How to Get a Nightclub in GTA Online

Do you want to get a nightclub in GTA Online?

Nightclubs were introduced in GTA Online during the After Hours update. They are one of the best ways to earn some cash in the game, and many believe that it’s one of the best properties you could buy. 

However, starting a nightclub in GTA Online doesn’t come cheap, and the initial tasks needed for the setup can be off-putting for some players. 

Operating a nightclub is no easy task either. Unlike other businesses in GTA Online, the nightclub has a touch of complexity that features more business aspects than just the standard source and sell missions. 

Due to this, we advise new players to stay away from the nightclub in the meantime and invest their money in bunkers or vehicle warehouses before jumping into larger ventures. 

Now, if you really want to manage a nightclub, the decision is still up to you. 

Today, we’ll show you how to get a nightclub in GTA Online. 

Let’s dive right in!

Starting Cost

To purchase a nightclub in GTA Online, you’ll need at least a million for the most basic property available. Not to mention that your $1,000,000 will only be able to purchase the bare-bones version of the nightclub. 

nightclub in GTA Online

Adding upgrades to your club will increase the price but will definitely change the looks and features of your business. 

Besides the starting cost, other preparations are needed before you can purchase a nightclub.

First, you need to be registered as a VIP, CEO, or MC President to experience the full capacity of your nightclub. To take full advantage of the Club Management missions, you’ll also have to buy prerequisite properties beforehand.

Nightclub Upgrades

If you don’t have the money for the upgrades, you can always go back and do it later. There are a bunch of visual enhancements available for your nightclubs, such as light rigs, nightclub name and sign, dry ice, dancers, costumes, and more. 

However, the most important upgrade is the storage options. Upgrading your nightclub could give you four extra floors for storage facilities and three extra floors for your garage, each holding up to ten cars. 

nightclub in GTA Online

After customizing your nightclub, there are a few essential upgrades that involve making money and managing your club. 

  • Purchasing an equipment upgrade that costs $1,425,000 improves the productivity of your warehouse technicians and doubles the production of crates. 
  • You can also upgrade your staff for $475,000, which reduces the daily popularity loss of your nightclub. 
  • To reduce the risk of your club being attacked, you can upgrade its security for $695,000. This upgrade also adds a gun locker in your office, spawn weapons throughout the office and basement, adds security guards to the basement levels, and cuts the frequency of raid missions in half. 

We suggest prioritizing security and equipment upgrades over visual enhancements if you’re short in cash. 

Nightclub Passive Income

One of the best benefits of a nightclub is that you don’t have to be running the same missions repeatedly to get a quick paycheck. The nightclub brings you passive income as long as it’s running. 

nightclub in GTA Online

The more popular your nightclub is, the more revenue it generates. You can make as much as $10,000 per day (48 minutes) and generate up to $70,000 in the nightclub’s safe. 

You can collect your safe’s content every in-game week, which is around 5.6 hours in real-world time. 

That wraps up our guide on how to get a nightclub in GTA Online. If you have questions, leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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