How to Locate the Warden in Minecraft 

Do you know how to locate the Warden in Minecraft?

Minecraft constantly adds new challenges and obstacles in the form of new mobs, locations, and structures for players to overcome. However, Minecraft boss is a category that lacks updates, and players are always on the look for new bosses. Fortunately, Minecraft added the Warden, and this article tells how to locate the Warden in Minecraft.

The Warden

How to Locate the Warden in Minecraft 

The Warden is a hostile mini-mob in Minecraft that attacks any player nearby. Interestingly, the Warden can attack at close quarters as well as long-range. However, the Warden is blind and detects the player or any other entity by sound and smell. This makes Warden the only mob in the game that detects entities with this mechanism.

The Warden comes out with the Wild Update of Minecraft. This will be the 1.9 version of the Java Edition and the 1.19.0 version of the Bedrock Edition. While these versions are yet to release, players can look at the Warden in-game by enabling the experimental settings. Specifically, this setting is only available in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.

Physically, the Warden is almost twice as large as the player, which makes it really intimidating to face. In addition, the mob has no eyes and only features a large mouth with a frowning expression. Besides this, some horns stick out of its head on the sides. Overall, the Warden is a bluish-green color mob which makes it eerie and alien-looking.

The Warden is a new mob, and so is the spawning location of this mob. In particular, the Warden spawns in the Deep Dark biome, which is also new caves. This biome has many new blocks, the Warden and also the Warden’s Cabins, where players can find unique resources. 

The Warden is an interesting mob that can devastate the player if it tracks them. For this reason, players should be careful when around this mob and know how to locate the Warden in Minecraft. This will help them be safe as they know where this mob spawns. Below is how the Warden spawns in Minecraft and why this mechanism is unique.

How to Locate the Warden


The Warden is a unique mob for various reasons. One of these reasons is the spawning mechanic, which it uses as no other boss mob spawns like this. Specifically, there are certain conditions under which the Warden spawns. Interestingly, even if one condition is missing, the Warden will not spawn, so players have to be careful about this fact.

Players can spawn the Warden if they interact with the Sculk Shrieker four times, another new block in Minecraft. This is a natural generation, and players have to locate the Deep Dark to find this block. While interacting with this block, players have to make sure there isn’t another Warden within a forty-eight-block radius of this block.

The player also should make sure that the light level around the area is less than eleven. If all these conditions are met, the Warden will spawn when the player activates the Sculk Shrieker four times. In particular, the Warden emerges from beneath the ground, and this animation goes on for about seven seconds. Afterward, the Warden is active.

The Sculk Shrieker, like the Warden, is interesting because the player can activate different ones, and each spawns a Warden. However, the player should make sure that there is no Warden nearby. Aside from this, players have to dig deep to find to locate the Deep Dark biome. These biomes spawn under Y level zero or at the Deepslate level.

Players can distinguish the Deep Dark biome by the dark blue blocks with light blue spots all over them. In this biome, they can locate the Sculk Shrieker blocks, which are easily distinguishable because of their different Endstone-like appearance. Also, they have a watery blue animation between the block.

The Warden’s Behaviour

How to Locate the Warden in Minecraft 

The Warden behaves differently from the rest of the mobs in Minecraft as it reacts to the sound or smell of players. This means that the player has to be incredibly quiet and always crouching, so they don’t make any unnecessary sounds. In addition, players’ vision will also deteriorate if a Warden is nearby, so they have to be careful about where to go.

The player can prevent a Warden from finding them by carrying throwables such as Snowballs or Eggs. For instance, if a Warden is near the player, they can simply throw these away from themselves to distract the Warden. The player should remain completely still until the Warden decides to wander off in a different direction.

The Warden has one of the highest health in the game, that being five hundred health points or two-fifty hearts. This means that the player will have a hard time killing the Warden if it detects them. In addition, the Warden has the highest damage from a non-explosive attack. Consequently, the player will very likely die if he is detected. 

A Warden will not attack immediately attack the player if he makes a noise. There is a certain threshold that the players have to pass. For example, continuously making a sound, being close to the Warden, or alerting a Shrieker. Doing these things persistently will irritate the Warden, and after some time, it will start chasing the player.

The player cannot outrun the Warden if it’s chasing at full speed and the best bet is to have many building blocks. This way, the player can start building upwards and stop the Warden from physically attacking the player. However, it also has a ranged attack, so the player should be careful of that.

How to Defeat a Warden

How to Locate the Warden in Minecraft 

Now that the player knows how to locate the Warden in Minecraft, it’s time to defeat and get the loot. For this reason, the player needs to be careful of a couple of things and plan accordingly. Certain tips will help players kill the Warden more easily. Listed below is everything the player will need to defeat the Warden easily and collect loot.

The Warden has a large health pool which means the player needs good weapons to have a fighting chance against this beast. Specifically, any weapon or piece of gear below Diamonds is risking losing the battle against a Warden. While some players can defeat this mob with Iron gear, it’s best to gear up and leave nothing up to chance fully.

The attack damage depends on what game setting the player is playing currently. For instance, the Warden deals eight hearts on one hit in the Easy difficulty. Similarly, it deals fifteen hearts per hit on Normal difficulty and almost twenty-three hearts on Hard difficulty. Players are basically one-shot on Normal and Hard difficulties.

A Warden, not surprisingly, can kill a player with full Netherite armor in one hit in the Hard difficulty. This shows that this mob is not a joke and will easily take down the player without giving it a second thought. Unfortunately for the player, its attack also disables Shields, so players have to be careful about this fact as well.

The Warden is a mini-boss but is no less than any other boss in the game. It can wreak havoc if the player messes with it and can take down anyone in one swoop. Hopefully, this guide on locating the Warden in Minecraft helps you find this mob.

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