How to Obtain Creature in High On Life

Wondering how you can obtain Creature in High On Life?

High On Life is one of the newest games of 2022 and is one of the most highly anticipated this year. This game was created by Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty. Diving into the game will give you a Rick and Morty vibe, with the aliens and characters you’ll encounter in the world. 

This game is a sci-fi comedy shooter that features weird and interesting weapons called Gatlians. The crazy thing about Gatlians is they can talk. 

Imagine shooting at enemies while your gun is screaming insults at them. 

One of the most unique Gatlians in the game is Creature, which has the ability to shoot children instead of bullets. 

Today, we will show you how you can obtain Creature in High On Life. 

Let’s jump right in!

Obtaining Creature in High On Life

After you’ve defeated Douglas and Krubis, the first two of the G3 bosses, you will have the option to choose new bounties. If you want to get Creature in High On Life, you will have to select the Skrendel Bros Bounty. 

Upon choosing this bounty, you will be given a teleporter back to familiar territory: Zephyr Paradise. 


The Skrendel Bros have taken over since the fall of Kubris, and they are a little stronger than the drill head was. For this feat, you will need to use your jetpack to make your way over to Skrendel Labs. 

As you head to Skrendel Labs, you will have to complete a few puzzles and blast on a few enemies. 

obtain creature in high on life

Once you are inside, you will learn that humans are not just being made into drugs. As it turns out, they are being experimented on. Deeper into the facility, you can hear someone groaning with pain in the Weapons Locker. 

This door will be locked but you should not worry. There’s a way inside. 

Entering the Weapons Locker

Next to the Weapons Locker is a ramp that goes into a cramped room. This room should have a button that can open the locker. You should also check the terminal since there will be some information on a character that can help you unlock some of the Zephyr Paradise forums. 

Go back down the ramp and enter the Weapons Locker. 

obtain creature in high on life

Inside, you should see a few dissected corpses, including the corpses of Gatlians. However, there’s still one that is alive. Freeing this Gatlians will reward you with Creature. 

Overall, Creature is a fun gun to have and will allow you to access new locations and collectibles that you are not able to get before. 

Creature Abilities

Birth Blast

This ability allows Creature to shoot out his children to attack enemies. You can fire multiple alien babies at your opponents to unleash heavy infantile damage upon them. 

obtain creature in high on life

Birth Blast can also be used to access locations that can only be reached through small openings. Aim Creature at the entrance of a pipe and watch as the blasted babies take the necessary actions to unlock the door from the other side. 

If you need a flying bug for traversal and happen to find a nest, aim one of Creature’s babies at the hole of the nest so that it could wreak havoc inside. 

Hypno Baby

Aim a Hypno Baby at your opponent. If successful, you can control your enemy through a psychic link emanating from the Hypno Baby. To further extend your control, fire more alien critters toward a hypnotized enemy. 


Postpartum PsycheboostBoosts psychic connection with Creature’s minion.800 Pesos
SuperovariesAllows to speed up Creature’s birthing process, shortening reload time.1000 Pesos
Womb ChamberCreature can keep more kids alive at once.1200 Pesos

That ends our guide on how to obtain Creature in High On Life. If you have questions, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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