Things You Must Do Once You Enter The Nether in Minecraft

Do you know the Things You Must Do Once You Enter The Nether in Minecraft?

The limitless world of Minecraft holds many secrets that players, including different dimensions. One of these dimensions is the Nether that players can go to and explore. However, this is a dangerous dimension, and you must be careful to survive here. This article tells you about the Things You Must Do Once You Enter The Nether in Minecraft.

The Nether

The Nether

The Nether is a treacherous dimension consisting of massive pools of lava and fire. In addition, there are five biomes in the Nether with different vegetation, mobs, and structures that contain unique loot. Interestingly, this biome represents the concept of hell in Minecraft but contains treasures that attract players to come here and explore.

Nether Wastes are the most common biomes in the Nether, as these were present in the oldest version of Minecraft. Players can distinguish them by the vast oceans of lava and abundance of Netherrack everywhere. They also contain Glowstone, Nether Quartz, and Nether Gold Ore, which players can mine to collect Gold.

Crimson Forests is one of the recent additions to the Nether, along with the biomes listed below. The Crimson Forest brings trees into the Nether in the form of Scarlet trees, which players can break and collect wood. Aside from this, Shroomlights, Weeping Vines, and Crimson Fungi grow here, which you can collect for aesthetics. 

Similarly, the Warped Forest biome is also like the Crimson Forest, but it has a blue scheme rather than red. Also, the only mob present here is the Enderman. Overall, this is the safest biome in the Nether if the player avoids Endermen. Next is the Basalt Deltas, which only contains Basalt blocks, Magma Cubes, and a lot of lava.

The last biome is the Soulsand Valley, one of the creepiest and dangerous biomes in Minecraft. Specifically, the only blocks present here are Soul Sand and Soul Soil, which slow the player’s movement. In addition, Ghasts and Skeletons are present in abundance here, which makes it dangerous to explore these.

How to go to The Nether

Things You Must Do Once You Enter The Nether in Minecraft

The Nether is a savage land where threat lingers at every corner, but it holds some of the best loot in Minecraft. Players have to make a certain structure known as the Nether Portal to get to this loot. This portal grants entrance to the Nether and its riches, but it requires certain items to make it.

The most important item is Obsidian, as it makes the mainframe of the Nether Portal. For this purpose, players need to gather at least ten pieces of Obsidian. They can find this underground where a lava pool meets water. However, only a Diamond Pickaxe can mine Obsidian, so make sure to carry it to mine Obsidian.

After collecting a sufficient amount of Obsidian, start by placing two blocks at the bottom in a straight line. Next, place three Obsidian each at the opposite of the two blocks. Lastly, place two Obsidian at the top, aligning with the bottom two blocks. Afterward, just light the Nether Portal with a Flint and Steel or Fireball.

If this seems like a long process, a Ruined Portal can come in handy. Specifically, the player can break any pieces of Crying Obsidian and replace them with Obsidian while filling any empty places. This way is quicker and requires fewer resources. Whatever way you choose, the Nether Portal will take you to the Nether in four seconds.

After getting into the Nether, you will face new challenges, which require constant vigilance to avoid. Besides this, specific gear is important to survive. Below is the gear you should bring and Things You Must Do Once You Enter The Nether in Minecraft.

What to Bring to The Nether

Things You Must Do Once You Enter The Nether in Minecraft

The Nether is a risky dimension to go without preparation. For this purpose, the player must carry specific items and gear that ensure the player’s survival. For example, carrying the best weapons and armor, along with sufficient food, is important, but there are other aspects. 

Weapons are one of the most important factors for survival. For instance, the player can only survive against mobs, like the Piglin Brute or Ghast, if they have suitable weapons. For this reason, bring along the best weapons available, and make sure to pack a Bow or Crossbow with arrows. Overall, weapons are what help in fighting and escaping the mobs.

Likewise, having good armor also helps in surviving in the Nether. For example, the player cannot tank hits from strong mobs like the Wither Skeleton if they don’t have armor. Similarly, the player should also carry a Shield as it deflects attacks and saves from harm. Overall, weapons and armor are essential to survive in the Nether.

Tools are another important factor to get through the dangerous land of the Nether. A pickaxe is important to mine blocks, clear a path, or break Mob Spawners. Similarly, having a Flint and Steel is also ideal as the fireballs of Ghast can break the Nether Portal. This way, they can be lit back with a Flint and Steel.

Lastly, food and extra blocks are obvious choices to take to this dimension. The journey in the Nether is long and hunger falls quickly when the player sprints or jumps. For this reason, they should carry sufficient food like multiple Steaks or Cooked Porkchops to replenish their health. The extra blocks can help in building bridges to pass lava pools.

Things to do in The Nether 

Things You Must Do Once You Enter The Nether in Minecraft

Getting to the Nether is certainly tedious, and requires patience, but that’s just the start of the adventure. Specifically, there are specific Things You Must Do Once You Enter The Nether in Minecraft to make this journey worthwhile. Firstly, you must gather certain resources that are only present in the Nether.

Blaze Rods are the first item, which you need to find. To do this, find the Nether Fortress that is a gigantic fortress mostly built above lava with Nether Bricks. After finding the Nether Fortress, roam around the structure to find the Blaze Spawner. Next, take down multiple Blaze, so they drop Blaze Rods, which you can collect and use in crafting.

Wither Skeleton Head is another important resource you need to collect, but it’s one of the rarest to find. Players have only one way of finding this, by killing the Wither Skeleton, also present in the Nether Fortress. However, it has a meager chance of dropping, so collecting this requires time and patience.

Nether Warts are items that are crucial for brewing spells. Fortunately, these are also present in the Nether Fortress, so you can explore the Fortress and find them with little luck. Similarly, chests in the Nether Fortress contain Diamonds, Gold and Iron Ingots, Saddles, and much more loot.

Next, the strongest ore item in the game, Netherite, is also present here, so the next aim is to find it. These are present deep underground, so the player needs to dig down and hope they find it as it’s extremely rare. Overall, the Nether is a dangerous place but contains the best loot, so keep an eye out for these resources.

The Nether is full of surprises and good loot, but you need to explore to find these. Hopefully, this article helps you accomplish the Things You Must Do Once You Enter The Nether in Minecraft.

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