How to Find Lush and Dripstone Caves in Minecraft

Do you know how to find lush and dripstone caves in Minecraft?

Minecraft adds new biomes, points of interest, mobs, and more with every update that captures the player’s attention. However, one thing Minecraft was always lacking was interesting cave systems and underground vegetation. This update changes things, and with this in mind, this article will tell how to find Lush and Dripstone caves in Minecraft.

Caves and Cliffs Update

Lush and Dripstone Caves in Minecraft

Players have been hyping Caves and Cliffs update since its announcement because of all the rumors surrounding its release. For example, there were rumors of new biomes, mobs, plant life, blocks, and even music discs. In addition, the hype was also because it is a two-part update, and both parts are going to introduce something different.

The first part of the Caves and Cliffs update is known as version 1.17 of Minecraft. This update introduced new blocks, such as the Amethyst blocks, and players can craft new items. For instance, the Spyglass or Tinted Glass. In addition, this update included new trees like the Azalea tree and mobs like Axolotls and Glow Squid.

The second part of the Caves and Cliffs update was version 1.18, which further added new items and places in the game. For instance, while the first part primarily focused on the update’s cave aspect, this part focused on cliffs. In particular, new biomes like the Grove, Meadow, Snowy Slopes, and others were added alongside many new items.

This update also came with other mobs like the Goat, which only spawns in the mountain biomes like Stony Peaks. Goats are unique neutral mobs that don’t pose an immediate threat but can suddenly tackle the player. This tackle pushes the player far, which can be dangerous considering this only spawn in mountainous regions.

This update is living up to the hype because it’s changing how Minecraft players approach the game. One of the most interesting aspects of these updates is the new Lush and Dripstone caves. While these caves are interesting to explore, they’re hard to find. Fortunately, below is how to find Lush and Dripstone caves in Minecraft.

Lush Cave

Lush and Dripstone Caves in Minecraft

Lush Caves are the recent addition to Minecraft, which came in the 1.17 Java Edition and 1.17.0 Bedrock Edition. This biome is amazing for exploration because it introduces many new blocks, mobs, and items of this update. However, the most interesting factor of this biome is the underground plant life which was missing from Minecraft for a long time.

The vegetation aspect is a great addition for all players because it solves Minecraft’s oldest problem. In particular, the need for wood and food is a major problem when mining for long periods, but this biome solves it. For example, players can now grow their own trees and crops without needing to clear out an area and place water.

It also introduces different new blocks such as the Spore Blossoms, Moss blocks, and more that cover the walls of this biome. Interestingly, that is one way of distinguishing this biome from other caves because no other cave has plant life. Aside from this, the new Glow Berries also grow here, which the player can pick up as a food source. 

Glow Berries, as the name, suggests giving out light which can help the player scout the area if they’re out of Torches. Besides this, the new Axolotl mob also spawns in this biome. These are new, non-hostile mobs that can walk on land and swim underwater. In addition, they only spawn in a light level of zero pitch-black darkness.

The new Dripleaf also spawns in these caves which are basically new plants in Minecraft. While they don’t have a practical use, players can use them as a temporary platform or collect them for aesthetics. Like normal Squids, Glow Squids also spawn in these caves, except they glow.

Dripstone Caves


The Dripstone Caves are another addition in the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update that is packed with new blocks and mechanics. This new cave system gives players a chance to explore the deep underground in a new eerie and vast place. In addition, players can find the new pillars and clusters of Dripstone blocks and Pointed Dripstone all around. 

Dripstone blocks are the primary blocks that make up this new cave as they allow Pointed Dripstone to grow beneath them. Players can mine these blocks only with a Pickaxe and using any other tool will drop nothing. In addition, players can also use TNT to blow up these blocks which also drops the blocks. They also spawn in other cave types but rarely.

The main distinguishing factor of the Dripstone Caves is the Pointed Dripstone that spread out and covers the cave. There are two types of Pointed Driptone in Minecraft, the first being Stalactites that point downwards while the second is Stalagmites. Both of these work differently and have different uses which make these blocks unique. 

The Stalactites or the Dripstone that grow n below the Dripstone blocks are unique blocks that have multiple uses. For example, they can unlimitedly fill Cauldrons by dripping water and lava into them. In order to do this, there must be a water or lava source above the Dripstone block. Besides this, these can fall as projectiles on entities that can hurt them.

The Stalagmites or the Pointed Dripstone that grow on top of the Dripstone blocks are special blocks. Specifically, they are unique because any entity, including the player, will get hurt if they land on these blocks. This damage is basically the fall distance the entity is going to take and multiplying that by two which can be lethal. 

How to Find These Caves

Lush and Dripstone Caves in Minecraft

The new caves are great for exploration, but the main question is how to find Lush and Dripstone caves in Minecraft. There are specific tips to find these caves and if the player follows them properly, they can easily find the caves. Below are the ways to find the Dripstone and Lush Caves in Minecraft.

Tips to Find these Caves

Lush and Dripstone Caves in Minecraft

The first thing to find the Lush Cave is finding the new Azalea trees. These are new additions in Minecraft that look similar to the Oak trees but are distinguishable from the Azalea flowers on their leaves. While this method takes some time, the player is sure to find a Lush Cave through this. They simply have to dig below the Azalea tree to find it.

Players can also look for Lush Caves through their different blocks. While other caves are dark and usually covered by Stone or similar blocks, Lush Caves have Moss blocks. With this in mind, players can simply scout underground till they find signs of plant life. Also, the light from Glow Berries is a good indicator of a Lush Cave nearby.

The next type of cave is Dripstone and to find these is a little tricky. Firstly, there aren’t any specific indicators as to where these caves are. However, there is a simple trick the player can do and that is turning on subtitles in Minecraft. This will help players locate the voices of Drowned Zombies that mostly spawn in Dripstone Caves.

Whatever way the player chooses, the key aspect of finding these caves is patience and willingness to explore along with Pickaxes. Hopefully, this article on how to find Lush and Dripstone caves in Minecraft helps you locate these new caves.

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