How to Open Chests in High On Life

Wondering how you can open chests in High On Life?

High On Life offers fans a great way to spend time and have some fun. This title is a comedic sci-fi action FPS game that is created by Justin Roiland and published by Squanch Games. In the game, you are placed in a science-fiction world that features talking guns. 

You’ll be also taken under the wing of a legendary bounty hunter, Gene, who just wants you dead so he can take over your house. 

As you progress your gameplay, you’ll find tons of items in the game, meet various aliens, and travel galaxies. The end goal of the story is to take out Garamantuous, the leader of a notorious alien cartel. 

At the start, you will also need to get through some tutorial sequences before reaching the open area. Once you have been transported to the alien world from your suburban home, you will eventually discover Luglox Chests scattered around the open world. 

However, if you try breaking these chests, they won’t budge until you get the right tool.

To help you out, we have decided to make a guide on how to open Luglox chests in High On Life. 

Let’s get started!

Getting The Right Tools

As we have mentioned above, the Luglox Chests that you’ll find in the alien world can only be opened with the right tools. Fortunately, this tool is part of the High On Life’s weird and ridiculous story, so it can’t be missed. 

open chests in high on life

After exploring the downtown area looking for Gene, the bounty hunter, he will give you a suit that provides some valuable features, such as a waypoint that points you to the direction of the main objective. 

Now, you’ll eventually need to go back to your home and talk to Gene and your sister. Soon after, you will be able to access the machine beside Gene and take on the first bounty. 

This should ask you to find and defeat 9-Torg in Blim City. 

From here, you will just need to follow the waypoints to get to the location of 9-Torg. However, before you can start the fight, you will reach a small meeting room with ants. After a short conversation, the ants will allow you to grab the knife from the table. 

open chests in high on life

After that, you will have to kill the ants using the knife by pressing the right stick. Knifey can not only harm enemies but can be used to attach to magnetic objects and hookbugs. 

Opening Chests

Now that you have Knifey in your hand, you can use it to stab the chests to open them up. To do this, simply get close to a Luglox Chest and slash them using Knifey. 

open chests in high on life

For most of the chests, you’ll find in the early areas, you will mostly get 100 Pesos, the currency used in the game. 

For those players who want the highest gamerscore possible, they can unlock the Luglox Genocide achievement by finding and opening all Luglox Chests in the game. 

What Are Luglox Chests?

High On Life was released last December 12, 2022, which means you won’t find many tutorials or players that have beaten the game. If you are among the early players, we are sure that you have noticed the purple-colored treasure chests scattered across several regions. 

open chests in high on life

These treasure chests are called Luglox Chests and they contain some valuable materials like collectibles, upgrades, money, and more. 

Luglox Chests has a crucial part in the game and collecting as many as possible makes levels easier to complete. These chests can also help you become better equipped to fight the alien lifeforms found in the game. 

Every region in High On Life has more than a dozen chests that you’ll need to hunt and crack open. 

That is it for our guide on how to open chests in High On Life. For your questions and other concerns, please let us know in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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