How to Access the Nakatomi Plaza Vault in Call of Duty Warzone

Collaborations with other franchises have been an enormous boost to Warzone’s popularity. One such collaboration is with Die Hard and introducing the Nakatomi Plaza as a Point of Interest. This article will guide you on How to Access the Nakatomi Plaza Vault in Call of Duty Warzone.

Nakatomi Plaza is famous among the fandom of the Die Hard movies. It was an important part of the movie, and after the introduction in the game, players immediately went to explore. In addition to this, a vault was present in the building with rare loot inside it.

The building came out with the release of season three. The rumors of the vault spread like fire among the players, and everyone swarmed the building. Eventually, players found the vault but didn’t know how to access it. This article will tell you How to Access the Nakatomi Plaza Vault in Call of Duty Warzone.

The reason for the vault’s security is the high-level weapons available for players. Further, it has Legendary Crates present, so you have more chances of finding a Killstreak and more money. Overall, finding the loot will give you a tremendous boost and more chances of winning the game.

80s Action Heroes Event

Nakatomi Plaza Vault in Call of Duty

The 80s Action Heroes event starts with season three, introducing brand new skins, locations, and weapons. Further, players can visit these locations and relive their favorite moments from these famous movies. Moreover, they can complete challenges to unlock more character and weapon skins.

The cosmetics in this new patch are of your favorite action heroes, like Rambo and John McClane. With these cosmetics come locations close to their movies. In particular, the Nakatomi Plaza and Survival Camps are the major attractions for this event, which have made players excited.

New challenges are also present that need you to explore these new locations. Aside from this, the chief attraction is the vault of Nakatomi Plaza. Overall, this update adds a lot to the game and is perfect for fans of these movies.

Listed below is How to Access the Nakatomi Plaza Vault in Call of Duty Warzone and more secrets of this update.

Nakatomi Plaza

Nakatomi Plaza Vault in Call of Duty

Nakatomi Plaza is a brand new building that replaces the Construction Site and Broadcast Tower near Downtown. Further, this building has ten explorable interior floors and a roof to land on. Besides this, the players can search a huge new exterior. 

The Nakatomi Plaza has many entry points, ranging from ground entrances to directly on the roof. You can enter from the main gates at the base or from stairwells in the garage. In addition, these entrances are best if you want a more stealthy approach.

If going in guns blazing is your style, directly landing on the roof is the best option for you. However, there’s a sure chance you will encounter enemies this way, so beware of that. Besides this, external ascenders will take you directly to the roof. Lastly, you can use internal ziplines to climb several floors simultaneously. 

The game also recreates a two-level underground level that was in the film. This area has a lot of cover because of the barriers and cars present. Further, it has smaller rooms and pathways where you can find additional loot. There are two ways of going above, a stairway and elevator cable.

The building has ten floors, each with floor loot and chests present for players to pick up. Pass all the floors and loot, you will find the real treasure, the locked Nakatomi Plaza vault. This vault is unlockable only by completing the challenges and collecting the keycards.

How to Unlock the Vault of Nakatomi Plaza

Nakatomi Plaza Vault in Call of Duty

There are three challenges that you can complete, which get you a vault unlocking keycard. Further, you just have to complete one contract as only one keycard is necessary for the vault.

  • Deal Gone Wrong: To start this contract, you have to start in the basement of the Nakatomi Plaza. First, find and use the radio in the garage, which will start the challenge. You will face multiple waves of enemy soldiers that increase in difficulty. After defeating them and the boss, you get many rewards, including the keycard.
  • Hostile Fire: For this contract, land on the roof for the best chance. You have to disable multiple C4s that are present throughout. Besides this, an attack helicopter will target you, which makes this challenge harder. After defusing all the C4, you will get many rewards through chests and a keycard for the vault.
  • Unfinished Business: This contract is best for fans of the original Die Hard movie. You will have to search loot chests throughout the Nakatomi Plaza, like the Scavenger Contract in Warzone. Overall, this is the easiest contract, and completing this will give rewards and a keycard.

After you complete one of these challenges, you will receive a keycard necessary for opening the vault. In the end, you can open the vault by going to it and using the keycard. Inside the vault, you will find three safety deposit boxes. Each of these boxes contains a lot of in-game cash, Killstreaks, and a Blueprint. 

Survival Camps

Nakatomi Plaza Vault in Call of Duty

Survival Camps an inspiration from the Rambo universe. These Survival Camps spawn randomly throughout the map, and with luck, you may find the Rambo POW Dog Tags challenge. For this purpose, the first step is to find one of these Survival Camps.

To find the Survival Camps, locate the CIA Outpost. Once you reach the Outpost, you can use the map of Verdansk inside and interact with it to reveal information. This information marks the locations of the Survival Camps on your Tac Map, so it’s easier to find them.

The Survival Camps have a lot of floor loot and random chests around. In addition, these are new locations that are interesting to explore. Furthermore, you have to visit one of these to start the Rambo POW Dog Tags challenge to get more rewards.

When you start the challenge, you get a prompt to search the Survival Camps for three Fallen Soldier Tags. However, you will have to visit different Survival Camps as only one Fallen Soldier Tag spawns in one location. Besides this, there are only ten Tags for all players together, so you have to be quick to collect these.

This is hard because you can only collect one set of Fallen Soldier Tags in a match. Consequently, you have to play at least three matches to complete these, not counting any attempts you fail in. The reward for completing this challenge is an Action-Packed Calling Card and 1000 XP.

CIA Outpost

CIA Outpost

The CIA Outpost is another element inspired by the Rambo franchise. Although it isn’t exciting on its own, you still need it to locate the Survival Camps and complete the challenge. 

You can find the CIA Outpost near the Military Base on the north side of the map. Specifically, you have to find a military bunker on the south side of the runway. This bunker will have twenty-one written outside, and inside will be the CIA Outpost.

Here you can find a vast map of Verdansk on a board that will have an interaction option. After you interact, all positions of the Survival Camps will reveal on your minimap.

The 80s Action Heroes is the highlight of season three because of the secrets relating to fan-favorite franchises. They hid many secrets, but How to Access the Nakatomi Plaza Vault in Call of Duty Warzone was the highlight. Hopefully, this article helps you in exploring and unlocking these mysteries. 

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