How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

Minecraft instantly became famous after its release because of its unique mechanics and innovative gameplay. Especially, the boundless creativity and freedom for players it has is the main reason for its popularity. Therefore, this article will tell you How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft that will help you in traveling.

There are many ways to travel through the vast land of Minecraft, one through horses. You can tame horses and ride them to travel faster across biomes. However, you must have a Saddle to ride them. While there are many things you can craft, Saddles are not one of them.

Saddles are not craftable, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways of obtaining them. For example, you can find them in Dungeons, the Nether Fortress, and some other means. Listed below is everything about How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft.


How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

Saddles are items that give you the ability to mount specific mobs, which you can control and move around. For instance, you can ride a horse by taming and equipping it with a Saddle. Similarly, there are multiple mobs you can ride using a Saddle.

The Saddle is available in every version of Minecraft, but there are different ways of obtaining it. Moreover, they are one of the hardest items to find in the game, but some tactics can increase your chances. Below are all the ways you can find and use Saddles in Minecraft.

Where to Find Saddles

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

You can find Saddles in some specific locations, but there isn’t any guarantee of them spawning there. Likewise, you can yourself spawn Saddles through different means or trade them with particular Villagers. Overall, there are multiple ways How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft.

Creative Mode and Commands

Creative Mode

The easiest and most convenient way for you is to get a Saddle through Creative mode. To do this, first, enter the game in Creative mode or change game mode while in-game through commands. However, you need to enable cheats to change the game mode while playing survival.

To enable cheats, you need to start a Single-player world and Create a New World. Afterward, go to Options and Toggle the Allow Cheats option, which will switch from Off to On. Next, when you enter your world, open the chatbox and input “/gamemode creative”. This command works in both editions of Minecraft, Java, and Bedrock.

When you enter the Creative mode, you will see different menus depending on the version. Namely, Java edition Saddle under the Transportation tab, while Bedrock players will find it under the Equipment tab. Likewise, you can use this mode to spawn different mobs to try your new Saddle on.

Another way you can get a Saddle in Minecraft is through commands. Open your chat and type “/give playername saddle 1”, which will give you a Saddle. You can also give yourself other unique items through commands which are hard to find. You will need to enable cheats for this command to work.

Both ways are comparatively easy when looking for a Saddle. You just need to enable cheats when starting a new world for these to work. In contrast, if you prefer challenges and think these ways are effortless, below are the suitable options.

Survival Mode

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

Survival Mode is the standard mode in Minecraft where you have to do everything yourself. Specifically, you have to gather and craft everything on your own, which is the reason for Minecraft’s popularity. In particular, the creativity that comes with this Sandbox game is the reason for its fame.

You start with nothing but your imagination and wits on a never-ending map. Also, you have to gather everything with your hands before making tools that make things easier. But first, the primary goal is to make a Crafting Table that allows you to make everything else. 

For the Crafting Table, locate trees and gather Logs by punching the blocks until they break. After breaking the Logs, you need to make them into Wooden Planks by placing the Logs into your Crafting Grid. Next, you place the Wooden Planks as two-by-two squares in the Grid to make the Crafting Table.

To use the Crafting Table, bring it into your Hotbar and place it on the ground. Afterward, right-click on it to access the Crafting Grid to craft everything. In short, this is what you have to do in Survival Mode, just gather resources and build accordingly.

The key question is How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft after making the Crafting Table. Alas, there isn’t any way to craft the Saddle in Survival Mode, but you can get it through different means. Listed below are all the ways you can obtain a Saddle in Survival Mode. 

Saddle through Chests

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

You can get Saddles by finding them in different Chests at various locations, like the Nether or Mineshafts. In addition, every location has a different percentage of having a Saddle, so it will take time to find them. Overall, it takes time and patience, along with resources, for you to get a Saddle through these options.

Dungeons are a substantial source of loot, which includes finding a Saddle there. You can even find diamonds and Enchanted Golden Apples in these Chests. Overall, these hidden underground Dungeons are great for finding Saddles.

You can find Dungeons deep underground, and the best way is to find them through caves. However, you should be careful, as there are Mob Spawners in the middle. In short, gear up before going on the hunt for a Dungeon.

Another significant source of Saddles is the Nether Fortresses. The Nether Portal consists of Obsidian blocks and Flint and Steel to light it up. After gathering and making the Nether Portal, enter it to find a Nether Fortress.

The Nether Fortress is an enormous structure made of Nether Bricks that is Dark Red and distinguishable from the rest. Furthermore, this enormous structure houses a lot of mobs, including Blaze and Wither Skeletons. After finding the Fortress, look for chests containing excellent loot, including Saddles.

Other structures with chests with a chance of Saddle spawning are Desert Temples, Abandoned Mineshafts, End City, and more. All of these have Chests that have some chance of containing a Saddle but are hard to find. Overall, finding chests is a time-consuming task, but you can find other good loot along with Saddles.

Fishing and Trading

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

This is a passive approach to finding Saddles, and if you prefer to stay safe, then these are for you. Besides this, these are time-consuming and require patience, this will guarantee a Saddle if you go through with these. In sum, if you like more peaceful gameplay, go with these ways.

Leatherworker Villagers trade Saddles, but you need to level them up to get the trade. To do this, just keep trading with them until they offer you the Saddle. If you don’t find a Leatherworker Villager, you can make one by placing a Cauldron near a jobless Villager. 

You can also fish for Saddles, and for that, you need to craft a Fishing Rod. For this, you need three Sticks and two String, which together make a Fishing Rod. After crafting the Rod, simply find a pool of water and right-click to throw the hook in. Soon, there will be a trail of bubbles rushing to your hook, which will tug on it. Simply pull the hook.

Overall, there are many ways to get a Saddle in Minecraft. Hopefully, this guide on How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft helps your journey through Minecraft.

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