How to Efficiently Mine for Netherite in Minecraft

Do you want to efficiently mine for Ancient Debris to create your own Netherite gear?

Diamond gear was the best in the game for the longest time. The 1.16 Nether update changed this by adding many changes in the Nether dimension, including introducing the Ancient Debris block. Players can turn this into Netherite, which is now the strongest ingot in Minecraft. This article tells how to efficiently mine for Netherite in Minecraft.

Ancient Debris

How to Efficiently Mine for Netherite in Minecraft

Ancient Debris is a unique ore that is one of the hardest to find in Minecraft. It only exists in the depths of the Nether. Players can mine this block and smelt to collect Netherite Scraps. Next, they can turn these Netherite Scraps into a Netherite Ingot by combining them with Gold Ingots. 

This brownish-red block has a very high blast resistance which means that the player cannot explode this ore. Interestingly, this factor helps in locating these with explosives. This is only one way how to efficiently mine for Netherite in Minecraft. Besides this, the item form of this block can float in lava and doesn’t burn in any kind of fire source.

Ancient Debris spawns in the form of blobs that have one to four blocks of Ancient Debris. Only two blobs spawn per chunk in Minecraft between Y-level eight to Y-level twenty-two. Another blob with zero to two Ancient Debris spawns between Y-level eight to Y-level hundred and nineteen. Overall, most Ancient Debris spawn on Y-level fifteen.

A Diamond or Netherite Pickaxe is the only tool players can use to mine Ancient Debris. If they use any other tool such as an Iron Pickaxe, there will be no block drop on breakage. After this, the player can now start the process of turning this block into the Netherite Ingot. 

Ancient Debris to Netherite Ingot

Ancient Debris

Players need certain resources to convert Ancient Debris ores into Netherite Ingots. First, the player needs a Furnace or Blast Furnace to smelt this ore into a Netherite Scrap. This Scrap is the resource that converts into the Netherite Ingot. However, the player needs at least four Netherite Scraps and four Gold Ingots to craft one Netherite Ingot. 

This means that players have to find and mine at least four blocks of Ancient Debris to get one Netherite Ingot. For this reason, Netherite is the rarest Ingot and the strongest in Minecraft. After collecting a sufficient amount of Ancient Debris, start smelting and create Netherite Ingots by combing them with Gold Ingots.

Open the Crafting Table and place three Netherite Scraps on the bottom row of the Grid. Next, place one Scrap on the right side of the middle and two Gold Ingots beside in the same row. Lastly, place two more Gold Ingots on the top row, one on the right side and one middle. This will give the player a Netherite Ingot. 

Netherite Ingots work differently than other Ingots. Specifically, the player cannot directly craft Netherite tools by just using the same recipes with Netherite Ingots. Instead, they have to craft a Smithing Table to create Netherite Gear. For this purpose, just place four logs in a square shape with two Iron Ingots on top of the Crafting Table. 

Players can use the Smithing Table to convert Diamond gear into Netherite gear by combining a tool and Netherite Ingot. For example, the player can place a Diamond Axe in the left box while the Netherite Ingot is in the right box. This will produce a Netherite Axe, which players can now equip. Likewise, this is the same process for all Netherite Tools.

Best Ways to Mine for Netherite in Minecraft

How to Efficiently Mine for Netherite in Minecraft

Ancient Debris is an extremely rare ore, so players have to use specific techniques to have the best chances of collecting these. They have to use different blocks and tools to find and mine these ores. For this reason, below are the best tactics on how to efficiently mine for Netherite in Minecraft.

Using Beds to Locate Ancient Debris

How to Efficiently Mine for Netherite in Minecraft

Beds have the simple purpose of allowing players to sleep and avoiding the night and hostile mobs that spawn with them. However, Beds work differently when the player tries to use them in the Nether. If the player places and tries to sleep on a Bed in the Nether, it explodes. This destroys an area while causing damage to everyone.

Players can use this technique to blow up an area at Y-level fifteen to have the best chance of finding Ancient Debris. However, this way is extremely dangerous for the player for multiple reasons. Firstly, the Bed instantly explodes when the player tries to sleep, which causes massive damage to the player.

The Bed may also expose some Lava sources, which start to spread and can trap the player. However, this is still an effective method of locating Ancient Debris if the player uses it carefully. For example, the player can build a wall or place some blocks or stand at an angle from the Bed. This will reduce the damage the Bed gives to the player.

The player can also wear armor which drastically reduces the damage he takes from explosives. Blast Protection on the armor is a bonus for this situation. Overall, this method is best for players with a lot of Wool and Planks and no way of making TNT.

Using TNT to Locate Ancient Debris

How to Efficiently Mine for Netherite in Minecraft

TNT is the most effective way of locating Ancient Debris as it’s fast, accessible, and players can do it safely. In addition, TNT is relatively easy to make once the player has a stable source of Gunpowder. Fortunately, players can make a Creeper farm to collect Gunpowder and make loads of TNT with it quickly.

To use the TNT, the player can use any source of Redstone like Redstone Torches, Redstone Blocks, or Levers. However, the best item is a Flint and Steel to light up the TNT. Just hold the Flint and Steel and right-click on a TNT to activate it. While collecting resources is a necessary part of this process, setting up is important too. 

The most efficient way of placing TNT is first to dig down to Y-level fifteen in the Nether. After reaching this layer, start mining in a straight line to double the TNT amount in the inventory. For instance, if there are twelve TNT, mine at least twenty-four blocks, excluding the escaping tunnel. 

Mine the sufficient amount of blocks and then light the first TNT in the line. After this, run away to avoid taking any damage or getting trapped in Lava. This will create a huge explosion that can easily kill any entity to ensure a safe distance. After the explosion clears out, go into the area and observe the terrain. 

The Nether has a lot of Lava, so it will definitely start flowing down. For this reason, make sure there are extra blocks in the inventory to avoid this problem. Aside from this, the Ancient Debris is a dark block that becomes hard to spot. Hence, turning up the game’s brightness or carrying torches can help in this case.

Players started approaching the game differently after Netherite was introduced in the game. For example, they wanted a full Netherite armor and toolset before fighting the Ender Dragon. Hopefully, this guide on how to efficiently mine for Netherite in Minecraft helps you find Ancient Debris easily.

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