How to Locate Crashed Satellite in Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone introduces new weapons and points of interest with every latest update. Further, it brings new mechanics and challenges to entice players into playing the game. In season four, they introduced Uplink Stations and Crashed Satellites throughout the map. This guide will tell you How to Locate Crashed Satellite in Call of Duty Warzone.

The new map comes with more locations and challenges that players can complete for rewards. In addition to this, these challenges are accessible to everyone and not just battle pass owners. Overall, introducing such mechanics makes the game more enjoyable for players.

The Uplink Stations and Crashed Satellites are such attractions that give huge rewards when you complete their challenges. In particular, performing tasks such as interacting with the uplink will bring in another satellite with more loot. In conclusion, finding these will boost your chances of victory.

A Crashed Satellite will give you rewards like a Loadout Drop Marker or Advanced UAV that lasts for longer. In addition, the Uplink Stations are in proximity with the Crashed Satellite, so keep an eye out for them. 

Overall, finding these sites is a hard task, and you should know what to look for to discover them. This article will tell you How to Locate Crashed Satellite in Call of Duty Warzone.

The Ground Fall event

How to Locate Crashed Satellite in Call of Duty Warzone

The release of season four also introduced the Ground Fall event. Furthermore, this event had two elements known as Uplink Stations and Crashed Satellites. Both of these elements alone are exciting enough, but they also have new challenges. 

The Ground Fall event has three challenges related to the new locations in the update.

Challenges of the Ground Fall event:

  • Firewall Security: You have to eliminate ten enemies near an active Uplink Station or Crashed Satellite. This will reward you with the  ‘To the Moon’ Calling Card.
  • Uplink Secure: You have to secure five Uplink Stations in total, and you will receive a Satellite Charm as a reward.
  • Crash Site Recovery: You have to collect three rewards from different Crashed Satellites and a Launch Time Emblem is your reward.

These are the challenges for the Ground Fall event, and all have an important connection with the new sites. To complete these, you will have first to find the Crashed Satellites.

Crashed Satellites

How to Locate Crashed Satellite in Call of Duty Warzone

Crashed Satellites are the new points of interest that you can find in various locations throughout the Warzone map. Besides this, the locations for them are not concrete and you will not always find them in the same positions. However, there are still ways you can use to locate them.

There are two types of Crashed Satellites in the game. The first one spawns randomly at the start of the game, which you can see falling from the sky. Besides this, the second type is where you crash it yourself in the game through an Uplink Station. Both grant you amazing loot and are good ways to boost your loadout.

The Crashed Satellites don’t appear on your Tac Map, so it isn’t helpful to pinpoint their location on the map. Nevertheless, the Crashed Satellites are still somewhat visible on the map physically, so you can use that to find them. In conclusion, you have to keep your eyes peeled to find one of these sites.

Where to Find Crashed Satellites

How to Locate Crashed Satellite in Call of Duty Warzone

There are four places where you can find these Crashed Satellites.

  • Gora Bridge: The Gora Bridge is between Promenade East and Downtown. To find this, head to the central-south part of the map. You will see the Satellite crashed into the Gora Bridge. Consequently, some debris is on the bridge while the rest has fallen below it.
  • Krovnik Farmland: The satellite is at the eastern edge of the Farmland. You can find an enormous crater that has destroyed a huge part of the Farmland there. Here you will find the Crashed Satellite, which is the reason for the giant crater on the farmland.
  • Bloc 16: You will have to head to Bloc 16, and then towards the Airport Control Tower. There, the Crashed Satellite is easily visible, and you can head on there to collect your loot.
  • Bloc 18: First, head to Block 18, which is on the northeast part of the map. This location is between the Lumber Yard, Salt Mine, and the Array. However, this is the hardest Crashed Satellite to locate as there are no popular landmarks close to it.

These places have the most chances of finding a Crashed Satellite, but there is no guarantee they will spawn. However, it’s worth it for the loot, and necessary for the challenges.

Uplink Stations

Uplink Stations are another point of interest with the season four update. These locations are hard to find, as they are small, but we usually find them near Crashed Satellites. Overall, to complete your challenge and get more loot, you need to find these Uplink Stations.

When you’ve found an Uplink Station, you can secure it. To do this, accept the prompt when a secure sign pops up on your screen. The securing process will start after this and you will have to stay in the area. After the process finishes, you will see a message saying Satellite Crash Imminent. 

This message will cause a Satellite to crash, which you can find near the Uplink Station or your map. Now you can claim your reward from the Crashed Satellite and work towards completing your challenge. 

The biggest problem is enemies. Ensure no enemies are nearby when you are securing the Uplink Station. If you don’t clear the area first, the enemies can flank you and kill you while trying to secure it. Hence, the first step is to ensure the area is clear of any enemies.

Overall, the best way to find them is to locate a Crashed Satellite first because the Stations are mostly nearby them.

How to Locate Crashed Satellite in Call of Duty Warzone

Uplink Stations are near the Crashed Satellites, but you still have work to find them. You have to be careful and extremely vigilant when finding these Uplink Stations. They are like the Recon Stations you can find from the Recon Contracts. 

These Uplink Stations are small and easy to miss. Additionally, they don’t even show up on your maps, and you have to discover them manually by searching. The first step is to head to any Crashed Satellite locations listed above. From there, you can begin your search for the Uplink Stations.

A way of knowing if a Station is nearby is the Secure prompt that comes on your screen. Other than that, if you see multiple enemies fighting at or heading to a similar location, a Station may be nearby. Overall, these are compact, hard-to-find sites that need time to find. 

Last, after you find and secure the Station, you can spot the Crashing Satellite on your map. 

Overall, both new sites are interesting and fairly hard to find, but the in-game rewards are worth it. Besides, you need to find these to complete your challenges. Hopefully, this article helps you with How to Locate Crashed Satellite in the Call of Duty Warzone.

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