An image of the Legendary Bucks in Red Dead Online.

Where to Find Legendary Snow and Mud Runner in Red Dead Online

Have you encountered the legendary Snow and Mud Runner in Red Dead Online?

Two of the most beautiful legendary animals come from the hoofed species. Depending on your preference, you may consider either of the legendary bucks as your favorite legendary herbivore. They are not aggressive creatures, so it will be easier to track and hunt them both.

The legendary bucks are very large and skittish animals. Their sheer size and easily recognizable features make them very noticeable in their environment. They are fairly easy to kill because they are such large targets, so tracking them is the only real task. Even then, the legendary bucks are not the hardest animals to find either.

If you want to cross them off your Animal Field Guide, check out our detailed guide on where to find the Legendary Snow and Mud Runner Bucks in Red Dead Online.

Naturalist Role in Red Dead Online

An image of Harriet in Red Dead Online.

One of the three new specialist roles introduced in the Frontier Pursuits update, the Naturalist role focuses on tracking and studying animals in the Wild West. To begin this career path, seek out Harriet Davenport in the Welcome Center at Strawberry town. Once you talk to her, you can opt to pay 25 Gold Bars for the Animal Field Guide. This will unlock the Naturalist role for you.

There are two personalities who are associated with the Naturalist specialist role. Harriet Davenport is a conservationist who will ask you to study wild animals and complete her Field Guide database. Gus Macmillan, on the other hand, is a famous hunter who will ask you to bring him the pelts of legendary animals in exchange for crafting them into special clothing and equipment.

You should be aware that the Naturalist and Trader specialist roles are conflicting in nature. Traders require you to hunt and sell animal pelts and carcasses for money. If you do this, Harriet will be very disappointed and may even refuse to let you go on missions or access her store for a while. This means you will have to focus on these career paths one at a time.

The Animal Field Guide is your most important item for the Naturalist role. This contains all the information you will need, much like the compendium from Red Dead Redemption 2. There is a list of the habitats, with every species of animals that typically live in them. As you study and take samples of more animals, the Animal Field Guide gets updated.

Legendary Snow Buck

An image of the Legendary Snow Buck in Red Dead Online.

The Legendary Snow Buck is one of the most beautiful creatures in Red Dead Online. Its bright white coat of fur is unmistakable even in the snow. While beautiful, you should be careful in approaching it as the Legendary Snow Buck is easily startled and will immediately run away.

This creature lives around the Aurora Basin, in the Tall Trees region of West Elizabeth. They are also sometimes around the drinking hole and Manzanita Outpost. You can access this area at any point in the game so you should have no problem tracking the Legendary Snow Buck.

If you manage to track and hunt down this legendary animal, you can bring the pelt to Gus MacMillan. He will then craft it into the Snow Hood and Coat which he will sell to you for $329.70.

Where to Find Legendary Snow Buck

An image of the Snow Coat.

Head to east of the Aurora Basin. You will only find the Legendary Snow Buck in the morning around 5am to 10am. This animal also appears during dry weather, so do not bother when it’s raining.

After the Legendary Snow Buck spawns, make sure to use your rifles or repeaters from a good distance. Do not approach too closely as the buck will immediately bolt once it sees you. You cannot damage its pelt so use your highest damage long range weapons to kill it. If you are not confident in getting a quick kill, use Dead Eye to paint it with a lot of shots in succession.

Legendary Mud Runner Buck

An image of the Legendary Mud Runner Buck in Red Dead Online.

The Legendary Mud Runner is another legendary buck, similar to the Legendary Snow Buck. It has a piebald pattern coat, which is how you can differentiate it from common bucks. Just like the Legendary Snow Buck, this legendary animal is also very skittish. You can track it easily, but avoid approaching too closely as it will run away.

The Mud Runner is usually spotted around Flatneck Station or the outskirts and border of Lemoyne. The two main landmarks when looking for it is Flat Iron Lake in The Heartlands.

Where to Find Legendary Mud Runner Buck

An image of the Mud Runner Coat.

Look can only find the Legendary Mud Runner Buck at 9am or 9pm, granted that the weather is clear and dry. Head over to Flat Iron Lake and start roaming around looking for it. Once you locate the buck, equip your best rifle or repeater and stay at a safe distance from it.

Make sure you hit all your shots before the Legendary Mud Runner Buck gets away or decides to charge at you. Use your Dead Eye ability if you have to. Shotguns will only work if the buck charges at you. If it does not, you will need your highest damage rifle or repeater.

After you kill the Legendary Mud Runner Buck, bring its pelt to Gus so he can craft and sell the Mud Runner Hood and Coat to you for $220.50.

Completing the Animal Field Guide

The Animal Field Guide contains everything you need to know about the Naturalist specialist role and its missions. You can refer to it every time you are lost or cannot locate a certain animal.

As you track, study, sedate, take samples of, and hunt down legendary animals, the Animal Field Guide will be updated.

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