lasting effect of up to 30 minutes. On the other hand, the Lox Meat Pie gives 75 Health and 24 Stamina for the same duration.

Stocking Up on Food

An image of Bread.

Valheim exists in a universe full of monsters, bosses, and non-stop adventure. To survive in this world, you will want to stock up on a lot of food and nourishment. There are many nutritious foods in the game, including cooked meats, Sausages, Minced Meat Sauce, and even Carrot Soup.

However, many recipes are hard to make because some of the ingredients are quite rare. In this case, it may cost you more Health and Stamina to obtain these ingredients than they give you back in the form of nourishment. You should decide on the best recipes for your playstyle before you begin grinding.

Because inventory is also limited, you should try to bring only the most efficient food possible. Bread and Lox Meat Pie are two of your best choices, so start baking as soon as you can.

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