How to Make Dew Collector in Grounded

Wondering how you can make a dew collector in Grounded?

Grounded players who are just starting their journey through the Backyard will eventually find themselves overwhelmed by all the massive insects that live in the yard. We can’t deny that it is intimidating to see giant spiders, ants, and flying insects towering overhead. 

Due to this, many players focus on arming their characters to the teeth to ensure that they can fight all the dangers lurking around. 

However, insects are not the only thing players should worry about in Grounded. 

Unfortunately, fans will also have to think about drinking and eating since letting the hunger meter deplete will outright kill their characters. To make things even harder, players will take a big hit on their hunger and health if they decide to drink dirty water. 

To combat this, fans are forced to either find fresh water from dew drops on grass or create a source of water to keep themselves hydrated. 

For this guide, we have decided to show you how to make a Dew Collector in Grounded. 

Let’s dive right in!

Dew Collector Overview

The Dew Collector in Grounded can be built to help produce water. Every 5-10 minutes, a water droplet will show up on the webbing that covers the Dew Collector. Players can either drink or scoop the dew with a Canteen. 

Every Dew Collector in the game can hold up to 4 water droplets before it is full. 

By combining the Dew Collector with a Water Container, players can produce large amounts of fresh water to keep themselves hydrated and fill their canteens. 

Water Collectors can hold up to six drops of water, and fans can transfer the water from a Dew Collector into the container using a Canteen as well. 

If you manage to build enough devices, you should not have any issues finding drinkable water in Grounded. 

Making The Dew Collector in Grounded

Making the Dew Collector in Grounded is not too difficult, but it requires players to get their hands on some materials that are not easy to find in the early game. Due to this, fans need to focus on creating a Canteen and ensure that they are in a location with dew drops nearby. 

This way, players can stay hydrated while farming the necessary components to make the Dew Collector. 

make dew collector in grounded

The first thing you should focus on making is a Spinning Wheel. This is needed to make the silk that is a necessary component of a Dew Collector. To secure the recipe for the Spinning Wheel, you need to find either a Web Fiber or Acorn Top and take it to any analyzer. 

Acorn Tops can be collected at the base of the Oak Tree, and you will need at least a Pebblet Hammer to break the acorns. 

make dew collector in grounded

Once you have the recipe, you can start building the Spinning Wheel. 

Spinning Wheel Recipe

  • 4 x Red Ant Part
  • 4 x Clay
  • 4 x Crude Rope
  • 3 x Sap
  • 2 x Acorn Top

After making the Spinning Wheel, fans also need some Web Fibers to produce Silk Ropes using the wheel. 

Web Fibers in Grounded can be obtained by punching spider webs or defeating Spiderlings. After that, you will need to analyze the Web Fiber to unlock the recipe, which you can then build using the Spinning Wheel. 

make dew collector in grounded

Once you have a Silk Rope, you should take it to an analyzer to unlock the Dew Collector Recipe. 

Fans who wish to make the Dew Collecter in the game will need eight Pebblets, six Weed Stems, five Crude Ropes, and five Silk Ropes. 

That sums up our guide on how to make a Dew Collector in Grounded. If you have questions or any other concerns, please let us know in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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