Notable Item Nerfs and Buffs in Patch 7.32d in Dota 2

Discover the key item nerfs and buffs to watch out for in the latest Dota 2 patch, 7.32d. Read on for a detailed breakdown of the changes.

Dota 2 patch 7.32d has just been released, and it’s packed full of changes that are sure to shake up the game. 

These updates build upon the previous patch and could significantly impact some different heroes.

We’ll discuss these changes’ details and highlight the most notable items you need to know about. 

So get ready to dive into the item nerfs and buffs in patch 7.32d!

Wraith Pact

wraith pact nerf

The latest patch saw Wraith Pact become the most purchased item, but it received a nerf in patch 7.32d. 

This nerf removes the effect of reducing Pure and Magical damage, significantly impacting the outcome of many games. 

If one team had Wraith Pact and the other did not, it was almost impossible for the team without it to win if the opposing team used the item effectively. 

While this change may be frustrating for some players, it is a positive move by Valve as it allows for more diverse builds and strategies rather than relying on a single overpowered item to secure victories. 

The Wraith Pact change is a good nerf since it will give a new opportunity for offlaners who do not buy the item like beastmaster. It is still decent against physical damage compositions at some point in the game. 

However, most physical damage in the Mid to Late game is typically used under the effect of BKB. 

You should also consider range heroes that are out of the range of active ability. This makes the item very unviable in these scenarios.


bloodstone nerf

Although the Bloodstone’s health and mana bonuses have been decreased by 50, it remains a valuable item for heroes like Leshrac and Razor. 

This is because the Bloodstone’s active ability, which gives spell lifesteal and amplification, can enable these heroes to achieve their power spikes at crucial moments in the game.

It is still valuable for certain heroes due to its unique active effects. Its utility in enabling power spikes and disrupting enemy teams makes it a solid choice for Leshrac and Razor.

Boots of Bearing

boots of bearing buff

The Boots of Bearing is a powerful late-game item that provides various benefits to heroes that rely on mobility and attack speed. 

Additionally, its recipe cost has recently decreased by 50 gold, making it more affordable for players.

One of the primary benefits of Boots of Bearing is its ability to provide an extra inventory slot when combined with the Drums of Endurance and Tranquil Boots. 

This can be particularly useful for heroes that rely on many items to execute their game plans, such as Beastmaster and Visage.

In addition to its extra inventory slot, the Boots of Bearing also replenishes the charges of the Drums of Endurance, making it an excellent choice for heroes that rely on the drums’ attack speed and movement speed boost. 

This can be especially useful for Pet Heroes like Beastmaster, as the temporary attack speed boost provided by the drums can significantly increase the damage output of their summoned units.

Crimson Guard

Item Nerfs and Buffs: Crimson Guard

Next on our list of Item Nerfs and Buffs, Crimson Guard has received a slight buff in the form of an additional +2 bonus armor. 

While the additional bonus armor can be useful in certain situations, it may not be enough to make the Crimson Guard a meta item. 

This is because the item’s primary strength lies in its passive ability, which reduces incoming physical damage and can be particularly useful for tanky heroes. 

Compared to other defensive items, the Crimson Guard may not be broken as items like the Wraith Pact on the last patch. 

While the Crimson Guard’s additional bonus armor may be a good buff, it may not be enough to make it a top-tier item in the current meta.

Guardian Greaves

Item Nerfs and Buffs: Guardian Greaves

Guardian Greaves is a utility item that provides bonus health, mana, and a unique active ability that instantly restores health and mana to the hero using it and all allied heroes in a large radius.

In 7.32d, Guardian Greaves received a buff in the form of a +5% increase to its boosted health regen and a reduction in its recipe cost by 100 gold.

Compared to other utility items, the Guardian Greaves may offer less value than items like the Wraith Pact or Pipe of Insight.

However, while the Guardian Greaves’ recent buffs may make it a slightly more attractive option for utility heroes, it may not be enough to make it a top-tier item in the current meta. 

Its lack of a power spike or timing advantage for any heroes may make it a less appealing choice in certain situations.

Pipe of Insight

Item Nerfs and Buffs: Pipe of insight

In patch 7.32d, the item has received a buff in the form of a +50 increase to its magical damage block.

This buff can make the Pipe of Insight an even more attractive option for utility heroes that rely on its defensive capabilities to survive in team fights. 

The additional magical damage block can be handy for heroes like Broodmother, whose summoned units can be vulnerable to spell nukes.

Its bonus health and mana regeneration make it a solid choice for heroes who rely on their abilities to deal damage and sustain themselves early to mid-game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the strongest item in Dota 2?

Black King Bar (BKB) is a strong item in Dota 2 because it grants the user magic immunity for a short period, making them immune to all enemy spells and abilities. This allows the user to push forward and engage in fights without fear of being disabled by enemy spellcasters.

Additionally, BKB synergizes well with many spells and items, such as Satanic for carry players, as it allows them to fight without fear of being disabled after activating Satanic.

What can Guardian Greaves dispel?

Guardian Greaves can dispel most debuffs in the game, like slows and silence. However, there is the exception of a few spells, such as Doom and Maledict, which are undispellable. This makes the item an effective tool for removing negative effects and maintaining control in battle.

Which is better, Assault Cuirass or Shiva’s Guard?

The two items have distinct differences and certain situations where one is preferable over the other. For a team-oriented lineup, building an Assault Cuirass will provide extra armor and attack speed for your team, especially if you are playing as Beastmaster. 

In contrast, Shivas Guard is ideal for heroes with high durability and a low mana pool as it offers mana sustain. Activating it slows down and reveals enemies, making it easier for you to chase them.

These item changes may not be the biggest or most impactful, but they can still significantly affect certain heroes and playstyles. However, it is important to remember that item nerfs and buffs are just one part of the larger game. Various factors, such as skill, teamwork, and strategies, often determine a player’s success in a match.

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