How to Mine in Dinkum

Want to know how you can mine in Dinkum?

Dinkum is a cozy little life simulator that will let you experience living in the outbacks of Australia. With this game, you’ll get to enjoy a bit of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Stardew Valley.

Whether you want to complete milestones, make friends, chill in the bush, or go spelunking, Dinkum has you covered. 

The primary goal of Dinkum is to survive on the island and build a thriving town with the limited resources you can get. Establishing a town will require all kinds of resources and as you progress, metal becomes increasingly more important. 

Due to this, you’ll need to acquire a mining license to keep up with the requirement to upgrade your buildings. 

In this guide, we will show you how to mine in Dinkum. 

Let’s dive right in!

How to Mine in Dinkum

Learning how to mine in Dinkum will be one of your first quests on the island. In fact, you’ll learn how to extract valuable metals before you can learn to do pretty much anything. However, you’ll need a few things first before you can mine. 

mine in dinkum

First, you’ll need to get your hands on a Mining License. You can obtain this from Fletch, which unlocks the option to purchase mining tools like a pickaxe. 

Pickaxes in Dinkum are used to hit rocks to extract materials and they cost a pretty penny at John’s Store. You can also craft better pickaxes as you progress but all of them are only temporary. 

These pickaxes will eventually break after enough usage. 

Mining License Cost and Equipment Upgrades

Players only need a level one license to start mining. However, if you want to make the most out of this activity, you’ll need to upgrade your license to unlock better equipment. 

  • Level 1 – 250 Points
  • Level 2 – 1000 Points
  • Level 3 – 3000 Points

Pickaxes in Dinkum are locked behind Licenses. Each license level will unlock a new Pickaxe, however the most basic of Pickaxes can be purchased. 

  • Level 1 (Basic Pickaxe)- 1200 Dinks
  • Level 2 (Copper) – 1 Basic Pickaxe 2 Copper Bars
  • Level 3 (Iron) – 1 Copper Pickaxe 2 Iron Bars

Finding Ores in Dinkum

After securing a mining license and a pickaxe, you’ll have to find some rocks to smack as well. Basic brown rocks can be hit for stone, but the reason you are here is to grab valuable minerals such as metal. 

Ores in Dinkum

There are three types of Ore in Dinkum, and they are Cooper, Iron, and Tin. 

Tin Ores

Tin Ores can be found just about anywhere on the island. It is also the most common ore in Dinkum. While they are the most abundant ore, they are also one of the most valuable since they are used to craft many materials. 

You can also turn Tin Ores in to Tin Bars with the use of a Crude Furnace. 

Copper Ore

Like Tin Ore, Copper Ore is also fairly common. You can find them in any biome but spawns more in desert biomes. Copper Ore is a more advanced resource and is used in more advanced recipes. 

They are also vital for constructing better mining equipment. Similar to Tin, Copper Ore can be turned into Copper Bars using a Crude Furnace. 

Iron Ore

Unlike the first two, Iron Ores in Dinkum can only be found inside Mines. Iron is the rarest of all ores and is required for the most advanced recipes like the construction of valuable Iron Pickaxes. 

Unfortunately, your Crude Furnace is not enough for Iron Ores. Instead, you will need to invest in a Furnace. However, they are quite expensive, coming in at 30,000 Dinks from John’s store. 

You’ll also want a few of these set up so you can have multiple bars cooking at once. 

Deep Mining

Deep Mining is not an early-game activity in Dinkum. This process requires a substantial and regular investment in terms of resources and Dinks. First, you will need a deep mining license that costs 3,500 Permit Points. 

mine in dinkum

Once this is unlocked, you can now construct a Mine, which is not cheap as well. To construct this building, you will need the following: 

  • 250,000 Dinks
  • x10 Bags of Cement
  • x10 Old Gears
  • x1 Old Contraption
  • x2 Old Keys
  • x5 Tin Bars
  • x5 Copper Bars

Besides the process of securing these items, some of them also cost a lot of Dinks. After that, you’ll also need to secure a Mining pass that will set you back another 25,000 Dinks. These passes can only be used once. 


The last mining system in Dinkum is the Quarry. These buggers are a pain to access since they are not locked behind any type of license. Instead, quarries are locked behind Data Disks, which can be obtained later down the road. 

mine in dinkum

Quarries essentially provide a passive supply of Ore and that is just about it. You set them up, leave them be, and when you come back, you will have a stash of ore waiting. 

Here’s what you need to build a quarry: 

  • 70,000 Dinks
  • x5 Old Gears
  • x1 Old Contraption
  • x3 Old Springs
  • x1 Button Board
  • x1 Old Toy

Quarries in Dinkum are also an excellent source of ores once you’ve set up a few of them. However, they are quite expensive and some players prefer mining manually than building passive quarries.

That ends our in-depth guide on how to mine in Dinkum. If you have other concerns, drop a comment below, and we’ll be glad to extend a hand. 

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