The Most Expensive Items in Dota 2

Would you like to know the priciest items in the Dota 2 market?

Items best known as cosmetics or skins are graphics that change how the game can look in its entirety. Skins in Dota 2 are not only limited to heroes, but these items also alter couriers and wards. With this incredible variety of items to buy, it is no surprise that some cosmetics have extreme price tags. These are the Most Expensive Items in Dota 2 that this article covers.

Hundreds of item releases over a long period of around ten years have led to extremely rare items. These items are not only hard to trade but have an impressive price tag to complement their rarity. Cosmetics are not only a player preference but have now become status symbols that every player likes to boast about.

Many argue against spending a large amount of money on these items, which do not enhance gameplay. However, with the sheer popularity of Dota 2 and its loyal fanbase, players rush to pick up these items. Moreover, these items are also traded on marketplaces, making it vital to know The Most Expensive Items in Dota 2.

This article covers the most premium items one can buy on the marketplace that not everyone can afford. It is also worth knowing the Best skins to buy, as customizing your game with skins is integral in Dota. Moreover, this is also not limited to only heroes as couriers, and one’s interface is also customizable.

Though it is impossible to know the priciest item at one time, this article covers some of these extravagant items. As the item’s prices vary hugely over time, the text below does not state them in order of their price. 

Hero Items

The Most Expensive Sets in Dota 2

Dragonclaw Hook

The Most Expensive Sets in Dota 2

Perhaps the most iconic immortal of Dota, this Dragonclaw Hook alters the look of Pudge’s ability with the same name. This hook is almost as old as Dota 2 itself, with a release in July of 2012. With the item dropping down in popularity in recent times, its price fluctuates and is now much lower than before.

Cruising at an average of around three to four hundred US dollars, it is still an extremely expensive cosmetic. However, this is nothing when one compares it to its prime, where it was worth upwards of eight hundred dollars, even though its price is much lesser now, it is still extremely recognizable and exceptionally rare.

Alpine Stalker’s Set

The Most Expensive Sets in Dota 2

Ursa’s Alpine Stalker’s Set is one of the rarest items on the Dota 2 marketplace. This is because this set received huge backlash on its release, and so the developers chose to remove it. The set was only available to buy for one week, making it very limited. This finite supply of sets in circulation has made this item increasingly valuable.

Players who frequently play Ursa dream to one day have this set in their inventories. However, this proves to be difficult because of a price tag of around a thousand US dollars. It has also had an all-time high buy price of sixteen hundred US dollars. However, it is important to note that the four individual items that make up this set are available separately.

Choosing to buy the Lucky Alpine Stalker’s Hat as it is the most recognizable is what one usually chooses. However, this hat ranges around six hundred dollars which makes it a serious investment. Its rarity and uniqueness are what make this set so intimidating and one of the Most Expensive Items in Dota 2.

Imperial Flame Swords Pack

Ember Spirit

Ember Spirit wields these two swords, which exude flame and have the shape of the dragons that they signify. With a rarity of only rare, these weapons are unassuming but have a mind-boggling price of three hundred dollars each. Selling these swords as a pack does increase their value, making them reach highs of seven to eight hundred dollars.

Unlike many other premium items, these swords do not change how any of Ember Spirit’s abilities look. Furthermore, credit for their impressive pricetags is only due to how rare and old they are. In addition, having their release in 2014 to a relatively small player base makes them incredibly hard to come by.

Golden Silent Wake

Drow Ranger

This Golden Silent Wake is a cape that belongs to the mysterious ranger called Drow Ranger. Being an immortal item, it changes her gust ability and makes it look unbelievably cool and unique. Although this item has the same style as its original and crimson counterparts, its animation is where it becomes distinctive.

It had its release in the Golden Carafe 2016 and has since been an item for dedicated players to purchase. The cape’s starting price when it was open to trading was around the two to three hundred US dollar mark. But since then, increased rarity and being unable to easily find it has made its price soar to $500.

Golden Ornithomancer Mantle of the Benefactor

The Most Expensive Sets in Dota 2

Quite a few of Rubick’s sets and items are above hundred dollars. However, this item is his most expensive item. This cape that sits on Rubick’s back is again a gold version of his original Ornithomancer Mantle of the Benefactor. However, the main difference is that the original version is open to trade, unlike its counterpart.

Not being able to trade it is why it is extremely rare, and players cannot circulate it throughout massive marketplaces. This rarity and fascinating and good-looking skin, have made it worth eight hundred dollars. Almost every professional Rubick player has this item, making it even more attractive to ranked players.


The following items are also available for couriers and can be equipped for aesthetic purposes.

Legacy Ethereal Flames Wardog

The Most Expensive Sets in Dota 2

Though one might not expect it, the most expensive skin sold in Dota history is one belonging to a courier. This historic sale dates back to 2013 when a Legacy Ethereal Flames Wardog sold for a sum of $38,000. A record-breaking sale, this record is still valid today as no other item sold has even come close to $38,000.

Being a variation of the rare Wardog courier, the Legacy Ethereal Flames Wardog has an extremely distinguishable enteral flame effect. Players see this effect from anywhere across the map, leading to its one-of-a-kind importance. A feat like this record is hardly one that a player can overcome, but we still look forward to it.

Baby Roshan

The Baby Roshan is as iconic as a courier can be, with every player, knowing just how rare they are. Baby Roshan couriers have multiple variations, all of which have a price that sits above one hundred dollars. These couriers have numerous releases over time, and the entire Dota 2 community looks forward to them.

The Most Expensive Sets in Dota 2

One of the most expensive variations of a Baby Roshan Courier is the Platinum Baby Roshan. This specific courier, like all his other variations, has a unique animation and an incredibly charming aura. With an overwhelming price of seventeen hundred dollars, this courier is definitely one of the priciest items in Dota 2

Apart from this, another one of his extremely pricy variations is the infamous Unusual Golden Baby Roshan. This Roshan is extremely rare and comes up in the steam marketplace only once or twice a year. Not only this, but its rarity coupled with an even more flabbergasting price of nineteen hundred dollars becomes alarming.

Not only in Dota 2 but the entire gaming community praises and adores these items and their impressive price tags. Though on the wishlist of every player, these items are very hard to come by or own. Thus, this article mentions the Most Expensive Items in Dota 2 to notify every player of customization possibilities.

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