How to Play Mirana in Dota 2

Would you like to learn how to play the best Mirana in Dota 2?

The princess of the moon, better known as Mirana, is a versatile hero who assumes any role for her team. Her well-rounded arsenal contains a nuke, a disable, multiple escapes, and team fight and pushing potential. These many positive attributes make it vital for every newcomer to learn How to Play Mirana in Dota 2.

Not only dominant as a roamer and ganker, but her abilities also help her farm, thus enabling her to scale. Her insane team fight and pick-off potential are also renowned, making her among the most picked heroes in professional tournaments. Besides this, she has relatively high mobility when compared to other commonly picked supports.

This exceptional mobility also contrasts with how aggressive Mirana can be with her long-range stun. Furthermore, an above-average attack range and good base attack speed grant her much greater harassing capabilities in the lane. The ability to gain impressive MMR with Mirana is why knowing How to Play Mirana in Dota 2 is important.

Mirana usually fares well in the lane with heroes that help her set up her stun. Heroes like these include Bane, Shadow Demon, and Dragon Knight. In contrast, heroes she works well against, including Crystal Maiden, Sniper, and Grimstroke, as these heroes lack mobility. Additionally, they are also quite easy to gank and burst down.

Mirana’s Abilities


With Starstorm, Mirana brings down the stars to damage any enemy hostiles nearby. In addition to this, the closest unit target to Mirana gets hit by another meteor that has 75% damage. At its max, it deals 875 damage on two hits if the player chooses the appropriate talent. It also has minimal cooldown and mana cost making it very efficient.

Mirana’s long-range disable is Sacred Arrow, and its stun duration varies with the time of its flight before making contact. Consequently, this means that the longer it flies, the longer the stun duration. It stuns for a maximum of five seconds and can kill any non-ancient creep it hits instantly.

Leap allows Mirana to jump forward in the direction she is facing and travels 575 units in doing so. This ability functions as a great escape mechanism with three charges and a charge replenish time of thirty seconds. Adding on to its attributes, it gives Mirana an attack speed and movement speed bonus as soon as she lands.

Her ultimate ability and, most often, the reason to pick her is Moonlight Shadow. With this ability, Mirana covers her entire team in shadow, making them both invisible and granting bonus movement speed. An eighteen-second duration allows her team to make ganks and catch the enemy when they least expect it.

How to Utilize her Abilities

How to Play Mirana in Dota 2

In the early game, Mirana suffers from her low base damage, and because of this, she fails to secure the last hits. To combat this, a core Mirana spams her Starstorm to farm. As for supports, they can effectively trade with enemy heroes. Starstorm’s damage increases as the game progress, so using it in team fights is ideal.

Mirana’s signature spell, Sacred Arrow, is often famed as being extremely hard to hit successfully. Thus, it is essential to use the Fog of War and the varying terrain to give oneself an advantage. Hiding in trees for the right opportunity is a perfect idea. Another use of this ability is to farm neutrals to make up for lost gold and XP.

A quick escape like Leap is incredibly useful in both making plays and escaping from fights. Firstly, using Leap to reposition oneself into a better spot for hitting arrows is a good use of the spell. Furthermore, running away from disadvantageous engagements is beneficial. In contrast, she can use the bonus attack speed to harass targets.

As soon as she turns level six, Mirana should abuse her ultimate ability; Moonlight Shadow. This ability comes in the clutch to save allies under attack from enemies and set up ganks yourself. After every big item, timing, or advantage, Mirana should use her ability to make sure she can extend her lead and move on to take objectives.

Item Build

How to Play Mirana in Dota 2

When the game is starting out, Mirana’s initial items depend hugely on whatever role she’s playing. As a core, she should focus hugely on items that boost her stats and attack damage. This will help her secure last hits and ensure she doesn’t choke in the lane. Supports should focus on buying healing for their cores.

As the early game comes to be, making a bottle and fetching runes as both supports and cores is useful. Playing as a support in this patch, going Boots of Speed is great to make sure she can go aggressive. In addition to this, a Magic Wand helps in sustaining against harassment. Ideally, she should have enough farm to work on her Eul’s Sceptre of Divinity.

In the mid-game, one of the most important items for functioning as Mirana is completing her Eul’s Sceptre of Divinity. Mirana can launch people up into the air, leap back, and shoot her Sacred Arrow in time with this item. This combination, in turn, helps her continuously hit stuns to make space and set up kills.

Though there are few expectations for a support to farm into late-game, Mirana can still keep up her farm. With this farm, many situational items are available that depend on the game. However, some popular items are Spirit Vessel to damage enemies and Rod of Atos to provide some further lockdown.

Besides these items, Mirana also has a lot of synergy with many more items. These items include Aeon Disk to make up for her low HP and Scythe of Vyse to initiate chain lockdown. With enough farm, one can also look forward to Aghanim’s Sceptre, which intensely amplifies her magic damage output.

Laning Stage and Gameplay

How to Play Mirana in Dota 2

During the laning stage, Mirana’s ideal goal is to be a nuisance for the enemy cores. Doing this allows her own core to hit freely last and maintain the creep equilibrium. She becomes a nuisance by abusing her long attack range and low cooldown Starstorm. Securing their ranged creep with Starstorm helps keep the lane in one’s favor.

As the lane moves on and Mirana reaches level 3, she should focus heavily on rotating to other lanes. One of the most critical aspects of rotating is helping your midlaner secure the power and bounty runes. At minute five, moving to any lane to push the tower with siege creeps often overwhelms the enemy.

Securing this tower while making sure to hit arrows and secure kills give the player’s team the advantage. The optimal move is using Moonlight Shadow to gank other lanes and invade the enemy jungle. Coupling with your midlaner and offlaner to constantly pin and prod enemy heroes gives your carry space and pressures enemies.

As the late game comes around, the game becomes much more complicated. This time period is best for using smokes and Moonlight Shadow to guarantee pickoffs and claim Roshan. While doing this, a support’s main focus should be on putting aggressive wards to ensure successful fights for one’s team.

Mirana is an incredibly well-rounded hero with the potential to get kills and overpower enemies with better farming capabilities. She acts as a constant pain for the enemy, who can try all they want to escape. Her qualities make her an amazing support, which is why this article covers How to Play Mirana in Dota 2.

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