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How to Make Money in Medieval Dynasty

What are your favorite ways to make money in Medieval Dynasty?

Making your own successful village is one of the main objectives in Medieval Dynasty. Apart from the storyline, your ability to gather resources, start a family, and recruit new villagers will be crucial as the seasons go by. To get started on your village, you will need to have enough food, water, shelter, and of course, gold.

Making money is something you must learn in Medieval Dynasty early on. If you build a small fortune, everything else will become much easier to achieve. You can purchase as much food as you like, a bunch of weapons, equipment, and even some expensive exotic goods to give as gifts to your spouse.

If you are looking to become a mogul in the game, check out our quick guide on how to make money in Medieval Dynasty.

How to Make Money in Medieval Dynasty

Inequality was one of the major problems of the Middle Ages. The royal and noble classes always had excess wealth, while the poor barely had anything to eat. In Medieval Dynasty, you will start off as a peasant that just escaped war. You have almost nothing to your name, so you must work hard for everything you want.

There are several ways you can earn some gold in the game. We will be covering the most efficient and enjoyable ways to do that. That way, you can make some good money while appreciating Europe during the Middle Ages.

Become a Stone Knife Vendor

An image of making Stone Knives, one of the ways to make money in Medieval Dynasty.

Vendors in Medieval Dynasty will allow you to buy from and sell to them. Granted, their selling price will always be higher than the rate at which they buy items from you. However, there is a great way to earn decent gold from this game mechanic.

The Stone Knife is one of the easiest items to craft in the game. It may be the weakest of the four different Knives in the game, but it still sells for a good price. To craft a Stone Knife, you need to gather 5 Sticks and 2 Stones. There is no need for a recipe, so you can do this right from the beginning.

You can make a Stone Knife manually by hand or by using a Workbench. After you have crafted as many Stone Knives as you can, head over to a vendor. You can sell each Stone Knife for 20, 24, 28, or 32 Coins each, depending on your Barter skill level.

Farming Flax

An image of farming Flax, one of the ways to make money in Medieval Dynasty.

If you are not fond of crafting tools and selling them, you can try being a Flax farmer. You just need to construct your own field to plant some Flax Seeds. Make sure you have enough space because each plant will take up a 1×1 plot. Fields can be up to 16×16 squares big, which means you can farm quite a lot of Flax.

You can only plant Flax during Spring, so you should spend the rest of the year collecting Flax Seeds. After you have planted your crops, you just need to wait until the start of Summer. Each field should yield about 7 or 8 units of Flax, which you can sell to vendors for 5-8 Coins, depending on your skill level. If you prefer to make Flax Stalks with them, you can sell the extra Flax Seeds that come out of that process.

Once you have developed a working village, you can assign some villagers as farmers. They will do all the work and earn you some Coins throughout the year. Farming will get much easier as your village grows, so it will be good to start early.

Raising Livestock

An image of raising livestock.

Now that you have learned how to become a farmer, you should consider raising livestock at the same time. One of the most profitable animals in the game is Pigs. They may cost quite a lot at first, but they can help automate your Flax farming while also producing offspring you can sell.

To start raising Pigs, build a pigsty in your farm or village. You will need to have 100 Farming Tech points to unlock this building. Next, head over to the pigsty Rolnica to buy as many Pigs as you want. One should suffice if you are still struggling financially. It will take about one full year for a Pig to become a fully grown adult. They will live for at least 5 years, which is more than enough time to make up your investment.

Pigs will produce manure, which you can bring to the barn to turn into fertilizer. You have to apply fertilizer on your field before you can plant on it, which is why Pigs are perfect for Flax farming. Just make sure you assign a villager to become an animal keeper to take care of your Pigs and their manure.

Female Pigs have a 15% chance of producing offspring. This chance is multiplied by how many hogs you have in your pigsty. They can produce up to 2 piglets per season, so having more Pigs in the beginning will increase their population very quickly. If you end up with more Pigs than you can handle, you can always sell them for a good amount of cash or slaughter them for lots of Meat and Leather.

Later in the Game

An image of a Simple Bag.

Once you have built a small fortune and developed your own village, you can automate many profitable activities. Your animal keeper should take care of your livestock, farmers will handle all the farming, and you can even assign some villagers to the workshop to craft items to sell.

If you already have the technology to work with Linen, you can start sewing things to craft. These will require a bunch of resources that you should already have. Some of the most profitable items you can manufacture are Simple Bags, Flat Straw Hats, Strawhats, Small Pouches, and Simple Shoes.

You can also start crafting Iron tools once you have unlocked the Smithy. Mine Iron from caves and start making Iron hammers that you can sell for 24 Coins each.

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