What is the Night Market in Valorant?

An image of the Valorant Night Market.

Have you bought anything from the Night Market in Valorant?

Gaming has evolved rapidly throughout the years, and companies are creating ways to keep their players interested in their games. If gamers love to upgrade their gaming peripherals and consoles, they want their in-game aesthetics to look great too. For Valorant, weapon skins are all the hype, and the Night Market is your best option to get them at a discount.

You see microtransactions everywhere now. You might see your friend buying the latest skin bundle. Or maybe another is patiently waiting for their favorite skin to come to their store. Players love spending on Valorant skins to separate themselves from the rest.

Weapon Skin Bundles

An image of the Valorant Magepunk weapon skin bundle.

Skins bundles in most games are usually the most expensive when first released and get cheaper during special events. The price of each individual weapon in a bundle will stay the same once the bundle is not featured anymore. You have to get lucky to find your favorite skin in your store because it only has five slots that refresh every day. 

Your weapon skin of choice can also show up in the Night Market. This is Valorant’s unique feature that provides five random weapon skins at a lower price. They can include any of the available skins that are in the regular store’s rotations.

How to Access the Night Market

An image of the Valorant Night Market.

The Night Market is only available for a short period of time. When it is available in the game, you can access it through the Night Market icon at the upper right side of the screen. Click on it to take you to the Night Market, where there will be five blank slots. You need to click on each of them to reveal which discounted skins you will be able to purchase.

It will always be tempting to purchase skins at a discounted price, even if they are not your favorite designs. Admittedly, the Night Market usually offers less than ideal skins, but you can still get very lucky and find gems once in a while.

Riot also ensures that players will receive only one skin per weapon. This is because, in the past, a lot of players complained about getting multiple skins for the same gun. Seeing melee skins in the Night Market is considered lucky because they are the most expensive in the game.

Unfortunately, the Night Market does not refresh every day like the regular store. You’re stuck with what you see in it until the feature disappears. But no worries, because the Night Market returns from time to time, so you can purchase discounted skins at another time. And if you’re still saving up some of your hard-earned bucks for something you’re eyeing in the market, there is a countdown to see how many days you have left before it leaves.

How Do You Know Which Skins are Worth the Discount?

Valorant weapon skin editions.

Valorant categorizes their weapons into edition tiers, which can also help you determine their original price. The five edition tiers and their respective prices are the following: Select (875 VP), Deluxe (1275 VP), Premium (1775 VP), Exclusive (2175 VP), and Ultra (2475 VP). Melees are priced much higher than the weapons, so their regular price is beyond the standard prices of each weapon tier.

If you also want to know if the kind of gun you’re buying is worth the price, you should consider how much you like it and how good you are with the gun. If you prefer the Phantom over the Vandal in the Rifles category, you will value Phantom skins more. Or let’s say for sidearms, the Classic or the Ghost. You should also consider which gun you use the most often, so you can make the most out of it when you purchase a new flashy skin.

How Do I Know When the Night Market Will be Available Again?

A screenshot of the Valorant website Night Market announcement.

Based on how often Riot features the Night Market, it opens for avid shoppers every two months. It might also appear for special events, so follow Valorant’s social media accounts for any updates. Riot’s team usually announces the return of the Night Market before its release, so make sure to check often.

You Might Ask (FAQs)

How much should I spend on the Night Market in Valorant?

Don’t spend more than you normally would for regular-priced skins. Just think of it as being able to save some extra money for the same product. Remember to spend only what you can afford and don’t buy skins just because they’re on sale.

You can save up for your favorite skin and then just wait for it to appear in the Night Market in Valorant.

What weapon skins appear in the Night Market?

Any skin that has ever been released by Valorant will have a chance to appear in the Night Market. Some people believe, however, that less popular skins are more likely to appear. The best skins in the game are said to be rare finds in your Night Market, so you should strongly consider getting them when they show up.

Riot has made changes on the Night Market in Valorant to make sure different types of weapons appear. Gone are the days when you could get five Ghost skins in your Night Market.

What are the best skins to purchase in the Night Market?

It is best to get the earlier skins if you find them in your Night Market. Older skins are harder to find, so you will be one of the few players who actually own them. New skins are more likely to be released on the Store again, so you do not have to worry too much.

You should buy the best skins for your favorite weapon to use. There is no point in having skins for guns that you are never going to use in-game. Remember to get only the ones you will end up using during your matches, so you don’t waste your money.

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