What To Do With Old Keys in Dinkum

Wondering what you can do with old keys in Dinkum?

Dinkum is the latest farming simulator and survival game inspired by Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. This game was developed and published by James Bendon and is inspired by the outbacks of Australia. 

Players will immediately discover that the island they are put in isn’t all that it seems by finding items and materials with great use. 

One of these items is the Old Key. 

Not every item in Dinkum is readily available to players since it is a survival game, after all. Harvestables can be found by simply exploring the island, but there are some things that require tools, licenses, and Dinks to purchase or access. 

Similarly, Dinkum players will need to follow specific instructions or steps to find Old Keys in Dinkum. 

In this guide, we will show you what you can do with Old Keys in Dinkum. 

Let’s get right into it!

Obtaining Old Keys

Dinkum players can find Old Keys in barrels located around their island. Some of these barrels are above ground, but most of them are buried. This means that you will need to get your hands on a metal detector to find them faster. 

Metal Detector

To do so, you will have to purchase a metal detector to locate Old Keys underground at the Local Shop. 

However, before you can access the shop, you will have to first befriend the owner, John. 

After becoming friends, he will speak with Fletch about a Shop Deed. Fletch is the first island resident that manages the town’s commercial buildings, house renovations, and licenses. 

Luckily, players can apply for building deeds without having to pay upfront. However, this puts your island or town in debt, so only one deed at a time can be purchased. With this in mind, you should plan to play off the debt before moving forward. 

John's Store

Once your Local Shop is available, you will be able to purchase the Metal Detector from John for 6600 Dinks.

Finding Old Keys in Dinkum

The barrels around the island contain Old Keys. Barrels are usually found buried, but some can also be found above ground. You can open these Barrels by hitting them using a tool like a big hammer or any weapon. 

To increase the chances of finding an Old Key, we recommend applying for an excavation license from Fletch. 

old keys in dinkum

Fletch accepts Permit Points for licenses, so you’ll have to ensure to complete Milestones like picking up seashells, harvesting crops, and other tasks that you can do on the island. The excavation license costs 500 Permit Points, and the shovel for digging is 900 Dinks. 

The metal detector will show you where to dig to find barrels. To use it, select the detector in your inventory and left-click and hold to activate it. The detector will start beeping whenever there is something underground. 

Once you have located a spot to dig, it is time to use the shovel and right-click to the dig spot. You can dig up barrels, electronics, and even vehicle parts. Unfortunately, Old Keys don’t spawn often, so you’ll have to dedicate some time to find them.

Where to Use Old Keys

Old Keys in Dinkum are not used anywhere obvious, and you’ll have to do some exploration to find them. The keys that you find on the island can be used to access Mines. However, you’ll need the following before you can enter Mines: 

  • Deep Mining License – players can get access to the Deep Mining License after applying for the normal Mining License. The total cost for these licenses is 3750 Permit Points. 
  • Mine Deed – after securing a Deep Mining License, the Mine Deed becomes available to Fletch. Like other deeds, you can only purchase it if your town isn’t in debt. 
  • Mine Pass – once the required paperwork is done and the Mine entrance is built, players will need to buy a Mine Pass to operate the elevator into the Mines, which costs 25000 Dinks for single use.

Since getting into Mines costs a lot, players must ensure that they are prepared for any predators that they will encounter inside. Passing out inside the Mine will cause you to drop your valuables. 

old keys in dinkum

Old Keys can be used to unlock Treasure Rooms hidden in the Mines. Sadly, exploring the Mines is not a walk in the park as they are home to many of Dinkum’s predators. 

You can spot a Treasure Room by finding a brick wall that differs from the rock-like exterior of the Mine. It is a perfect circle, so you can simply follow along the wall until a door becomes visible. 

old keys in dinkum

Keep in mind that a minimum of 2 Old Keys are needed to unlock a Treasure Room inside a Mine. 

That ends our guide on what you can do with Old Keys in Dinkum. If you have questions or any other concerns, please voice them out in the comment section, and we’ll be glad to help. 

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