Lycan Offlane Guide In 7.32d In Dota 2

Want to know how to play Lycan effectively? Check out this Lycan Offlane Guide In 7.32d in Dota 2!

Lycan is considered one of the best Unit/Pet heroes in Dota 2. He can easily carry his team with his ability to summon and control powerful wolves. Playing Unit/Pet heroes in Dota 2 can be tricky, as they require a good laning phase to reach their full potential. 

This article will explore Lycan’s strengths and weaknesses and provide a comprehensive guide on how to play him effectively in the Offlane. 

We will also discuss Lycan’s power spikes and timings and provide tips on maximizing his potential throughout the game. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into this Lycan Offlane Guide In 7.32d In Dota 2!

Drafting Phase

Lycan Loading screen

The drafting phase in Dota 2 is a critical part of the game that can often determine the match’s outcome. It involves selecting heroes that complement your team’s playstyle while countering the enemy’s strategy. 

Counter-picking is important to the drafting phase, as it can give your team a significant advantage over the opponent. When playing Lycan in the Offlane position, it’s crucial to consider the enemy team’s composition during the drafting phase. 

Lycan is a solid counter for supports without mobility or AoE spells, such as Bane, Ancient Apparition, and Crystal Maiden. 

These heroes are vulnerable to Lycan’s wolf summons, which can quickly overwhelm them and prevent them from effectively supporting their team. 

It’s also important to remember that in the drafting phase, you should already know the matchup and how you will lane with the enemy carry. This will help you prepare for any potential challenges and ensure you are ready to handle the enemy’s aggression.

Early Game

Lycan Offlane Guide In 7.32d In Dota 2: early game

Surviving the laning stage is essential for any hero in Dota 2, and Lycan is no exception. This section will discuss how to effectively play Lycan in the early game, from the first few minutes of the match to the end of the laning phase.

Starting Items

Starting Items

Your chosen starting items can significantly impact your success in the laning stage. As a Lycan player in the Offlane, your main objective is to rush the Helm of Dominator as early as possible. 

To do so, you should prioritize saving up for an early Helm of Iron Will, which provides armor and HP regen to help sustain you in the lane. In addition to the Helm of Iron Will, a few other items can be helpful during the laning stage. 

You can purchase a Quelling Blade to secure the last hits, crucial for accumulating gold and experience. Another item to consider is a Sage’s Mask, which provides ample mana regeneration to spam Summon Wolves and helps with the last hitting.

Helm of Iron Will

Primarily, your focus for the first few minutes of the game should be to acquire the Helm of Iron Will. This will provide you with the necessary sustain and survivability to remain in the lane and continue farming.

Laning Phase

Lycan Last Hitting

During the laning phase, your primary objective as Lycan is to reach level 6 and acquire your Helm of Dominator as quickly as possible. To achieve this, you should focus on the last hitting and denies while avoiding unnecessary engagements that may put you at risk.

You can use your Summon Wolves ability to help you out farm the enemy carry and secure last hits. Additionally, the wolves can block the enemy’s small camp by placing them on top of the camp before the respawn timer, which occurs every minute.

Lycan Blocking Small Camps

This will disable the enemy from pulling, which is good for you since the creep wave will not be near the tower.

Once you acquire your Helm of Dominator, you become significantly stronger and can start to fight or take objectives. With the additional damage and attack speed the item provides, you can quickly push lanes and take down towers. 

Furthermore, you can dominate neutral creeps with the Helm of Dominator, providing you with an additional unit to help push or easily kill support heroes.

Mid Game Objectives

Lycan Pushing Towers

As Lycan in the mid-game, your main objective is to create space for your carry to farm and scale into the late game by using your Shapeshift ultimate to chase down enemy carries or supports under their tower. 

This will force TP reactions from the enemy team, giving your carry the opportunity to farm safely. You should also scout dangerous areas of the map to gain information about the enemy’s movements while taking advantage of opportunities to push towers. 

After your early game items, rush the Helm of the Overlord to control Ancient Creeps and get additional units to help push lanes, engage in team fights, or scout the map.

Depending on the situation, consider getting a Black King Bar (BKB) for magic damage or stuns, or an Assault Cuirass for additional armor. Finally, don’t forget to kill Roshan and take the Aegis to further strengthen your team’s advantage.

Late Game

Lycan Killing Roshan

You should remember a few things in the late game to be an effective Lycan Offlaner. Firstly, your focus should be on split pushing, regardless of whether you’re ahead or behind. 

This will give you more information about where the enemies are and create pressure on the enemy team. 

Additionally, grabbing an Aghanim’s Shard will allow you to summon an uncontrolled Wolf on every creep wave, which will help push the lanes without risking your life. It’s also important to remember that your Howl Spell has a global effect during the nighttime. 

This means you can use it to help your team in fights, even if you’re not there. As for late-game items, situational items like Nullifier, Bloodthorn, and Abyssal Blade can be game-changing and catch the enemy team off guard. 

Lastly, there are two main objectives you should focus on in the late game: high-ground push and Roshan. Always keep these in mind, as they are the winning conditions for your team.

Top Item Progression

Item Builds for Lycan

It’s important to note that while the item build can vary depending on the situation, some commonly used item progressions for Lycan have proven to be effective. 

Starting with Helm of Dominator and upgrading it to Helm of the Overlord is a popular first step, followed by getting an Assault Cuirass or Black King Bar, depending on your team’s needs.

Late Game Items for Lycan

Getting Boots of Travel next can provide easier split pushing and jungle farming opportunities. After that, Nullifier is a common choice, followed by either Scythe of Vyse or Abyssal Blade. 

These item progressions have been seen in winning games and are often used by experienced Lycan players.

Skill Build

Lycan Skill Build

Your skill build should prioritize Summon Wolves and Feral Impulse. This straightforward build will maximize your damage output and give you the sustain you need to survive in fights. 

Make sure to get Shapeshift whenever possible, as this ultimate ability is your most important spell. With Summon Wolves, you’ll have your main weapon for dealing damage. As the wolves gain the Shapeshift buff, their damage output will increase significantly. 

Moreover, higher levels of Summon Wolves also grant invisibility, which can be useful for scouting and providing vision for your team.

That would be the end of this post about Lycan. With the right approach and item builds, you can create space for your carry, split push effectively, and dominate team fights. Hopefully, you’ve learned valuable tips and insights from this Lycan Offlane Guide In 7.32d In Dota 2.

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