An image of the Obliterator in Valheim.

How to Craft and Use an Obliterator in Valheim

What have you done with the Obliterator in Valheim?

There are countless features, items, and activities to do in Valheim. You can do everything from fighting monsters, mining resources, or building the largest stronghold in history. If you plan on embarking on the latter, you will need the Obliterator at some point. This handy structure makes smelting and construction much easier, especially for groups of players.

The Obliterator allows you to convert any item you want into Coal, which is an important resource. Additionally, you can also offer sacrifices to Thor through the Obliterator. Try this out to see some exciting Lightning strikes within a small radius. This item is also quite easy to build since it only requires three simple crafting materials.

If you would like to unlock the power of Thor while creating Coal, check out our detailed guide on how to craft and use an Obliterator in Valheim.

Obliterator in Valheim

An image of the Obliterator in Valheim.

One of the many buildable structures in the game, the Obliterator in Valheim is the best way to stock up on some Coal to be used for powering other structures like Smelters and Blast Furnaces. Early on, you can create Coal by putting wood pieces in Charcoal Kilns or burning meat in the Cooking Station. However, you will want to build the Obliterator later on as it is much more efficient.

Due to popular demand, Valheim developers began working on a feature to allow players to get rid of unnecessary items. This became an issue as there are countless loot and resources in Valheim that get less and less useful as you progress in the game. Because of this, players would just chuck their garbage all over the map and ruin the scenery. The Obliterator was introduced as Valheim’s version of an incinerator, with some incentives.

To build this structure, you will need 8 pieces of Iron, 4 Copper, and a single Thunder Stone. Of the three, the Thunder Stone is the most difficult one to get. To acquire this resource, you will need to find the trader Haltor and purchase it from him for 50 Coins. Once you have all three, you can build the Obliterator as long as you already have a Forge.

There are different rates at which the Obliterator produces Coal out of your items. Each Boss Trophy will be converted into one piece of Coal. For wood, every five pieces of Wood, Fine Wood, Core Wood, or Ancient Bark can be converted into one Coal. If you have a lot of extra Arrows, you can convert 20 of them into one piece of Coal as well. For other items, the standard is 10 pieces for a single Coal piece.

How to Use the Obliterator in Valheim

The Obliterator in Valheim.

In some ways, the Obliterator can be considered the opposite of the Workbench. While the latter lets you create almost all of the basic items you need in the game, the former lets you get rid of anything. There are times when your inventory gets overcrowded with a bunch of stuff that you do not need anymore. You can declutter by throwing everything useless into the Obliterator in exchange for some valuable Coal.

If you need Coal for smelting, you can just grind out some wood and convert it. You can also pick up items like Stones or even meat from smaller monsters and throw them into the Obliterator.

Having an Obliterator really has no downside. It lets you acquire some much-needed Coal. You can also clean up your immediate surroundings, getting rid of clutter instead of discarding them and waiting for them to despawn eventually. Instead of having to run to the ocean to dump your garbage, you can just throw them into your Obliterator for some value in return.

Crafting With Coal

An image of using coal for smelting.

Coal is a valuable resource for several reasons. First, you can use it to craft some objects for both function and decoration. You can craft a Black Banner, the Cape of Odin, and the Hood of Odin using Coal and some other materials. You can also build a Coal Pile using 50 pieces of Coal. A signpost needs just a single piece of Coal with 2 Wood and you can write up to 50 characters on it.

For building the Hanging Brazier, you will need 2 pieces of Coal along with 5 pieces of Bronze and one Chain. You will then have to fill it with Coal every so often to keep the fire burning. Building a Forge also requires 4 pieces of Coal, along with 4 Stone, 10 Wood, and 6 Copper. Once you have it, many of the items crafted in the Forge may also require Coal.

By making use of your Obliterator, you can even save up on resources that would otherwise be used for crafting chests to put your extra items in. You can also keep your environment clear of clutter, which is perfect when building a beautiful stronghold.

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