How to Open Updaam Cave Safe in Deathloop

Stumble upon the Updaam cave safe in Deathloop? 

Aside from the game’s main plot, Deathloop features a lot of gears, side stories, and locations that you can discover while traversing the island of Blackreef. You would also encounter a handful of puzzles in the game. 

One of the most challenging puzzles to solve in Deathloop is the safe in Updaam cave. 

If you plan to unlock the Updaam cave safe, you’ll have to do a fair amount of detective work. You’ll find this save right under the Dorsey Square in Updaam. 

Nonetheless, all work done are worth it once you find the 5,000 Residuum locked inside the safe. The best part, the Residuum also resets with the time loop, and you can collect it at the start of every loop. 

Today, we will show you how to open the Updaam cave safe in Deathloop. 

Let’s jump right in!

Unlocking the Updaam Cave Safe in Deathloop

Inside the Updaam cave, you’ll find a map with a triangle drawn into it. You’ll also find triangles carved into the walls. For this puzzle, you’ll need to find three codes to open the safe. You can get them by matching the triangle points with overworld positions, finding the codes in each location, and getting the correct sequence for the safe’s code. 

Updaam cave safe in Deathloop

Sadly, you cannot open the safe in Updaam cave without solving the puzzle. Every code for the safe would be different for every player, so you cannot simply enter the codes shown in this guide. 

Each code you find corresponds to the triangles found on the wall of the cave. 

Locating the Numbers

The first one is drawn on the map, but you still need to line up the circles to determine the position of the remaining triangles. While the numbers are different for every player, the locations of the numbers are constant. 

Get some paper or anything to write down the numbers you’ll see and their locations.

  • 1st Number: outside Colt’s Apartment near the Final Nights of Bad Luck Mary plaque
  • 2nd Number: outside of a small tunnel near Moxie 
  • 3rd Number: on the walls of the alley near the tunnels
  • 4th Number: partially hidden on a wall at the Library’s entrance
  • 5th Number: located outside Charlie’s mansion (you can view it using a gun scope)
  • 6th Number: near the door to the left of Otto’s workshop. 

Once you’ve found the numbers, head back to the cave to unlock the safe. 

The safe codes correspond to the three triangles carved into the wall. You need to enter the codes with the numbers that match the no dash vertex, one dash, then two dashes. This will be the sequence for all the triangles in the cave. 

However, remember that the final triangle won’t have dashes, so you’ll have to guess the combination. 

Other Ways to Earn Residuum in Deathloop

If you want to earn more Residuum in the game, you can do the following: 

  • Kill Visionaries (10,000 Residuum Each) 
  • Collect Items and Harvest their Residuum
  • Loot Residuum from Glowing Resources in Blackreef
  • Equip the Golden Harvest Character Trinket

To learn more, please visit our dedicated guide on how to find Residuum in Deathloop

You Might Ask (FAQs)

Can you speed run Deathloop? 

If you’ve played Deathloop for a while, you’ll get the hang of its combat system and get familiar with the tasks and quests required to complete the game. If you aim for it, you can speed run Deathloop and finish it faster than usual. 

How many lives do you get in Deathloop? 

If you play as Colt Vahn in Deathloop, you’ll have three lives once Julianna invades your game. This means that you can die twice before the time loop resets and your progress rolls back. However, if you are playing as Julianna, you’ll only have one shot to eliminate Colt.

Who is Dr. Wenjie? 

Dr.Wenjie Evans is one of the Visionaries in Deathloop. She invented Character Trinkets, Slabs, and more. Wenjie is also the one responsible for the time loop in Blackreef. 

That is everything you need to know about unlocking the Updaam Cave safe in Deathloop. If you have questions or other concerns, please let us know in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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