How to Make a Lightning Rod in Minecraft

Do you want to know how to make a Lightning Rod in Minecraft to save your structures?

Minecraft introduces new items, blocks, and gear with every new update that helps the player in their Minecraft journey. Some of these actively help the player, while some items passively protect the player. One of these items is the Lightning Rod which protects structures from lightning. This article tells how to make a Lightning Rod in Minecraft.

Lightning Rod

How to Make a Lightning Rod in Minecraft

The Lightning Rod is an item that diverts any natural lightning strikes during thunderstorms or from an enchanted Trident. These items are smaller but act as blocks and take up a one-block space. Besides this, players can change the directing of the Lightning Rod and position it differently according to the requirement of the situation.

Lightning Rods work by blocking off and redirecting the lightning strikes in a spherical area around them. Specifically, this area is one twenty-eight blocks for the Java Edition, while sixty-four blocks for the Bedrock Edition. However, they do not redirect the lightning, which spawns with a Trident with the Channeling enchantment.

A Lightning Rod is a small brown-colored rod that emits small particles in thunderstorms that act as an indicator. Furthermore, a lightning strike hits the Lightning Rod creates a Redstone signal that lasts for eight-game ticks. Interestingly, this also works when players hit it with a Trident with the Channeling enchantment.

Players can create interesting Redstone structures with the Lightning Rod, but that depends on the player’s creativity. Aside from this, a Lightning Rod itself doesn’t need any connections and works the moment the player places it. While a Lightning Rod is protective in nature, the lightning strike it diverts can still set things on fire.

The Lightning Rod starts a fire on flammable blocks like Logs, Leaves, Planks, etc. Furthermore, it damages mobs in a five-by-five horizontal area around the Lightning Rod. Overall, the Lightning Rod is a handy tool that players can use in various ways. Below is how to make a Lightning Rod in Minecraft to get its benefits. 

How to Craft a Lighting Rod


The advantages of a Lightning Rod are clear, but the main thing is how to make a Lightning Rod in Minecraft. Fortunately, this guide clears everything on what the player needs to craft this. The player requires only one resource, which is the Copper Ingot, and below is how to collect it.

How to Find and Get Copper Ingots

How to Make a Lightning Rod in Minecraft

Copper is a relatively new ore that came out in the Caves and Cliffs update in Minecraft. Players can find this new ore and use it to create new items that also came out with this update. Fortunately, Copper is easy to find and requires some patience and time. To collect Copper, first, the player needs to start mining.

Copper Ore spawns in veins or blobs underground, which means the player can find multiple together. Players need a Stone Pickaxe or higher to mine this ore as a Wooden Pickaxe will not drop anything once it breaks. For this reason, make sure that there is a good quality Pickaxe in the inventory when going out to mine Copper.

Copper Ore spawns from Y-level zero to Y-level ninety-six, and the highest chances of it spawning are in the middle. For this reason, it’s better if the player starts mining at around Y-Level sixty or just below sea level. While Copper Ore also spawns deep underground as Deepslate Copper Ore, it’s much harder and takes more time to mine.

The player can easily find many Copper Ore veins once he starts mining at the right level. After mining a sufficient amount of Copper Ore, head back to the base to smelt it. As this Copper drops in the form of Raw Copper, the player has to use a Furnace or Blast Furnace. Simply place the Raw Copper in any of the Furnace and start smelting.

This will give Copper Ingots which the player can use to craft different things. For example, the player can craft a Spyglass allows the player to zoom and look at distances clearly. Besides this, he can also make a Copper block which makes a smooth Copper block mainly for aesthetic purposes. He can also make a Lightning Rod.

How to Craft and Use a Lightning Rod

How to Make a Lightning Rod in Minecraft

Collecting resources is the main part of crafting a Lightning Rod, as the recipe is simple. The player must put three Copper Ingots in a vertical line on the Crafting Table. This crafts the Lightning Rod in Minecraft, and the player can start using it according to their needs. There are many ways the player can use a Lightning Rod.

The main job of the Lightning Rod is to protect structures against lightning strikes during thunderstorms simply. However, it also stops mobs from becoming stronger versions of themselves. For example, a Creeper turns into a Charged Creeper if lightning strikes near it. Similarly, a Villager turns into a Witch if it’s struck by lightning. 

Players can also use it to remove oxidation from Copper blocks by simply placing it on top of a Copper block. When a lightning strike hits the Lightning Rod on top of the block, it will remove the oxidation. Besides this, players can create Redstone circuits with the Lightning Rod as it emits a signal when lightning hits it.

Mob farms are one of the best ways of getting resources, and players can make one with a Lightning Rod. To do this, the player can trap a Villager in a small space with a Lightning Rod in the middle. This will attract mobs to it, which will get hit by the lightning from the Lightning Rod. This may be inefficient, but it’s fun to play around with.

How to Wax a Copper Block

How to Make a Lightning Rod in Minecraft

Copper is an interesting ore because while it doesn’t have many uses, it has one property that no other block has. Specifically, this is changing colors due to oxidation. Similar to real life, a Copper block in Minecraft can start oxidizing and change colors, going from brown to green. This takes place in phases, and the block goes through four states. 

The first stage is a shiny brown Copper block. However, after some time, this changes, and there are small hints of green in the brown block. Next, it further changes color, and now there are hints of brown in a green block. The last stage is a full green Copper block. Fortunately, players can prevent and even reverse this process with two methods.

Players can preserve the current color of the Copper block by applying a Honeycomb on it, which is called waxing in Minecraft. This is the process of collecting a Honeycomb and using it on Copper to stop it from changing colors. However, this process will not reset the color, and the block will stay at the same color after waxing.

The player can reset the color of the Copper block by using an ax to scrape it. Basically, this reverts the oxidation level by one stage, and so the player can keep reverting until it’s back to normal. Lastly, a lightning strike will also fully revert the oxidation of the Copper block, but this method is unreliable. 

Minecraft constantly adds new stuff with updates and makes it fun for players to play the game. One of these items is the Lightning Rod which solves a big problem while opening up new possibilities for players. Hopefully, this article on how to make a Lightning Rod in Minecraft helps you craft it and get the benefits from this item.

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