Player Spotlight: Miracle – Winner of TI 7 in Dota 2

Do you want to know about Miracle, one of the best Midlaners ever?

Insane highlights, exceptional mechanics, and incredibly high knowledge of the game have made Miracle a very popular player. With millions of die-hard fans across the globe, he is a sensation who is responsible for many iconic in-game moments. Thus, knowing more about Miracle TI 7 Winner in Dota 2 may benefit players. 

Personal History

Miracle TI 7 Winner in Dota 2

Amer “Miracle” Al-Barkawi is the offspring of a Polish mother and a Jordanian father. Due to this, he holds nationalities of both Poland and Jordan. His birthday takes place on the 20th of June in 1997, making him 24 years old as of now. Moreover, Miracle speaks Arabic proficiently and spent his childhood in Jordan. 

With a love of football as a child, his brothers played a huge part in introducing him to Dota. According to him, his brothers were avid players in a local net cafe, in which he played his first games. Even now, he is still in love with the game that makes him famous, successful, and adored all over.



Playing in these net cafes and vowing to become the best led to Miracle becoming a high-ranked player early on. This promise to be at the top is how he eventually conquers the ranking leaderboards and becomes a pub star. Without a team, he was restless and waited for an offer to join the pro-scene as quickly as he could.

At the beginning of 2015, Miracle was successful in joining his first team, Balkan Bears. This team is a part of the renowned EU region, though today, it is relatively inactive in its performances. However, this good news did not last long as Miracle soon left the team as a result of minimal performance.


Miracle TI 7 Winner in Dota 2

Excellently utilizing his time, Miracle started becoming even more prominent, reaching the #1 rank in a short while. This opportunity was interesting for N0tail who then invited Miracle into his new team called (monkey) business. This team was one of the teams formed after the TI 5 team shuffled to compete in the new majors.

(Monkey) business, known as OG, was formed after receiving sponsorships for the roster at the end of 2015. As a new organization, OG became one of the few teams to qualify for Dota 2’s first-ever major. A  sequence of feats made this roster proud winners.

Fresh from winning a Dota 2 major, Miracle, and his signature, Shadow Fiend, was now in the public eye. His contrasting personality of being shy outside the game and a menacing carry in-game made many casual players his fans. Miracle made quick work of many pros, making him as recognizable a carry as any other.

After a dominating performance at the Frankfurt Major, his performances continued to be as impressive as day one. In only a short while, Miracle, also with the help of OG, won the Dreamleague 5 and ESL Frankfurt 2016. All this was only a stepping stone for him, as these achievements were not even near his peak.

Up next was the Manila Major, in which legends of his Shadow Fiend made many teams ban the hero. However, this was no problem for Miracle, who used to Invoker to demolish teams and win the major. After these wins with OG, they reached a low point by getting eliminated from a substantial upset in TI 6.

Team Liquid

Miracle TI 7 Winner in Dota 2

Following a disappointing performance from OG in TI 6, Miracle left the team as a hopeful free agent. This decision proved quite fruitful as Team Liquid recruited him right after FATA suddenly left the team. His presence and the team’s journey started off quite slow as they failed to qualify for the Boston Major.

Their slow start would start to disappear as a friend of Miracle, GH, joined the team. This roster shined from the beginning by also conquering Dreamleague Season 6 with dominating wins against reputable teams. This tournament and the next few months led Miracle to countless victories and an aura that all teams feared.

Between the TI 7 and Dreamleague Season 6, Miracle continued to be a daunting enemy to face. His Anti-Mage and Ember Spirit also helped pave the way for more trophies, including Starseries Season 3 and EPICENTRE. Moreover, he also won more prestigious tournaments such as StarLadder i-League Invitational #2 and the Dreamleague Season 7.

At the peak of his form, Miracle seemed unstoppable and had one more goal, Dota 2’s biggest tournament; The International. This dream then came true due to stellar performances and an awesome lower bracket run. Embarrassing Newbee by sweeping them 3:0 in the grand final proved effortless for Miracle with his endless hero pool. Becoming famously known as Miracle the TI 7 Winner in Dota 2.

However, this was not the end of his achievements with Liquid, as he put even more successful finishes under his belt. His achievements further include a win at the China Supermajor and top-four finishes at Dreamleague Season 8, TI8, and TI9. Attributing these stellar wins to consistent high-level performances is something no player would disagree with.


Miracle TI 7 Winner in Dota 2

Due to some inconveniences and disagreements, Team Liquid co-founded a new organization named Nigma. This roster promised even better results than what they could deliver previously, a promise that they are still chasing. Miracle, like his other teammates, also holds a stake in the company behind Nigma.

Though not as great as Team Liquid, Nigma has still won tournaments. Their tournament wins include WePlay! Bukovel Minor and WePlay Dota 2 Mad Moon. Apart from this, Nigma became Nigma Galaxy after securing a sponsorship.

Although Nigma has not succeeded in making a mark at any major tournaments, Miracle is still a shining star. His mesmerizing performances with his legendary Invoker are a sight to behold and leave any viewers wanting more. Moreover, consistency is also one of his strong suits, as he delivers performance after performance in most series he plays.

Other Trivia and Statistics

Miracle TI 7 Winner in Dota 2

Miracle is an incredible player who shines in many other categories apart from achieving the impossible in tournaments. One category covers ranked matchmaking, in which Miracle became the first player ever to reach the 9K MMR mark. He achieved this in 2016 while he was still a part of OG’s successful roster.

Besides this, reaching 9K MMR also led him to win Esports Industry Awards: Esports Rookie of the Year in 2016. Similarly, he won the Esports Industry Awards 2017: Esports PC Player of the Year due to his amazing performances. Additionally, his game sense and terrifying presence in-game made him win MVP of multiple majors.

His aggressive playstyle showcases itself because he had the highest average kills in multiple tournaments. This statistic was particularly highlighted in The International 2016 (9.89), The International 2018 (10.80), and Dreamleague 13 Major.

Being this popular makes him idolized not only in the Dota 2 community but also in the whole esports community. This is because he has interviews with renowned media sources like RedBull Gaming. His flashy playstyle is something many players want to learn, and thus people have made hundreds of videos about him.

Amer “Miracle” Al-Barkawi is not only an inspirational human being but an exceptional player with unmatchable style. His game sense and playstyle are still among the best players in the game, and his commitment never falters. These factors and an incredible team spirit make reading this Player Spotlight on Miracle TI 7 Winner in Dota 2 a necessity.

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